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MWR Trading Card #45 B.G. James

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 18, 2011


Missouri Wrestling Revival is very excited to have the one and only “Road Dogg” BG James as a part of the MWR Trading Card series. The son of 2011 WWE Hall of Fame inductee “Bullet” Bob Armstrong and brothers to fellow wrestlers Brad, Scott and Steve, James will go down in history as one of the most entertaining wrestlers to ever set foot in the ring.

James was instrumental in bringing back WWE from the dire straights in the late 80’s in a war with rival WCW. With fellow stars “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the Rock and Mick Foley and  James’s  faction of Degeneration X wrestling was cool once again.  .

Degeneration X members included Shawn Michaels, Triple –H, X-Pac, Chyna, Rick Rude and James tag team partner Billy Gunn.

Together James and Gunn was the New Age Outlaws!!

The two would go on to win 5 WWE Tag Team Championships Four of their victories came over teams that included Mick Foley with four different partners (Kane, Terry Funk, the Rock, and Al Snow). They hold the fourth longest reign in WWE Tag Team history with 468 days.
James is also a former WWE Intercontiental and Hardore Champion before he went on to compete at TNA Wrestling to win 2 NWA Tag Team Championships with Ron Killings and Konann.

Though he would be able to hold onto gold several times, it is his charisma that is matched by very few that has made him a World wide star.

We are proud to announce that BG James is number #47 in the MWR Trading Card set.

The artwork of B.G James from the hottest comic in the Midwest, The Promotion. The promotion is drawn from none other than Rob Schamberger.

Please support Rob and his hard work by purchasing a copy of his comic for only .50 cents here.

#1 The Northstar Express Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz – 2008 MWR Tag team of the Year
#2 Mark Sterling– 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year
#3 The Hooligans Devin and Mason Cutter – 2009 MWR Tag Team of the Year
#4 MsChif – 2009 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year
#5 Mike Sydal – 2009 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year
#6 Jeremy Wyatt – 2008 MWR Wrestler of the Year, 2008 & 2009 MWR Match of the Year (vs. Michael Strider, vs. Tyler Cook)
#7 Santana G – Midwest Sweetheart
#8 Kahagas – The Tokyo Monster
#9 Mephisto – Hardcore Favorite
#10 Tyler Black – Ring of Honor World Champion
#11 Sir Bradley Charles – Rising star trained by Lance Storm
#12 Brandon Espinosa – Talented Superstar
#13 Dave Vaughn – The Wrestling Machine
#14 “The Future” Donovan Ruddick – The 6’9″ Monster
#15 Brandon Aarons – Current Triple Crown Champion in the Midwest
#16 Davey Richards – Arguably the best in the world today
#17 “Superstar” Steve Fender – First American wrestler to train in Pro Wrestling NOAH Dojo
#18 MR Late Nite – “Hollywood Super Agent”
#19 Eric Allen – The Pride of Peoria
#20 Eddie Edward – American Wolf
#21 Evan Money – The Pro Wrestling Kid
#22 Delirious – A Familiar Face from “The Edge of Insanity”
#23 Jason Jones – On the Path to Superstardom
#24 Tony Kozina – Rugged and Well-Traveled Veteran
#25 Jeromy Robb Senior Referee at 3XW and MECW
#26 Sean Vincent Canada’s Favorite wrestler
#27 Lucy Mendez – Midwest Latino Knockout
#28 Trevor Murdock – Former WWE Superstar
#29 Eric Davis –Senior referee at IHW and PWE
#30 Angel -ECW Original
#31 Jonathan Greshem– Electrifying young star
#32 Brett Young -#1
#33 Michael Crase Jr -Metro and NWA Dynamo Ref
#34 -U-Gene Dinsmore– Lovable fan favorite.
#35Billy McNeil– Innovating high flyer.
#36 Mia Martinez – Mysterious and fiery, Midwest diva
#37 Mike Sydal – 2010 MWR Wrestler of the Year
#38 Stacey O’Brien-2008 MWR Female Wrestler of the Year
#39Neil Diamond Cutter– Prince of Death
#40Bloody Harker Dirge– God of Thunder
# 41- Brian Breaker– 2011 Pro Wrestling Noah tour
# 42 Brandon Schmitt -WLW and Metro Pro Ref

For a complete list of Missouri Wrestling Revival trading cards as well as WWE , TNA and Japan sets check out the website Wrestling trading cards.com here.

