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PGP 2019 Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament April 13 Petersburg, Illinois

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 2, 2019

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Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament, Jake Dirden vs. Justice Jan 23rd Petersburg, Illinois

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 7, 2016

 photo pwp_zpsgkzxbwl3.jpg

Idris Abraham

 photo 1503259_560992644048519_8454624401669893569_n_zps4kaxy8jj.jpg

The 2nd Annual Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament is set for January 23rd at the Petersburg Fire Department (302 E Taylor Street, Petersburg, IL) with a field of 8 amazing independent wrestling talents vying to win the coveted Buckley Cup. Our first entrant originally won a qualifier over the massive Justice Jones under the name Abe “Action” Jackson but since that time a change in name and attitude have given us Idris Abraham.

This really is a wild card in the deck now, Idris was already exceedingly skilled, but a heightened level of aggression brings a new element of danger to his game. How this new attitude fairs on January 23rd or how it plays with the PGP fans remains to be seen, but rest assured Idris Abraham is bringing a top shelf quality fight to the Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament.

Jeremiah Plunkett
 photo 10348605_561747653973018_6154195469675907562_n_zpsvkdfefw2.jpg
The second entrant in the field of 8 is the “King of Southern Strong Style” Jeremiah Plunkett, off a huge qualifying win over Ruff Crossing in a brutal, heavy hitting war. Plunkett is double tough and well traveled, but a devastating shoulder injury derailed his climb through the indy ranks. Back in action Jeremiah has managed to reassert himself with his signature physical, high impact style that creates success and opportunity. Capable of bringing the fight all night long, this man has a very real shot at wining the Buckley with his old school badass beat you up style. Expect 2016 to be a big year for Jeremiah Plunkett!!!

Blake Edward Belakis
 photo 12377736_562077007273416_1732713419803082283_o_zpsxgfilmkc.jpg

Entrant number 3 in the field of 8 is last years winner “Bad Wolf” Blake Edward Belakis who comes in off a qualifier win over Mallaki Matthews. Belakis parlayed last years win into a huge 2015 including the PGP Franchise title. The Bad Wolf is on the hunt for his second consecutive Buckley win with this year bringing him in more experienced and dangerous than ever. Add in the Carnivore Club that Belakis is currently leading (along with Nelson Sixx, Stephen King and Nate Redwing) and you see just how well prepared Blake has himself for the field. A proven track record and formidable backup has Belakis looking like the favorite to win the 2016 Buckley Cup. Tenacious, tough and task focused paired with a vicious mean streak make Blake Belakis a must see in tournament action!!!

Rude Boy Riley

 photo 5644_562442793903504_6742304107507120977_n_zpszgp46fi6.jpg

The at large invitations are here…The 4th entrant for the Buckley is the fastest rising indy star in New York City….Rude Boy Riley!!! If you don’t already know the name you will soon, because he’s that damn good. Currently holding both Tier 1 and Warriors Of Wrestling championships validates the talent level of Rude Boy. Commanding the spotlight in a star crowded upper East Coast validates his in ring charisma. Riley caught the eye of PGP at the FIP 6 Man Showcase where he was the heart and soul of Team Tier 1 and perhaps the standout performer of the entire tournament. Once again Riley has the chance to excel in a tournament format, making his way to the Proving Ground for a shot at the Buckley Cup. Expect this man to impress because Rude Boy Riley is real deal awesome.

