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The End of an Era . . . Rhino ends Jeremy Wyatt’s Career and Takes the MPW Title

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 28, 2016

By Brian Kelley
Photo Credit Brian Kelley

During the MWR Years no wrestler has been more successful in the Midwest by capturing titles, headlining matches and winning awards more than Jeremy Wyatt. His talents and skills earned him the nickname the Belt Collector as he won or challenged for just about every prestigious heavyweight championship in the area.

After an injury that at All American Pro Wrestling that threatened his livelihood that would have ended many lesser men in the sport, Wyatt returned to squared circle to somehow be better than ever. During the 2015 year Wyatt captured the 3XWrestling Championship as well as the Metro Pro Wrestling title on the way to an historic year where he was challenged by many of the best in the sport today. The victories would have been great for any wrestler but the fact that he had to win the matches against the likes of Christopher Daniels, Matt Striker, Matt Cage, Ricky Cruz, and Ace Steel or else see his career come to an end thanks to the evil Commissioner Michael Strider.

With Wyatt getting the last laugh during those epic battles Strider was sure that he had the answer to stop the reign of Wyatt when he signed the 60 minute Iron Man title Match in December against his often rival-often ally Mark Sterling. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled in overtime, Wyatt proved once again why he is had remained on top for so long.

2015 was a very embarrassing year for Commissioner Strider as he had proven unable to strip the title off of Wyatt. As a wrestler Strider was one of the very best in his era, and what made him so great was the desire to win, the never give up attitude that had earned him the love of the fans at one time. With a new year abound he signed one of the toughest baddest men in Ring of Honor today the Beer City Bruiser to deliver the pain on Wyatt in front of a packed house in January.

Wyatt was able to overcome the constant interference from Strider, Sterling to amazingly overcome the power of the Bruiser. Wyatt attempted to taunt Strider once again as he tried to get Strider to come out of retirement to face him one on one in what would have been a historic battle in front of two men who have once been both the most hatted and the most love men in Metro Pro Wrestling history.

Strider’s critics could very well point out many flaws of him as a commissioner, but he had already had a plan B in place as he quickly told Wyatt that his next challenge would come from the ECW Legend Rhino.

You could feel the buzz in the SOLD OUT Turner Rec Center that the man beast Rhino was in the house to do what so many before him was unable to do, defeat the MPW Champion Rhino. Unlike other match-ups prior to their match with the champion, Rhino would make no appearance prior to the war that would explode in Kansas on this night.

The ring would not be big enough early on as the two fought up and down the bleachers of MPW, as the fans ran for cover and tried their best to get a photo of the brutal action as the two me tore into each other. After several moments of intense action Wyatt dropped Rhino on his head with the lightning spiral and had him beat. Stride distracted referee Michael Crase right before the 3 count for what looked to be the win. Yet, Strider quickly got the referee’s attention to stop the count.

Wyatt let his temper get the best of him as he grabbed Strider, delivered a punch that popped the crowd. Seizing the opportunity with Wyatt’s back turned, Rhino drilled Wyatt with the Metro Pro Wrestling title belt. Strider who was arguing with the referee, quickly ordered him to turn around to count the final pin of Wyatt’s career.

With a shocked and stunned crowd watching Rhino becoming the 9th man to hold onto the Metro Pro Wrestling title, Strider celebrated in the ring like he had just won the title himself. As Wyatt laid there knocked out, Strider offered Rhino a 10,000 dollar bonus if he would drop the title and give it to Strider. Rhino would prove to be a mercenary that would earn his money and the legacy as the man that would end the career of Jeremy Wyatt.

Metro Pro Wrestling returns on June 4th and it has been announced that Strider has demanded that since Wyatt is now gone, Strider would be the man to accept Wyatt’s 2015 MWR Wrestler of the Year Plaque.

A special night for the fans as they will also have the chance to meet the tag team legends Demolition and the start of a 16 man tournament featuring many of the best wrestlers in the country to claim the vacant MPW Championship.

