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My Once-in-a-Lifetime Friendship with “TNT” Keny G (1967-2018)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 13, 2018

‘Cause I’m TNT! I’m dynamite
TNT! and I’ll win the fight
TNT! I’m a power load
TNT! watch me explode

I am taking this time to honor former wrestler, promoter and my good friend TNT Keny Garrett. I am still reeling from his loss at age 51 on December 10th. Though there is sadness in my heart that we will no longer be able to talk to each other, I would like to focus on our wild and crazy friendship.

I remember meeting TNT Keny G for the very first time in Granite City, Illinois at a High Voltage Wrestling event (his company). He had reached out on the St. Louis Wrestling message board, and asked Missouri Wrestling Revival to cover his show. He realized that if you were to have a show that it would only make sense to have as much attention on his product as possible. We walked in the building and noticed right away that it looked like the place to be.

His family and friends helped with the concession stand and were all decked out with branded tees, and the night’s action delivered shocking surprises with stars from around the Midwest and his home state of Florida. His special guest was former Wrestling at the Chase announcer Larry Matysik. Keny respected and loved wrestling so much that he knew that having Matysik in the house brought legitimacy to HVW. Keny himself was dressed to the nines, and thanked everyone for coming. I was impressed, to say the least.

One of my personal favorite photos of all time.

Wrestling started our friendship, but we eventually became like brothers. He invited my girlfriend Dubray and me over to talk wrestling, and so much more. His quick wit and sharp tongue made him a true character.

We didn’t always get along. There were times that I bothered the hell out of him and vice versa. Yet, I can swear on the Bible that Dubray and I loved Keny as much as anyone that we met at wrestling. There were so many good times with him. It saddens me more as I try to think of them all.

In fact, there is no way that I could remember them all but I would like to share a few of them on here:

Here’s 2 a better day even if only slightly better ill take it as progress here’s a snapshot from the story of my life old road dog of mine —- Keny posted these words for this photo on his Facebook

If you ever get a chance ask the former NWA World Champion Kahagas what he thought of this promo!

How Keny got the nickname “TNT,” I can’t honestly tell you, but if I was to have a gallon of gas for every time I heard it I would be driving for free to shows for life. Every time I hear it, I always think of him and I remember being on the road with Kahagas in Illinois and his ringtone on his phone played that AC/DC song. If someone told me on that three-day weekend that we heard it a thousand times, I would believe them. I can still hear Kahagas telling him to change his damn ringtone.

My friend Kari Williams (the best pro wrestling writer in this generation) stated in her post about Keny giving her advice of the who, what, where, and when over and over. Keny had these words of advice that he made his own, even though they had been around forever. He delivered them in a memorable way, just like his hero Dusty Rhodes.

He was creative and tried to give everyone a chance. He took a chance on my friend (and MWR founder) Josh Ray and me behind the scenes of HVW, making us “co-bookers.” I use that term loosely because I had no business being a booker of any wrestling company. Still, I have no regrets even though there were crazy arguments about what should be done but talk about some good times.

One argument was that I wanted to bring in the Mississippi Madman for an event. He knew I loved the Madman and thought that he was over like a million bucks and said that he didn’t want him on the show. I truly believed that he liked him as well from the get-go, but because I was such a huge fan of him, he razzed me about him not being worth a spot. I told him that if he would not book Madman, then I would pay his booking fee and show him that he would be one of the most over wrestlers on the card.

Keny quickly said that if I paid for Madman that he would let the Madman carry him to the ring like a baby. Why? I do not know why he thought that was funny. Maybe it was just to get me to pay Madman, but I held him to his promise when I did. The moment was priceless.

One of Keny’s closest friends was “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas. They ran up and down the roads long before I knew Keny. Kahagas was the premier talent of High Voltage Wrestling. There was no doubt that Kahagas was and is one of the best wrestlers in the country, but I believed that Jeremy Wyatt was the best. We would have these huge arguments about who was better night after night early on in our relationship. He would harp that I should “get my Jeremy Wyatt pajamas” on when I stayed at his house before we called it a night. It did not take TNT Keny G very long to come around to Wyatt and then I was kidding Keny G on his own pajamas.

Years later TNT Keny G became a proud owner of the Jeremy Wyatt pajamas.

Keny would be quick to tell me and anyone who would listen that it was he who made me a “wrestling journalist.” He told this story a million times about how we drove many miles to Illinois for a big wrestling show with plenty of legends. I wanted an interview with the Honky Tonk Man and Jake Roberts but I ran out of time. I was happy to get a promo from “Bloody” Harker Dirge (an underrated talker and wrestler in the Midwest).

Keny called me out that day (and years after) for giving up on Honky Tonk and Roberts, and and took me to the back.

He said, “You deserve to be back here. You work as hard as anyone to make these guys look good. You get this done.”

I conducted interviews with all the stars on this huge card.

Keny often said he was responsible for some of my success, and it’s true. He vouched for me, called me out when I did wrong, and gave advice when it was needed.