To purchase MWR Trading cards:

1) Catch the star at a show to have them autograph the cards personally
2) Contact them via facebook or myspace
3) Send $1.50 in money order or check for each card at *
Brian Kelley
305 West 3rd Salisbury Missouri 65281

*Checks will take longer to clear than money orders so expect time for that to happen. Make sure you list exactly what card you are wanting to have.

Please note that when purchasing MWR Trading cards from the wrestlers, that they decide the prices for their cards. We highly recommend that you get them from the stars themselves and let them know that you enjoy MWR.

These cards are limited and are not mass produced making them highly collectable.

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10 questions with the tallest female wrestler in the WORLD “Isis” The Amazon

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 19, 2010

In less than 2 weeks the world’s tallest female wrestler will make her debut in St Louis at NWA Dynamo/ High Voltage Wrestling. I have long to see “ISIS” the Amazon for quite some time as MWR has kept a close eye with her fellow Coastal Championship Wrestling colleague the CAC and HVW Champion Kahagas.

On March 27th in Granite City, Illinois you will have a chance to see the best in the world today MsChif team up with CAC Women’s champion to take on ISIS and Jessika Haze.

If you’re a fan of women’s wrestling then you will not want to miss this first ever encounter with ISIS and the NWA Women’s and Shimmer World Champion MsChif!!

Tickets only $10.00 each with kids 7 and under Free!!

Till then let’s enjoy 10 questions with ISIS

1) Have you always been a fan of wrestling and if so who did u look up?

I was a die hard fan of Chyna (go women of dominance!) and Chris Jericho, I always appreciated the innovative matches Jericho had.

2) How did you go about getting in the sport?

I was working for a corporation at a trade show in South Beach and came across the Main Event Training Academy, formerly known as Coastal Championship Wrestling.

3) At this point of your career what has been your personal highlight?

My FCW evaluation with WWE after just 10 months of training.

4) Who was your first match against and what was it like stepping the ring for the first time?

Calypso and her two “henchmen”. I was wearing what I like to call the bumble bee outfit, since then I’ve upgraded to actual original gear I have drawn and had made. Stepping in the ring for the first time in front of a crowd was a great experience. I had so much fun I just knew I had to do it again and again and get better.

5) What do you think some of the obstacles of being so tall and getting into the sport has been?

Learning how to bump, lol. Hip toss. Controlling the match.

6) What has surprised you the most about being a professional wrestler ?

The reality of back stabbers and prima donnas that come along with it.

7) If you were asked to be at Wrestlemania who would like to go up against and destroy and why?

Chyna- I was an avid fan and would love that opportunity. She was so bad-ass!


8) We have a lot of Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s in the STL that love wrestling and you have worked with the Insane Clown Posse in the past. I checked out your website where you stated that it was an awesome experience and you looked forward to working with them again. What exactly did you do there?

Well, I’ll be at JCW this weekend, the 20th, performing for them again. I wrestled 3 puny guys and threw their lightweight asses around like rag dolls.

9) “Where can people go to see your matches, videos, photos, or even to book you for an event?”

10) One of the top women wrestlers in the sport, MsChif will be in the house on March 27th when you make your debut at HVW/NWA Dynamo. If you should happen to go face to face with the Women’s Champion of the World, in your mind what do you see happing?

I have seen her work and respect her. I can see an awesome match occurring and your’s truly coming out on top as always. I belong on top, little girls such as the said belong underneath me. She will definately be “kissing the sky” and laying out for the 1, 2, 3 when she lands.

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