Till then let us take the chance to look at some of the highlights of the exciting June event that also featured the 2015 MWR Future Star presentation of Redwing


Steve Fender’s new championship, the exciting 6-man match between the Riegel Twins team up with Jon Webb vs. Mike Sydal and the Kansas City Kings, as well as Jake Dirden’s huge win against Mark Sterling, and so much more.




The Math Magician defeated Jay Howard and Benjamin Boone




Kiyoshi Shizuka ( w/ Geek Singh ) defeated Jaysin Strife





The Commission (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) defeated Team Vintage (The Iceman & Kraig Keesaman)



Metro Pro Wrestling Central States Champion Ace Steel defeated Devin Thomas





Jake Dirden defeated Mark Sterling







Jon Webb & The Riegel Twins (Logan & Sterling) defeated The King Brothers (Jake & Ryan) & Mike Sydal






Steve Fender defeated Redwing to win the Metro Pro Wrestling Kansas title





Lucy Mendez defeated Angelus Layne











Rhino pinned Jeremy Wyatt to become the Metro Pro Wrestling Champion





MPW Commissioner Michael Strider paid Rhino 10,000 dollars for the Metro Pro Wrestling title.

Tickets now available for Metro Pro Wrestling‘s Sixth Anniversary show on June 4! Helping to celebrate will be legendary tag team Demolition! Get your tickets fast! http://www.metrowrestling.com/store/


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Breaking News: Michael Strider to Present the 2015 MWR Wrestler of the Year Award on June 4th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 12, 2016

jeremmmmy wyatttttt


Missouri Wresting Revival has announced that they have named Jeremy Wyatt as the 2015 Wrestler of the Year. President Strider has announced that he will be the one who will accept the award for Wyatt on June 4 at Metro Pro Wrestling, reminding everyone that Wyatt has been fired from Metro Pro.

Rhino defeated Jeremy Wyatt to become the new Metro Pro Champion. He then sold the belt to President Strider for $10,000. Strider promptly fired Wyatt, and he is gone from Metro Pro.


Saturday, June 4, 2016
Turner Recreation Center
831 S. 55th St.
Kansas City, KS 66106

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Turner Recreation Center
831 S. 55th St.
Kansas City, KS 66106

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016
Turner Recreation Center
831 S. 55th St.
Kansas City, KS 66106

Saturday, December 3, 2016
Turner Recreation Center
831 S. 55th St.
Kansas City, KS 66106

Check out Metro Pro Wrestling at this website.

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MWR wishes referee Dave Hebner a speedy recovery.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 25, 2011


Dave Hebner was called on to maintain order during the battle between Stacey O’ Brien and Santana G in Caseyville Illinois in April ( Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

We just got word this weekend that legendary referee Dave Hebner was having surgery today in his hometown of Virginia.
Recently Dave Hebner was seen at MMWA-SICW meeting fans while signing autographs and taking photos this past June.


Rhino and Dave Hebner having some fun. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

We would like to wish our friend Dave a speedy recovery so that we can see him at the matches in the near future.

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MWR Trading Card #40 Bloody Harker Dirge

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 14, 2011


Trained by Exotic Adrian Street, “Bloody” Harker Dirge has entertained fans around the world since 1995. One of the very best promo men in the sport today, Dirge does not back down from anyone.

Harker Dirge is known for his dark personality, vicious ring behavior and his ability to absorb punishment during a match. Watch out for his “Dirt Nap” version of the sleeper hold. It has ended many matches.

Dirge has been in the ring against all time greats such as Al Snow, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Gangrel and Luna Vachon, Tracy Smothers, Larry Zbyszko, Rick Steiner, Dan The Beast Severn, Christian, and Rhino.

Dirge has thrilled fans in macths in the Midwest against Cowboy Bob Orton, Brandon Aarons, Mason Beck, Brandon Espinosa, Christian Rose and including a vicious war with the one and only SABU.