Every time Dubray and I came to St. Louis for a wrestling event, we stayed at his house. Dubray loves pugs, and Keny had a pug named Gracie. Gracie always slept with Dubray. One evening when we were to return back home for the two hour drive, Dubray told me that Keny had given her Gracie as a gift.

I thought that Dubi had begged to have the dog, and I said “No way.” That was Keny’s dog and we were not taking it from their home. Gracie had to stay there.

But then Keny explained that he was tired of the dog wanting food from the table and he was done with her. I just think he knew Dubi loved that dog and wanted to make her happy. Gracie ended up as a part of our family until she passed away on our anniversary: December 10th, 2015.

On the mic and in the spur of the moment, Keny was at his best. We did a wrestling feud with a big build with Donovan Ruddick and Mark Bland that, I swear if it had money behind it, would had packed huge houses. Bland had a popular UFC and pro wrestling radio show, Absolute Wrestling Radio, on the Fox Sports radio affiliate in St. Louis, Team 1380 AM. Josh Ray and I spoke to Keny about putting together an angle for a diabetes charity show. A little known secret is both Keny and Bland were both diagnosed with diabetes and the pair had always been active in fundraising.

The feud started when Bland, a former wrestler, bragged that he could take on any local wrestler week after week on the show. Who would answer the call? Wrestling promoter TNT Keny G and the 6’9″ Donovan Ruddick, a big star in Saint Louis.

Mark Bland has a conversation with Kenny G of HVW regarding his recent infiltration of Absolute Wrestling Radio. Contains EXPLICIT WORDS!

We went on a publicity tour to hype the match at Mark Bland’s radio station and the show even broadcasted live from Six Flags St. Louis. We taped a video at the Pro Wrestling Shirt Shop that featured an attack from Bland on Keny, forever one of my favorites. We did our best to bring attention to the wrestling scene in the area through Absolute Wrestling Radio, and had fun doing it.

It was common to dine with legends at the Garrett dinner table. I remember Larry Zbyszko and Mike Sydal sharing stories in Keny’s living room after a HVW event. I wish I would have gotten our photo with each other! Still, I experienced it, thanks to TNT Keny G.

After one visit at TNT Keny G’s Dubray made the mistake of leaving her sweatpants that had the words Flirt printed on the back of them. This would not be a big deal at most homes, but Keny saw this as a way to rib Dubray in a way only he could. One day I received a call from Dubray telling me that Keny was in Florida visiting his family and had tagged some photos to her. Awesome, he wanted to share with us what a good time he was having.

Nope, they were photos of Keny holding up her Flirt pants in different States. He was entertaining himself with joking with her, and it did not stop there. He somehow talked WWE Legend Larry Zbyszko to hold them up in a photo. He got his daughter Santana G and another female wrestler to pose with them for a photo. Keny was proud to say that he went on tour with those flirt pants.

This year I have lost a lot of love for pro wrestling. That does not mean that I will ever quit but I have slowed down making trips. This summer, I took a job as an assistant manager at a convenience store that had me working a ton of hours.

Keny told me that if I came to St. Louis and took him to the premiere of the movie “350 Days,” he would pay for it. I was not interested in the movie, but because Keny wanted to go, I said yes. I am glad, not because I enjoyed the movie, but because in the past few years it was hard to get him out of the house. On that night we did, just like old times.

Keny could be so funny. A natural storyteller that often would have you wonder if you were being told the truth. He could be overbearing and political incorrect even during the days of that not even being a thing. His friends referred that to “Keny just being Keny”.


Photo taken for the Stroke Aint No Joke Fundraiser with Fox 2 News TV.

TNT Keny G proudly teamed up with Dynamo Pro for a MS Fundraising effort.




Though in the crazy world of pro wrestling were everyone is a taker, Keny was a giver. Even after I covered his promotions High Voltage Wrestling, and sent him photos he was always there for us. We were so different in so many ways. I remember going to a St. Louis Cardinal game and he loved to leave shows early, the Cards game being no different. He knew that if I went somewhere then we were staying to the end. He razzed me about leaving but we did stay to the last pitch.


Dubray and I were never without a place to stay when we came to town or a bite to eat with Keny living in South County. He was a big part of our relationship and would have been one of my best mans if we would of gotten married in Vega during the CAC reunion this year. He often bragged about keeping us together (even though he stirred the pot sometimes lol) so in what seems like a rib (A practical joke played by or on a wrestler) Keny, like the pug (Gracie) that he gave us passed away on our anniversary. I would like to think that it was his way of making sure that we would never forget him. Like there was ever a chance that that could happen.

Thanks to Keny, I have made countless friendships and experiences over the past decade. I could write a book about them.

TNT Keny G loved his family.

Photo Thomas Rude

Most MWR fans know of his daughter, Santana G. She has become one of the top women wrestlers in the world. I was blessed to see her first match and watch her debut at Harley Race’s World League Wrestling. Her dad supported her at all times and was so proud to see her in Japan and on the WWE Network.

