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5 Questions from young Russian wrestling star Victor Kosymov.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 14, 2010

By Brian Kelley  

During the end of the World League Wrestling/ Pro Wrestling Noah Camp, we made our way to cover the weekend show that would highlight and honor the 2009 graduates of the camp. Serious wrestlers that knew that to be the best you had to learn from the best, I knew many of the students that took part of the camp.

Back from a trip to China was powerhouse David Clark, female wrestling sensation Lucy Mendez, young Jeff Strong and even the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mark Sterling wisely took the opportunity to once again improve his skills during the must do camp of the year.

I was also introduced to a few International superstars Michael Nicholls and Shane Veryzer , two from Australia who has charisma to spare who we will intoduce you to in the future here at MWR.

One guy I met was Victor Kosymov, who had made the long trip from Moscow Russia.

First glimpse was a small guy like many others that want to be in wrestling today. I was told in confidence that this guy was good and considering my sources at WLW, I did not doubt them.

We cut a promo on his upcoming match with WLW rookie Jack Gamble who I have been quite a fan of ever since I saw him in the ring. Little did I know just how good this guy was.

In a exceptional match between two young inspiring wrestlers, the crowd was easily behind Jack Gamble with USA Chants echoing throughout the building. Still the Russian was no nonsense in his approach to take the confidence from the American and show WLW, Harley Race and Pro Wrestling Noah that he was one to look out for.

On this night my friend Jack Gamble had his hand raised but there is no doubt that I will be looking out for Victor Kosymov to make an impact in Pro wrestling in the near future.

Till then I am joined with Victor Kosymov with a special international Q and A

Hello Victor thank you for joining us at MWR today.

Victor Kosymov

1) First off lets start off with the landscape of pro wrestling in Russia, what can you tell us about it and who is the top stars in your country?

It’s allot different world than American wrestling. In 2002, a group of enthusiastic guys

opened a school of professional wrestling in Moscow, nobody knew about pro wrestling in Russia

at that time. But in 2003 they debuted with their first show called “Danger Zone”, and this show still is going today! We don’t have a professional schools and trainers here, it work only on

enthusiasm and energy of young guys who want become a professional wrestlers!

There is only one promotion in Moscow where you can wrestle. Shows are few and apart so unfortunately you can’t gain much experience here. It’s just at an amateur level.

2) How long have you been wrestling and who trained you from the start?

Before pro wrestling I was an amateur wrestler. In 2005 at age 15 I’ve began my

training. Training and working out came easy to me, I thought that I can do anything in ring. But then when I begun wrestle on live shows I finally understood how difficult the world of wrestling truly is!

I’d wrestle there years in Russia and I had only sixteen matches. My desire to become a professional was so bad that I knew that I had to make plans for trip to US. Nobody in our area had gone to the United States before me.

That was hard!

Mike Porter, the NWA promoter from Nashville TN, was a big help to make my dream became true! In 2009 I started to wrestle for NWA Main Event in Tennessee. That was a whole new world for me! In just a 3 months I’ve wrestle 20+ matches, it was a big step for me.

Again, how more stuff I learned about wrestling, then the more I understood that I knew nothing

about this business before!

3) You made the trip to Eldon Missouri to WLW. What will you take from that experience back home to you?

Victor Kosymov receives the WLW/Noah camp graduation certificate from Pro Wrestling Noah co-owner and Wrestling legend Harley Race. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

In 2010 I came back to US. I have worked 3 months with Dutch Mantell in his wrestling

school. I learned much about wrestling psychology there.

I knew about Harley Race’s school and was very interested to participate in the 2010 camp.

There were a bunch of problems on my way to Eldon. But finally I made it !

Two young stars of wrestling Victor Kosymov and Jack Gamble went toe to toe at WLW while two of wrestling’s most influential minds watched on. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The 2010 WLW/Noah Camp was a great experience for me! I’m a totally different wrestler after that week . During the week at the camp I understood that the wrestling world is much bigger than I explain before.

Victor Kosymov is a wolverine in the ring, with his relentless and suffocating style of wrestling. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

When I started out I focussed on working on a set of big moves and high spots. But now I know that there much more aspects to make a match work. The psychology, working the crowd and my character development are my top priorities as I work to reaching my goals

4) How would you describe your wrestling style ?

I am trying to learn new stuff from the old school. I like to combine a different styles of

wrestling and make my own new unique style.

5) What are your goals in pro wrestling in the near future?

We are working on opening a new wrestling school in Moscow. Looks like after all my travels in America I will be the head trainer here.

We will try to create professional industry of wrestling for the fans in my home land. We will work on our previous mistakes and take American experience to improve on what we do..

I need to concentrate on finishing my education in University first, then I can plan to

start my full time professional wrestling career.

This dream drives me every day.

Now I have a few years to prepare for this moment. It will be not easy, as I several apects that I will have to work on to become the best.

This is a huge difference between amateurs and professionals. My progress will

never stop!

Thank you Victor for your time

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