We are excited to announce that the #40 Card in the MWR set is “Bloody Harker Dirge.

The artwork of Bloody Harker Dirge is from the hottest comic in the Midwest, The Promotion. The promotion is drawn from none other than Rob Schamberger.

Please support Rob and his hard work by purchasing a copy of his comic for only .50 cents here

#1 The Northstar Express Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz – 2008 MWR Tag team of the Year
#2 Mark Sterling– 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year
#3 The Hooligans Devin and Mason Cutter – 2009 MWR Tag Team of the Year
#4 MsChif – 2009 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year
#5 Mike Sydal – 2009 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year
#6 Jeremy Wyatt – 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year, 2008 & 2009 MWR Match of the Year (vs. Michael Strider, vs. Tyler Cook)
#7 Santana G – Midwest Sweetheart
#8 Kahagas – The Tokyo Monster
#9 Mephisto – Hardcore Favorite
#10 Tyler Black – Ring of Honor World Champion
#11 Sir Bradley Charles – Rising star trained by Lance Storm
#12 Brandon Espinosa – Talented Superstar
#13 Dave Vaughn – The Wrestling Machine
#14 “The Future” Donovan Ruddick – The 6’9″ Monster
#15 Brandon Aarons – Current Triple Crown Champion in the Midwest
#16 Davey Richards – Arguably the best in the world today
#17 “Superstar” Steve Fender – First American wrestler to train in Pro Wrestling NOAH Dojo
#18 MR Late Nite – “Hollywood Super Agent”
#19 Eric Allen – The Pride of Peoria
#20 Eddie Edward – American Wolf
#21 Evan Money – The Pro Wrestling Kid
#22 Delirious – A Familiar Face from “The Edge of Insanity”
#23 Jason Jones – On the Path to Superstardom
#24 Tony Kozina – Rugged and Well-Traveled Veteran
#25 Jeromy Robb Senior Referee at 3XW and MECW
#26 Sean Vincent Canada’s Favorite wrestler
#27 Lucy Mendez – Midwest Latino Knockout
#28 Trevor Murdock – Former WWE Superstar
#29 Eric Davis –Senior referee at IHW and PWE
#30 Angel -ECW Original
#31 Jonathan Greshem– Electrifying young star
#32 Brett Young -#1
#33 Michael Crase Jr -Metro and NWA Dynamo Ref
#34 -U-Gene Dinsmore– Lovable fan favorite.
#35Billy McNeil– Innovating high flyer.
#36 Mia Martinez – Mysterious and fiery, Midwest diva
#37 Mike Sydal – 2010 MWR Wrestler of the Year
#38 Stacey O’Brien-2008 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year

For a complete list of Missouri Wrestling Revival trading cards as well as WWE , TNA and Japan sets check out the website Wrestling trading cards.com here.

To purchase MWR Trading cards:

1) Catch the star at a show to have them autograph the cards personally
2) Contact them via facebook or myspace
3) Send $1.50 in money order or check for each card at *
Brian Kelley
305 West 3rd Salisbury Missouri 65281

*Checks will take longer to clear than money orders so expect time for that to happen. Make sure you list exactly what card you are wanting to have.

Please note that when purchasing MWR Trading cards from the wrestlers, that they decide the prices for their cards. We highly recommend that you get them from the stars themselves and let them know that you enjoy MWR.

These cards are limited and are not mass produced making them highly collectable.

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MWR Fans you can speak to former NWA World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk JR this Saturday.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 29, 2010


By Brian “Flair” Kelley

MWR Fans you will not want to miss the chance to listen in on the St Louis Nostalgia show this Saturday April 3rd at 11am at http://kzqz1430am.com/. Your host Herb Simmons and co-host Larry Matysik will interview wrestling great Dory Funk JR. Callers are welcomed to call in at the radio station at 1-888-394-1430.