He was just as proud of his other children too, and I was able to see his boys Dusty, Sam, and lil’ Keny grow up. He loved them with all his heart, and as he grew sick they were there for him. Keny had a daughter Savannah and a granddaughter in Florida that he thought of often as well. He loved his wife Luanne who was just as quick-witted as he was.

TNT Keny G, we love you and we will always remember you.

Keny Garrett


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All American Pro Wrestling’s Main Event 1/14/2012 DVD Review

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 6, 2012


By Brian Kelley

MWR fans I am here to review a show that we covered at the beginning of the year AAPW’S Main Event in Marion, Illinois on January 14th, 2012. For the fans that are new to the site, AAPW has been a part of the MWR family of promotions from the very start. Throughout their history the company has been a proud company who has worked with the communities in southern Illinois for fundraisers while providing exciting wrestling with stars such as the current AAPW Champion Edmund McGuire, “Serial Thriller” Shane Rich, Playboy Paul Rose, the Mississippi Madman and “Homicidal” Steven Davis.

In the spring of 2011, it was announced that AAPW would be heading to the homes via WSIL3 ABC in their area with Collision; AAPW’S version of WWE’S RAW. AAPW would also be led by Chris Hagstrom, a promoter, who like his predecessor Sean Chambers had a desire to deliver Southern Illinois with family friendly wrestling filled with action, drama and a great time.

I won’t lie to you this review will be an inside look at the show from the ring and out as I know some of the men and women involved in making the show such a success.

First we will start with a fellow friend Adam Testa. AAPW Marketing Director Testa and I have different opinions on the way we like our wrestling, yet there is one common ground that we share, the desire to work to make what we do as big as we can. Testa, Hagstrom and AAPW announcer Kevin Hunsperger went to work locally putting up posters, and working the community. The three men were active in getting the word out about the show through various markets via the web. As my friend HVW promoter TNT Keny G says, the last thing you want to do when having a promotion is to have “a secret show”.

While MWR covered AAPW with 10 reasons why you should attend AAPW’S main event, Hagstrom joined Greg DeMarco of 411mania.com and the VOC Nation for an interview, Jerome Cusson, editor-in-chief of Pro Wrestling Ponderings (prowrestlingponderings.com) sat down with Hagstrom and Testa to discuss Main Event. Kevin Hunsperger, AAPW play-by-play commentator, had been previewing all the Main Event matches on his blog, My 1-2-3 Cents.

Fans could listen in on the radio as Hagstrom and Testa were joined by former AAPW Tag Team Champion Heath Hatton for a whirlwind tour of Withers Broadcasting stations during the week on the FM dial and Testa and Hatton were interviewed by Jimmy Fish, live on 1150 AM WGGH.

Flipside, inside The Southern Illinois, delivered with a special coverage of the Main Event, including an interview with special guest “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana that was set to print the Thursday before the show.

Then, on Friday morning, Hagstrom was live with Hunsperger at “WSIL in the Morning” on WSIL-TV 3. Hunsperger was interviewed about facing “The Masterpiece” Mike Masters at Saturday’s Main Event.

So with all that hard work done by the AAPW Staff, there was no way that anyone in Southern Illinois, heck the country could not know about this event.

As the doors open, people keep piling in one after another. I was behind the curtain with my friend and AAPW Champion Edmund McGuire as we watched the fans keep coming in. McGuire turned to me with a smile and said these words to me that I will never forget Brian you have covered us when we had only 20 people and now look at this, wow”. Wow, was right as the building would fill up to standing room only as 405 fans total was ready for wrestling at the Black Diamond Harley Davidson. The building is filled with motorcycles above the ring, no not just motorcycles; Harley’s. This is a great venue for wrestling.

So with 405 fans ready for wrestling, and the emotion and excitement buzzing through the air it was up to the wrestlers to stand up and rise to the occasion.


AAPW Promoter Chris Hagstrom, Shane Rich and Kevin Hunsperger calls the action.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The announcers on this DVD are AAPW Promoter, Chris Hagstrom, Kevin Hunsperger and former 3-time AAPW Champion Shane Rich.

The cover has great photos courtesy of Jason Wilkey, and the back has an easy to read match line up for this huge show. There is two disc done for this event with images of Colt Cabana on disc one and disc two features McGuire and challenger Ax Allwardt in a stare down.

Before I even put a DVD in the machine, I am impressed with the quality of the box. Now let’s see if the matches were as good on TV as I felt they were when I left the building that night.

Heat Hatton vs. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony

A grudge match between the veteran Anthony and young Hatton would start the match. The three commentators do a good job of announcing while not taking away from the in ring action. Anthony had cost Hatton the AAPW Tag team belts and had been a thorn in his side in 2011. This is a great match to start as Anthony is one of the best on the microphone. A student of the game, Anthony quickly lets the fans and us at home know that he is not the one to root for. The promo is nothing to intense, but an easy effective old school promo that has the fans rooting for Hatton off the bat.