Jeff Cobb
 photo 12494820_562718607209256_2986058570435421145_n_zpsyyy6frbh.jpg

He calls himself Mr. Athletic for a good reason, he’s Mr. Everything inside the squared circle and set to make his Proving Ground Pro debut.. Jeff Cobb!!! This is a flat out amazing athlete, if the term “suplex you out of your boots” holds any sway, you’re in for a treat. If the term “former Olympic wrestler” holds any sway, then the 2004 flag bearer from Guam is your cup of tea… So you’re saying this guy is Olympic level good with suplexes that will blow your mind??? YES, yes I am…But wait, it gets even better…How do you like crazy top rope high risk offense??? Yeah, Jeff Cobb is bringing that too…Seriously, Jeff Cobb is truly the complete package, a nearly flawless mat game, freakish strength, spookiest suplexes going, top rope high flier and all around athlete…DAMN. By the way, if you’re a fan of Lucha Underground you might want to keep an eye out for Matanza, just sayin’. The Buckley Cup just got a game changer folks, Jeff Cobb is set to make his mark in the Proving Ground!!!


 photo 1098228_563134997167617_8830788014831884209_n_zpsi5tgqluy.jpg

The field of The Buckley just got a lot bigger and a lot more powerful with entrant #6…Odinson!!! This is the truest rookie in the field, but what he lacks in veteran savvy he more than makes up for in raw, unbridled power, Odinson is otherworldly!!! Coming out of WWA4, this supremely gifted athlete is set to take the wrestling world by storm. The bottom line in professional wrestling is the fact it tends to be a big mans sport. Hard truth is there’s no easy answer to overcoming size and strength, take the Incredible Hulk for instance, the phrase “Hulk Smash” made all the sense in the world because it’s simple truth that you can’t dispute. Hell, Pantera went and made a badass album called Vulgar Display of Power..The parallels are obvious. Trust in this, you don’t want to miss the Proving Ground debut of Odinson, from Asgard to Midgard ( Bifrost bridge tolls not withstanding) the 2016 Buckley is truly the multidimensional sensation of 2016!!!

Tyson Dux

 photo 6433_563505417130575_6520234909331887316_n_zpsqtlnvxcu.jpg

International star Tyson Dux returns to the Proving Ground for another shot at the Buckley Cup. Last year Tyson turned in an unbelievable match against Justice Jones, but suffered a tough loss in a physical match. This year Tyson returns more determined than ever to use the Buckley to kickstart his 2016 in style. Even though he’s the most professionally accomplished competitor in the field, there’s still plenty of goals left for Dux, and the Buckley Cup is just one of them. With world tours and stops with all the bigger companies, Tyson is still looking for that difference making run in one of the majors. The talented athlete from Windsor, Ontario possesses all the tools and well honed skill to make it happen, that’s a fact. A great resume is no guarantee of success in PGP, Tyson knows that first hand, so you can be sure Dux is coming in with a rock solid game plan and plenty of fight to back it up. Some competitors hit the Buckley looking for a breakout year, this is a man looking to cement a legacy as a premier world class professional wrestler. Partly a goal he’s set and part unfinished business from last year, rest assured Tyson Dux will be determined and dangerous in this tournament format. Perhaps the worlds most technically sound performer, Tyson Dux just upped the ante in the 2016 Buckley!!!

Ruff Crossing
 photo 12510254_563857140428736_311737971257623733_n_zpsswvaugwp.jpg

The final entrant in the field of 8 for the 2016 Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament is the longest reigning Franchise champion in Proving Ground Pro history…Ruff Crossing. Why Ruff Crossing doesn’t have a full time gig in New Japan is anyones guess, this is the most badass cowboy to hit the ring since Stan Hansen, that’s flat fact right there. Everyone who sees this man in action instantly realizes they’re witnessing something special. Extremely tough, great mat game, can brawl with anyone, amazing resilience and a whole lot of gas in the tank, Ruff Crossing is serious business inside the squared circle. Truly a complete package and more than capable of beating anyone in the business on any given night, Ruff Crossing has every tool needed to win the whole damn tournament!!! 8 premier athletes are set for a brutal night of competition at the 2nd Annual Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament, “America’s Favorite Son” is looking to win it all.

dris Abraham, Jeremiah Plunkett, Blake Belakis, Rude Boy Riley, Jeff Cobb, Odinson, Tyson Dux and now Ruff Crossing rounding out the entire 2016 Buckley Tournament field. This is an amazing array of talent descending on the Proving Ground looking to take home the Buckley Cup…Folks, this is serious indy awesome that’s bound to be mind blowing action!!! Along with this spectacular tournament you’ll also be getting 2 PGP title matches…..Franchise champ “Dirdey” Jake Dirden meets #1 contender Justice Jones in a titanic clash for the belt AND tag champs Team IOU (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) are in action with a championship match as well…Keep a sharp eye on Proving Ground Pro for Team IOU’s opponent and any other developing news for the 2nd Annual Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament!!!