Dory Funk JR is the son of Dory Funk SR and brother of Terry Funk. On February 11, 1969 in Tampa, Florida, Dory Funk JR would defeat Gene Kiniski and remained NWA World Champion for the next four and a half years, which is the second-longest uninterrupted reign of any NWA World Champion (Lou Thesz held the NWA world title from November 27, 1949, to March 15, 1956).

Dory’s ties to the Midwest are very tight as he would defend the NWA Championship against Black Jack Lanza with Bobby Heenan, Dick the Bruiser and Baron Von Raschke in classic match ups. Dory Funk Jr would lose his NWA World Championship in the Midwest against Harley Race in Kansas on City May 24, 1973. The match would earn Funk JR and Race the 1973 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the year honors. Dory Funk JR would earn the 1974 PWI Match of the Year honors once again, this time against Jack Brisco In Tokyo Japan.

Dory is the innovator and master of the Texas cloverleaf submission hold and thrilled fans as he sold out arenas the world with great matches. At WrestleMania 2 Dory teamed with his brother Terry as they defeated the Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana.

No wrestling Hall of Fame is complete without Dory Funk 50 plus years of wrestling greatness. Last year Dory was inducted in the WWE Hall of fame by Dusty Rhodes. Dory Funk JR is also a member of the Cauliflower Alley Club (Class of 1998), NWA Hall of Fame (Class of 2006), Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum (Class of 2005), St Louis Hall of Fame (Class of 2008) and the  Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (Class of 1996).

Former NWA World champions Terry Funk, Jack Brisco, Harley Race and Dory Funk Jr. strike a pose at the 2005 NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest in Charlotte.

Dory would continue to be an impact in the sport as he would go on to train WWE World Champions Edge, Lita and Mickie James and TNA World Champions Kurt Angle, Christian and Rhino.

Wrestling fans you will not want to miss the chance to speak to one of the most influential wrestlers to ever lace up the boots. Remember to listen this Saturday at 11 am on at http://kzqz1430am.com/to hear from the former World Champion Dory Funk JR speak with St Louis’s Herb Simmons and co-host Larry Matysik. To call in do not forget 1-888-394-1430.

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A Reporter’s Reflections

Posted by Admin on November 10, 2008

A Reporter’s Reflections
TNA Commentary for the October 25, 2008 House Show in St. Charles, MO

by Kari Williams

I have waited a lifetime for the chance Josh Ray and Mark Bland gave to me in the last weeks of October. Josh called me and said that Mark had two extra tickets for the TNA Live show in St. Charles on Oct. 25. I planned to meet Mark outside of the front doors to retrieve the tickets, not knowing how good the seats would be. Once I finally found my way to them with help from attendants at the arena (you see, I am not very good a directions) I could not have been more pleased.

Noticing that I still had over an hour until bell time, I decided to take stroll around the arena—that is, until I saw “Future” Donovan Ruddick talking to Mark. After some contemplation, I made up my mind to talk to him about a profile for Missouri Wrestling Revival. So, be looking for something about the most dominant LWA champion in recent history.

At the show, I ended up sitting with Chuck from Slamzone and his daughter, who were a blast to hang out with. While making small talke before bell time, Chuck asked me when I would start wrestling. He said he figured I would be wrestling at Broadway by now. I jokingly replied that I plan to start training once I got to SIUE.

Soon, the lights dimmed and I began to witness my first-ever TNA show. Jeremy Borash came to the ring and welcomed everyone to the show and helped get the sub par crowd pumped up.

The first match was a three-way X-division match pitting “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt against “Maple Leaf Muscle” Pete Williams and Shark Boy. Shark Boy’s whole persona was a complete rip-off of Stone Cold’s, including the entrance music, where a crashing wave substituted the shattering glass. The match was good, but I thought more high-flying antics would ensue. Shark Boy appeared as the fan’s pick to win, but, nonethless, everyone rejoiced as the Canadian Destroyer put Dutt down for the three count.