Greg Anthony looks to slow down rising star Heath Hatton. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Heath Hatton nails a beautiful dropkick. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The match is very solid as Anthony works over the legs of Hatton, then taunts the crowd. Anthony maintains control of most the match but one mistake from the Golden Boy and Hatton capitalizes with a roll up for the victory. I do enjoy the replay of the final moments of the match as it added to the professionalism of the DVD.

Promo David Ade with Stacey O’Brien

Awesome, wasn’t expecting promos on the DVD. I am a huge fan of promos almost as much as I like the wrestling. The problem in the Midwest is that the wrestlers have very little experience at doing promos so this is great for the talent of AAPW. O’Brien put over that she has been training with Harley Race which is good and lets the fans know the history of her and Rebecca Raze.

M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Pokerface

The undefeated Pokerface sent out an open challenge to anyone to face him at the Main Event. Fans of WWE’S Tough Enough would recognize him as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Still I could tell most of the fans at AAPW didn’t recognize him but I knew at the end of the day, his skills would make them remember him.

Pokerface may not have the name but you can tell that he puts in the work as he is in top shape. Rich gives a history lesson of Cross’s words to Stone Cold Steve Austin on Tough Enough. Hagstrom hypes the show Collision. This match promises to be an exciting contest.


Matt Cross (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Cross delivers some great action that has the fans laughing and Pokerface in disgust. This a great back and forth wrestling match between these two on this night. This is a wonderful matchup that the fans at home or watching on DVD cannot keep their eyes off the ring.


Pokerface nails some huge knees to Matt Cross on his way to victory. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pokerface nails a great Ghetto Blaster kick for the win. A fun match. The replay shows that Cross is nailed with a bull’s eye with that kick.

PROMO PAC with Chris Hagstrom and El Generico- El Generico puts over PAC and states he has always respected him and their matches in the past and PAC lets the fans know that it has been over two years since they last met and Generico doesn’t know him at all.

NOTE: I enjoy that the promos are done well before their match instead of right before the match.

Jay Space vs. Billy Hills vs. Justice vs. Paul Rose vs. Bull Bronson Five man free for all.

First man to score a pinfall or submission would be the winner


Jay Spade goes airborne. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Farmer is OVAH at AAPW, Paul Rose has been a very entertaining wrestler at AAPW, and Jay Spade seems out of place with these big guys in the ring, can his speed help him win this match? Also in this match is the huge Bull Bronson, though he is very raw, I am impressed with the size and potential for Bull Bronson. Last but not least is Justice, another big guy who debut recently at AAPW.


The Billy Hills gets double teamed from Playboy Paul Rose. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The farmer and Paul Rose go at it in the ring while Bull takes out Justice early by injuring the arm of the newcomer. Jay Spade takes out the other three guys with a dive from the top rope to the outside. Bronson is a monster tearing up the farmer then turning his attention to Spade. Rose and Bronson seem to have an early alliance but at the end of the day a win at AAPW is vital to capture.

Justice returns and takes out all the men except Bronson. Bronson throws out  Justice then delivers a splash on Rose to pick up the win. I actually liked this match more on DVD than I did live.

Commercials ??? Kind of cool really, don’t know why I think that.

Money Makin’Jam Boyz the Mississippi Madman and KC Jackson vs. Roscoe D. Harris and Bull Bronson.

I didn’t like it when Bull came out right after his match live but with Roscoe’s brother not there for the match I guess Harris figured he needed the stregnth of Bronson to take on the former 3-time AAPW Tag team Champions.

There is no man in the Midwest more popular than the Mississippi Madman. His tag team partner KC Jackson is a great contrast to his partner Madman. During the start of the match they discuss Kevin Hunsperger’s scary situation that will be featured on later in the night as Hunsperger takes on Mike Masters.


Oh my !!(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Money Makin Jam Boyz dominate early and when KC Jackson gets in trouble the fans chant loudly for him to make the tag to the Madman. Good double teams until Roscoe made the mistake of throwing Jackson into the Madman thus giving them the hope they needed.


The Main attraction takes the wind out Harris then nails the stunner!!(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Bronson and Harris gets back the advantage for a moment till Jackson hits a stunner on Harris setting up the Fifth floor slam from the Madman.

PROMO Chris Hagstrom and Colt Cabana – Colt =Charisma

PAC vs. El Generico


PAC explodes !!(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Pac was on fire. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


High above comes El Generico. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

This match is worth the $15.00 that AAPW is asking alone.

Disc Two

Promo Bob Fester interviews AX Allwardt and Gaylord Stevens. Wished they had some graphics to tell the fans that don’t know who these guys are. Both of these guys have always been fun giving promos.


Rebecca Raze inturupts the presentation of Stacey O'Brien 2011 MWR Female of the wrestler plaque from MWR'S Dubray Tallman. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

MWR’S Dubray Tallman presents Stacey O’Brien with the 2011 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year plaque….I am just glad she got in the ring and spoke instead of myself so GREAT JOB Dubray……Rebecca Raze comes to the ring to “cheer” on her rival O’Brien. Shortly after Raze attacks O’Brien looking to make a name for herself.