Not only a fantastic show, it serves a worthy cause, ticket profits and Video On Demand buys will benefit Wounded Warriors Outdoors in the tournaments namesake, Ryan Buckley. Our friends at WWN Live Network will carry the 2nd Annual Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament available Video On Demand and all buys will benefit Wounded Warriors Outdoors in the name of Ryan Buckley. Indy Power Rankings will be in the house to call the action and lend a hand promoting all the great Buckley action, another indicator this is a serious independent wrestling event.

Whether you’re a serious or casual wrestling fan, The Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament is not to be missed!!! Grab that old school paper calendar and circle January 23rd RIGHT NOW!!!

The 2016 Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament takes place on January 23rd (Saturday) at the Petersburg Fire Department (302 E Taylor Street, Petersburg,IL) with doors opening at 6:30pm and the Buckley starting at 7pm. Tickets are down right affordable, only $12 adult and $7 kids is all it takes to get a great show and help a great cause…Post holiday budget strapped? We can help with $10 adult and $5 kids tickets available in Petersburg at Styles & More, Huebner Tire or the Fire Department until day of show. Can’t get to Petersburg to purchase advance tickets? Message us here and we’ll hook you up!!!

8 serious professionals are putting it all on the line to win the 2016 Buckley….Competition like this can only be witnessed when you…ENTER THE PROVING GROUND!!!

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Proving Ground Pro Present the 2016 Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament Jan 23

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 27, 2015

 photo pwp_zpsgkzxbwl3.jpg

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First ever PGP Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament Champion Blake Steel

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 19, 2015

 photo 0_zpse2fbae78.jpg

With his win in the tournament Blake Steel has challenged the PGP Champion Jake Dirden for the title in a match that promises to be one not to miss.


Proving Ground Pro honored Ryan Buckley, the first solider killed in Iraq that was from Hillsboro, Illinois with the first ever Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament filled with many of the top stars in the country.

Cpl. Ryan J. Buckley, 21, was with Army Spc. Richard Morris  riding in a Humvee in Baghdad, when a blast from an explosive device killed Buckley, the gunner on the vehicle. Prior to the event a 10 bell salute was held to honor the war hero.

In the first round Blake Steel was able to withstand the quick strikes from young star Louis Lyndon In the second round Steel took it to Ethan Page with an impressive victory. Page was not done with Steel though as he assaulted him after the match targeting his left arm leaving Steel’s ability to move on in the main event in doubt. Yet, one of central Illinois’s brightest stars would not be denied as he entered the main event against his toughest test to date, the Ring of Honor Superstar Tommaso Ciampa. Blake Steel showed true heart and determination by not only surviving the war between Ciampa, but pinning him with the small package to lay claim as the first ever Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament Champion.

Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament Round One

Blake Steel pinned Louis Lyndon
Ethan Page pinned Mallaki Matthews
Justice Jones pinned Tyson Dux
Tommaso Ciampa pinned Mario Crivello
Perfect Addiction – Randy Ray & Perry Winkle pinned Mike Outlaw & “Mr. Nice” Nelson Sixx
Zero Gravity pinned Team IOU

Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament Round Two
Blake Steel pinned Ethan Page
Tommaso Ciampa pinned Justice Jones
PGP Franchise Champ Jake Dirden beat Abe Jackson & Jon Bolen by submission (triple)
Blake Steel pinned Tommaso Ciampa to win the Buckley Cup

 photo pgp_zps036ffb7b.jpg

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