After giving out a Lockdown 2007 DVD, Borash announced that the next match would be a Knockout Tag Team match—Velvet Sky and Angelina Love (The Beautiful People) v. Roxi and ODB. Having never seen either team compete, I was very impressed. The Knockouts have incredible athletic ability and each has a unique persona that they adapt to nicely. In this instance, ODB got the pin for team against Angelina Love.

The other portion of The Beautiful People emerged in the form of Kip James, as he battled “The War Machine” Rhino. Kip looked to stall the match, but Rhino would have none of it. He was hellbent and determined to succeed. At one point, Kip went for the fame-asser and Rhino countered, connecting with a punishing gore, prompting Kip’s cohorts to come to ringside.

Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode), accompanied by Miss Jacqueline, planned to take on a no-name tag team because they thought no worthy opponents would face them. Storm and Roode proclaimed that they were “establishing themselves as the best of all time”—that is, until Borash announced Team 3-D as their opponents. Fans cheered and chanted, “We want tables!” in unison, as Beer Money, Inc. demanded respect or they would never wrestle in St. Louis again. They tried to escape with titles in hand, but referee Earl Hebner said that Roode and Storm had until the count of 10 to get back in the ring otherwise they would forfeit the titles. For obvious reasons the two men rushed to the ring by the count of eight, and nearly lost the belts, but due to Miss Jacqueline’s interference, they had just enough time to regain their bearings and sneak away winners.

TNA gave out numerous backstage passes and told fans that following intermission portions of the night would be recorded live for tnawrestling.com and the next week’s television show on Spike TV.

X-Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir wrestled one of the best athletes in TNA, “Phenomal” AJ Styles, in what I considered the best match of the night. Bashir told the fans that they were American scum and that they did not deserve to witness him wrestle. He went to say that he would not wrestle someone wearing red, white, and blue on their body, which prompted the American-clad Styles to toss his TNA t-shirt to the crowd. The heated bout gave fans everything they could hope for an more, including fighting their way out of the ring, through the barricade and into the crowd. After the Styles Clash, Styles secured himself a victory and as a beaten and bruised Bashir made his way to the back, Styles shouted, “That’s how we do it in America!”

Prior to the main event, Borash announced that TNA is looking to make St. Louis a city that has held two TNA pay-per-views.

The moment I can safely say everyone in attendance had waited for finally arrived—Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle. Having not seen either man live since they were in WWE, I was anxious to see the two men go at it. They delivered a classic main event match as only they could. In the end, Angle’s tenacity won out as he forced Cage to tap to the ankle lock. Angle went one step further as he got on the mic in the aftermath of the match and said, “Every time I wrestle I know I’m the best damn wrestler in the world.” He then went on to name wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H and The Undertaker and proclaimed that Cage is the best of all of them.

Just as I thought this amazing night would end, Borash said that a few of the wrestlers would come to ringside for pictures and autographs, and that for only $20 you could step in the ring and get your picture taken with Kurt Angle. I was ecstatic! I made my way to ringside and met Roxi, Shark Boy and Jeremy Borash. Attempting to promote MWR, I quickly wrote down information about the site and gave it to Borash as I got my picture taken with him. I doubt that he will do anything with it, but I figured what better way to promote the site?

With much unnecessary contemplation, I decided to get in the ring with the Olympic hero, who I also gave information about MWR. When I approached him and gave him the slip of paper, he looked at me like I was not even old enough to write for a website and said, “Thank you, honey!”

Once I got out of the ring, I just happened to glance back at Angle, and he still had the paper in his hand. He then looked from one side to the other and put the slip in his singlet.

So ended one of the best live show experiences of my life. A lot of people may not like TNA for one reason or another. I myself am not an avid viewer, but I will say this. They make their live shows seem like a big deal, like if you would not have been there for one reason or another you know you would have regretted it.

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