Stacey O’Brien vs. Rebecca Raze


A big boot from Rebecca Raze. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

O’Brien proved why she is the 2011 MWR Wrestler of the Year against the returning Raze. In Raze’s defense she has been out of action for quite some time and found herself in trouble at times against her former foe.


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Does Raze hit this big move?? Buy the DVD to find out. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Stacey O'Brien starts off the way she left 2011, a winner. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Promo- David Ade with Mike Masters. Masters sends a message that there is about to be an opening for an announcer at AAPW after he is done with him. Ok, he doesn’t say that but that’s what it sounds like.

Colt Cabana vs. “3G” Eric Wayne


Colt Cabana plays around with "3G" Eric Wayne. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Wayne looks to hit a big knee from the top rope. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

This is a match that Eric Wayne would like to win to let the world know that he is among the best in the world. Wayne seems to be really off his game due to the shenanigans of Cabana from the get go.


I dont know who was more surprise that Wayne won, Cabana or the fans but Wayne wins one of his biggest matches of the year. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

It would take some time for “3G” to get on the offense but when he did it appeared that he had the popular Cabana where he wanted as he hit a death valley driver for the upset win.

Promo Bob Fester interviews Edmund McGuire- McGuire promises to maintain the AAPW Championship.

The history of Hunsperger and Masters highlight reel……Great job teaching new fans why an announcer is in this match.

Kevin Hunsperger vs. Mike Masters


Some things in life sound better than they really are. For Keviun Hunsperger being a wrestler was a dream come true, or was it going to be a nightmare in the end? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

AAPW built this match up perfectly as the bully Mike Masters blamed AAPW announcer Kevin Hunsperger for his losing streak in 2011. I had the feeling that Hunsperger felt he had a chance in this match, though I would disagree with him a 100%. Even though Masters had a rough 2011, he is still one of the most talented wrestlers in AAPW.


Mike Masters toys with Hunsperger(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Masters dominates Hunsperger over and over again. The fans of AAPW is behind the announcer so that is a testament to the booking of this match and the men involved. Now that the match has begun, Hunsperger comes to his senses and realizes that he is in the ring with the big boys.

Hunsperger takes a beating as the fans chant “Lets go Kevin”

Masters brings in a steel chair to the ring to finish Hunsperger. Hagstrom enters the ring to protest to the referee .


Jay Spade gives Hunsperger a vicious chair shot. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

That gives Jay Spade the chance to interfere and take the chair away from Masters and level Masters with the steel chair and giving Hunsperger the chance to steal the win.


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


AAPW'S Main Event DVD starts out letting fans know that this is done by the pros and can be dangerous. Here we see Masters busted wide open. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


The look on the refs face says it all. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Commercial Black Diamond Harley Davidson– Nice

AAPW Heavyweight Championship No disqualification

Edmund “Livewire” McGuire vs. “Old School Warrior” Ax Allwardt


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allwardt has been on the hunt to win his first ever AAPW Heavyweight Championship, but his arch enemy Edmund McGuire has stood in his way. The fans at AAPW LOVE Edmund McGuire, and rightfully so, as he is one of the nicest guys in the sport today. McGuire also has one of the most lethal superkicks in the game. If Allwardt was to get the belt on this night he would have to keep away from the finisher of Livewire.


Edmund McGuire throws caution to the wind. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


McGuire was more focus that I have ever seen him during this match.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allwardt and McGuire have met many times at AAPW, and the ussal calm McGuire showed true emotion from the start. Allwardt would receive a belt from his manager to whip the champion with. Allwardt would drop two referee but with the no DQ stipulation, then McGuire hits the third official with a superkick when Allwardt pushed the ref into the kick.


Allwardt uses the belt. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Chaos ensued as the fans chanted “You suck. You suck” to Stevens and Allwardt.

I was for sure it was over when AllWardt hit his patented piledriver then goes for a chair from Chris Hagstrom who fights back, Shane Rich keeps any more damage coming to Hagstrom after he is pushed to the ground.

Back in the ring Allwardt looks to nail a pildriver on a chair but McGuire was able to fight out of it an back drop him on the chair then delivers a superkick on Allwardt.


Boom !!! Superkick (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Stevens sense that his man is in trouble and enters the ring but is met with a superkick. McGuire then returns his attention to Allwardt for a second superkick for the 1-2-3.


Still the AAPW Champion Edmund McGuire.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A testament to the wrestlers from the first match to the last to keep all 405 fans involved into the matches. The intermission went a little longer to allow the fans enough time to get autographs and photos and the down time didn’t hurt them one bit as the action in the second half delivered as well.

