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Dartallion Allen Jr. Designs New Harley Race’s WLW Logo

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 13, 2017

wlw logo

Fans of Harley Race and World League Wrestling were delighted to see that the “Greatest Wrestler on God’s Green Earth” showcased a brand new logo for the WLW promotion recently. If the artwork looks familiar to MWR fans, it should, that is because it is the talents of MWR ‘S longtime friend and contributor Dartallion Allen Jr.

Allen Jr. art have been featured in comics, CHIKARA, MWR Yearbooks, t-shirts and so much more. There is no doubt that he is one of the hottest wrestling artist in the world today.

If you are a wrestler, promoter, or a fan that would like to have his artwork help you out or just for to enjoy, please help yourself and support him at the same time by contacting him today!


Tell him MWR set you.

Email Dartallion21x@gmail.com

Instagram and Twitter: Dartallion21x

9×12 Bristol board sketch : $25/ with grey tones $35

11×14 Bristol board sketch $35

/ with grey tones $45

11×17 Bristol board sketch $45/ grey tones free

Digital color prints 8×10,11×14,11×17

$10, $15, $20

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