Positive – The wrestling was entertaining throughout the night. The stars delivered while the local talent proved that the talent in the Midwest is top notch. I have to give big props to AAPW for not trying to have a “Heel” announcer who isn’t funny at all. Hagstrom and Hunsperger deliver a serious steady call of the action while Rich gives the team a wrestlers perespective.

Downfall of the DVD– No commercial for MWR on either disc. hahahhaha

ADVICE –Buy This here


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High Voltage Wrestling 2008 in Review.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 26, 2009


By Frank Thurman -High Voltage Wrestling Booker

High Voltage Wrestling Midwest was formed in July 2008 by Keny G and Frank Thurman. Keny had been trained by Dory Funk Jr. initially then mentored by Tyree Pride “Hatian sensation” He formed HVW in his home state of Florida and ran one of the top drawing shows in the state before moving to St. Louis.

Frank was trained by “The Human Wrecking Ball” Pete Madden in 1994-95 at The South Broadway Athletic Club Gym in St. Louis. Frank co-promoted his first show in 1997 in Collinsville, Ill. and has promoted shows off and on since then in cities like St. Louis [Illinois side], Springfield, Illinois and Peoria Illinois.

High Voltage Wrestling - Chaos is bound to happen.

High Voltage Wrestling - Chaos is bound to happen.

The First HVW Midwest Live Event happened on October 4th in Granite City Illinois at The Rivers Edge Complex. This first event featured 7 matches including the first round of a tournament to crown the first ever HVW Midwest Champion. The first tournament match pitted seasoned veteran Adam Evans w/ Magic Man against Up and comer “Thee” Brandon Espinosa. They both fought valiantly but in the end a miscommunication between Magic and Adam saw Magic Accidentally burn his own man with a fire ball causing a DQ and allowing Brandon to advance. The second tournament match Featured The 6 ‘ 9″ Monster Donovan Ruddick taking on Florida independent Star Bobby Danger. Even though there was a huge size difference between the two it was an evenly fought contest. Bobby used his speed, agility and MMA experience to hold Ruddick at bay. But in the end Ruddick came out on top and advanced. The rest of the card featured the top talent from all over the Midwest including Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Dacobra, Cecil Cerveza, Jon Divosi, The Bandana Mafia[Evan Gelistico, Davey Vega], Steven Kennedy, The Hybrids and more.


The Magic Man led WWE Wrestler Adam Evans at the first HVW event

The Magic Man led WWE Wrestler Adam Evans at the first HVW event

The second HVW Midwest event was on November 22nd also in Granite City, Illinois. The main event had Brandon Espinosa scheduled to face Donovan Ruddick to determine the first ever HVW Midwest Champion. Right before the match Started Magic Man came out with his new charge Kahagas and demanded that Kahagas be added to the match. He went on to explain how his man is a Champion in Florida, has wrestled all over the world and just that very evening he had defeated one of the top Midwest wrestlers in Jeremy Wyatt. Keny G allowed Kahagas into the match that turned out to be a barn burner. All three men fought valiantly, but during the course of the match Magic Man first stopped his man Kahagas from using his Kendo stick then later tripped him up. In the end Future with Magic Mans help became the first ever HVW Midwest Champion. There was also a grudge match between Keny G and Mephisto resulting from an incident at the first event. On Oct. 4th Keny was talking to the fans when Kris Synz came out bad mouthing Keny who then proceeded to take out the garbage that is Kris Synz. Mephisto then came out and he and Keny had a knock down drag out fight to the back. This set up this grudge match that was fought with intensity by both men, until Kris Synz came out and interfered causing a DQ. This brought out Keny’s new body guard Wicked Stiff Johnson who speared Synz into next week then clearing the ring of Mephisto too. There also another highly anticipated match featuring Dacobra taking on Mark Sterling. Both of these men are two of the best in the Midwest and they proved it by having a great back and fourth match that showed they deserved to be in the semi-main event.

Kahagas and the Blackharts have thrilled High Voltage Wrestling fans.

Kahagas and the Blackharts have thrilled High Voltage Wrestling fans.

Even though we have only had two events so far we are already proving ourselves to be one of the best promotions in St. Louis. How can we not be with some of the best wrestlers the Midwest has to offer as mentioned above along with some of the top tag teams including The Bandana Mafia, The Hybrids, The Chi-town Hit squad, The LONRs, Mike Sydal and Brett young, The Blackhearts and more. Be sure to keep track of HVW Midwest, because one thing we can promise is that it will be one wild ride.

For more info on High Voltage Wresling go to HVW.

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NBWA” New Beginnings ” January 11 recap

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 23, 2009

By Rich Dalton

To begin the show, Jason Vendetta makes his way to the ring and demands a rematch against DaCobra, who had defeated Vendetta on Dec. 6th for the Alberta J. Murray Memorial Championship in a Ladder Match. Vendetta claimed that he was screwed out of his trophy by special guest referee Angelo Santelli. Santelli delivered a “Sky High” spine buster from atop the ladder on Vendetta, but only after Vendetta used the banned flipping pile driver, “The Detenator” on DaCobra. The Lead Council to the Board of Directors, Jonathon Castle said that Vendetta was not going to get a rematch, and furthermore DaCobra hadn’t even arrived at the arena as of yet. So, in a show of protest Vendetta sat in the middle of the ring and said the show would not start until he was granted his rematch, but Mr. Castle assure Vendetta that the show WAS going to begin!

Lovely Miss Amanda announced the first match of the afternoon as being for the NBWA Mid-West Championship, and would be the champion, Wild Bill accompanied to the ring by Brandi Harris vs former NBWA Heavyweight Champion, Eric Ruffington. Ruffington and Wild Bill, not knowing what to think of Vendetta still sitting in the middle of the ring began their match. During the opening moments, it was clear that Vendetta wasn’t going to leave the ring after Bill and Ruffington locked up, and Jason Vendetta was caught in between them, in frustration, Bill threw Vendetta out of the ring, only to have him return and reclaim his spot in the center of the ring. Bill and Ruffingon continued their match trying to wrestle around Vendetta but that proved to be easier said than done. In the end, Eric Ruffington was the winner of the match(with a little help from Jason Vendetta)and the new NBWA Mid-West Champion!

Winner by pinfall, and new NBWA Mid-West Champion Eric Ruffington!

Eric Ruffington ( NBWA Mid-West Champion)

Eric Ruffington ( NBWA Mid-West Champion)

Following the match, Vendetta reitereated that he wasn’t leaving the ring until he got his rematch! Who should come to the ring but NBWA Heavyweight /Heritage Champion, “Bloody” Harker Dirge! Harker says that he, like the NBWA fans are tired of listening to Vendetta’s whining and said that since he didn’t have an opponent lined up for the afternoon, and wanted to get a paycheck this week, he challenged Vendetta to a match.

The second match of the afternoon was a Gauntlet Match featuring Issan Hadeev, with a special stipulation that if Issan lost against any of his 4 opponents he would have to sing The national Anthem. Issan’s first opponent was Jordan “Shorty” Vandel, who was making his NBWA debut. Unfortunately for Jordan, it was a short lived debut, Issan had won match #1.

For match #2 Issan’s opponent was Christian Rose, who was also making his NBWA debut, and just like Jordan, didn’t last very long against an angry “Arabian Assassin”.Match #3 for Hadeev was against Nicky “The Weasel” Mankotti. Weasel fared far better than the two previous opponents, but ultimately it was the same result, Issan had beaten Weasel in the 3rd match with “The Camel Clutch”. Finally Issan Hadeev’s 4th opponent for the day was “Da Best Kept Secret” D’Andre King. This match was the most competative of the gauntlet, it started out with Issan and D’Andre testing each others strength, and then they took turns with running shoulder blocks, but neither man would budge. We saw a couple of big suplex’s from D’Andre, and both men each hit a spinebuster on the other, but in the end Issan was victorious in match #4 following a “Jihad” neckbreaker.

Winner: Issan Hadeev

The next match of the afternoon was the very first NBWA women’s match, featuring Brandi Harris vs Jessika Haze. It was a great match for “Little Sis”, considering she won the match, but it was the aftermath that everyone was talking about . After Brandi’s big win in her debut, Wild Bill joined her in the celebration and in a real shocker, Brandi dropped to her knees and nailed Bill with an uppercut to the groin, and then got on the mic and told everyone what a looser Bill was!

Winner by pinfall: Brandi Harris

Up next, Mr. Castle came back to the ring to make the announcement that due to Simply Divosi’s broken clavical that he suffered in an ATV accident over the holidays, the NBWA No-Limits Championship was going to be up for grabs in this next match. The match was between Nick Cuttler, and “The Apex” Blake Steel. Steel made his way to the ring preceded by Anderson Rhodes, and Eric Ruffington, but what came as a shock was that Blake had asked Anderson and Eric to leave ringside, Blake said that he wanted to win the title on his own. This pleased the crowed, who was rather oddly cheering for Blake for the entire match. And what a match it was, it saw both competitors get near falls, and multiple submission holds. In the end Nick Cutler was victorious!

Winner by pinfall, and new NBWA No-Limits Champion: Nick Cutler

Nick Cuttler,( NBWA No-Limits Champion

Nick Cuttler,( NBWA No-Limits Champion)

After a short intermission, we get back to the action with a NBWA Tag team Title match between “The Worlds Greatest Masked Tag Team” vs the team of Jeff Harris and Aaron Matthews. It was a fast paced, action packed match that saw yet another betrayal. During the closing moments of the match, a fatigued Cheapshot McGrot was attempting to make a tag to his partner, but Cyclone refused the tag, backing away from the corner, signaling that he wasn’t getting in the match leaving Cheapshot to fend for himself. “Jeff and Aaron” then won the match when Aaron Matthews hit a Shooting Star Press on Cheapshot and then got the 1..2..3!

Winner’s and new NBWA tag Team Champions” Jeff and Aaron”
Following the match Cyclone helped celebrate the win with Matthews and Harris

Next up was the debut of “The Japanese Nightmare” Kahagas, and hi opponent was the 2008 Alberta J. Murray Memorial Champion DaCobra. For those who didn’t see this match you missed a vicious man in action, you can see why Kahagas is called “The Japanese Nightmare”, it not often that you see DaCobra manhandled the way he was in the opening minutes of the match, literally being tossed around like a ragdoll! Following a brief timeout from DaCobra to regroup he re entered the ring using his speed and quickness to combat Kahagas rather than strength. The rest of the match featured quick kicks from DaCobra, and Kahagas always seemed to match DaCobra kick for kick. One advantage Kahagas had was his sickening chops, he must have hit half a dozen bone chilling chop on DaCobra during the early goings of the match. In the final moments of the match Kahagas had DaCobra in the far corner of the ring, and hit a massive headbutt the the chest, and then began to unleash yet another series of vicious chops on DaCobra when DaCobra hit the mat and rolled Kahagas up in a small package for the 3 count.

Winner by pinfall: DaCobra

Following the match the NBWA crowd gave Kahagas a huge round of applause and chanted “Please Come Back”.

Next up was a tag team match between the team of Cecil Cerveza and “Dangerous” Drew Thomas, vs a team called “The Blackhearts” who were two VERY large men who were accompanied to the ring by “TNT” Keny G. Despite being the smaller of the two teams Cecil and Drew took all that the Blackhearts could give them, and then some, in the end though it was a bit of trickery that won the match for The Blackhearts. It looked as though Cecil had the match under control when he had one of the Blackhearts down, and Cecil turned his head for a moment and the Blackhearts pulled a switch-a-roo, while referee Tally was busy with Keny G. Cecil went to the top rope for a diving headbutt, but the fresh Blackheart rolled out of harms way, and that lead to a victory for The Blackhearts”

Winner by pinfall: The Blackhearts

Finally, for the main event of the evening, it was the NBWA heavyweight Champion “Bloody” Harker Dirge vs “#1” Jason Vendetta, who was being accompanied to the ring by “Serenity” who we had previously know as Brandi Harris. During the early goings it was all Harker Dirge, that is until some help showed up for Jason Vendetta. Jeff Harris and Aaron Matthews came to the ring to help even the odds for Vendetta. While the referee was busy dealing with Serenity, Aaron had set up a steel chair in the corner of the ring for Vendetta to use to his advantage, and that’s exactly what happened. Vendetta used Harkers Head as a battering ram right into the steel chair, but Harker just wouldn’t quit, kicking out of the pin at a 2 count. It was another foreign object though that spelled the demise of BHD. While referee Tally was busy with Jeff and Aaron Serenity had gotten a pipe wrench from underneath the ring and slid it into Vendetta who then used the wrench to clock Harker right in the temple knocking him out cold. Vendetta went for the cover and got the 3 count!

Winner and new NBWA Heavyweight Champion: Jason Vendetta.

Serenity& Jason Vendetta (The NBWA Heavyweight Champion)

Serenity & Jason Vendetta (The NBWA Heavyweight Champion)

What a day it was at The New Breed Gym, four title changes in all, two betrayal’s, and six brand new faces in the ring!

We welcome everyone to join us on Saturday, February 7th for “Pick Your Poision” begining at 2:00 PM. Go to NBWA Myspace for more info.

See you there!

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Exclusive update on High Voltage Wrestling –Donovan Ruddick out of action!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 7, 2009

MWR has just heard from the HVW management that the High Voltage Wrestling Champion Donovan Ruddick will be unable to defend his title this Saturday in Granite City IL due to an injury suffered this past weekend in LWA against Mark Sterling .

This will have severe ramifications for the The Magic Man. Last month at High Voltage Wrestling, The Magic Man had turned on his protégé Kahagas to assist “The Future” Donovan Ruddick win the title.

Now the Magic Man’s worst nightmare has now happened, the Japanese Nightmare Kahagas will be hell bent on destroying the man who betrayed him and the Magic Man is without his Champion. I was able to catch up with the Magic Man to ask him who would he get to replace the most powerful man in the Midwest “the Future” Donovan Ruddick?

He had this to say “I am the most powerful man in the Midwest and it didn’t take me long at all to find the man who is capable of beating anyone on the planet, Dingo. Dingo is able to beat you in many many ways, he can tap you out or hit you so many times with his blazing speed you might just think its magic. Kahagas this weekend in Granite City you will want to do a disappearing act of your own.”

Also of note High Voltage Wrestling star Rick Stone will not be in action due to injuries unknown at this time.

Don’t miss this weekend when Dingo takes on Kahagas!!!
Wicked Stiff Johnson & Keny G vs. Mephisto & Kris Synz in a Cage Match.
Female sensation JessiKa HaZe will be in action.
The LONRS will take on the mysterious and the unknown Blackhearts.
This and much more.

Go to High Voltage Wrestling for more info on this must see show.

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