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In Honor of Moondog Cujo (Lanny Kean Jr)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 15, 2009

Moondog Cujo.

Moondog Cujo.

I met the man known to wrestling fans as Moondog Cujo (Lanny Kean Jr) last month for the first time at a New Breed Wrestling Alliance show in Rantoul Illinois on December 6th. I knew very little about him before I went other than he was a part of the Pro Wrestling Illustrateds Feud of the year in 1992 with tag team partner Moondog Spot against Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett in the now defunct USWA. To put this honor in perspective, two of the runner ups to that year’s award were Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage and Rick Rude vs. Rick Steamboat.

Moondog was set to tag with the “Hero of the day” Danny McKay to take on “Dangerous”Drew Thomas and Joey Grunge. The duo would be victorious and I asked the team to do a promo for the MWR site. In the promo I made the mistake of announcing that I was with “Dangerous” Drew Thomas instead of McKay.  I was so excited I didn’t even notice I made the mistake on the McKay’s name that I didn’t ask for a retake. I opted to not use it at the time due to the fact I had hope to replace it with a interview with Moondog in the near future for the site.

After the interview I was able to speak to him for quite some time and was impressed with the love that he had for the sport. He spoke highly of his time as a wrestler and when asked one of his favorite moments he stated a match that he had in Kansas City with Ric Flair and the classic feud in 92 with Lawler and Jarrett. He asked if I would be willing to post an interview or spotlight to help him get the word out that he was willing to be in action anytime anyplace. Unfortunately I never got to do the piece but wanted to take the time to honor the man in a small way with this promo from that day.

 While we were in the room Cujo talked to the young wrestlers of NBWA and relived good times with fellow wrestlers Jake Roberts, Pat Tanaka and the Honky Tonk Man. When it was time for intermission he was as excited to see the fans as they were to see him. When I left the building that day I was forever a fan of Moondog Cujo.

The Nose Bleed Seats got a great interview later that day that highlighted his great personality and respect for the sport. You can check it out the NBS episode at Nose Bleed Seats #36

From everyone at Missouri Wrestling Revival, Lanny Kean, thank you for the memories and may you rest in peace.

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New Breed Wrestling Alliance- December 6th, 7 WWE Stars

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 30, 2008


New Breed Wrestling Alliance- December 6th, 7 WWE Stars


Saturday December 6th in Rantoul IL, New Breed Wrestling Alliance delivers and early Christmas presents for Pro Wrestling fans when they bring 7 former WWE Stars. The show starts at 2:00 P.M. and tickets are only $10.00.


Here is a brief rundown of the 7 former WWE Stars with the lineup for a night you wont forget.



 Jake Roberts


Jake “The Snake” Roberts is considered one of the most talented promo guys in the sport. He is the inventor of one of the most influential moves in wrestling history, the DDT.  His classic feuds with Ricky Steamboat and Rick Rude are still talked about today. Jake often brings in a live snake to the ring which he would put on top of his opponents after knocking them out with the DDT to win the match. One of the most discussed wrestlers in the past 3 decades; you do not want to miss Jake “The Snake “Roberts.  


Cowboy Bob Orton


The Father of Randy Orton, Cowboy Bob Orton’s legacy in the sport has been cemented with the honor of being named a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Nicknamed Ace by Roddy Piper, Bob Orton was Pipers body guard when WWE took over the world in the 80’s. Bob always wore a cast on his left forearm claiming he was healing from an injury during a 1985 battle with Jimmy Snuka, but opponents would have to watch out because Cowboy would in turn use the cast as weapon.


Honky Tonk Man


The Honky Tonk Man is one of the most charismatic wrestlers ever to grace the sport. He has headlined major WWE arenas with around the country. The Honky Tonk Man will be the first to tell you that he is “The greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time”. Defeated Ricky the Dragon Steamboat on June 2, 1987 and did not relinquish the title until 454 days later to the Ultimate Warrior.  The Honky Tonk Man thrills the fans with singing his unforgettable entrance theme, “Cool, Cocky, Bad,”.



Pat Tanaka


 Pat Tanaka has thrilled fans around the world in organizations such as AWA. NWA, New Japan and WWE. One half of the tag team The Orient Express with Akio Sato, who was managed by Mr. Fuji. Matches with the Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) thrilled fans high profile, high flying match at the 1991 Royal Rumble. The Orient Express were ranked in the PWI 100 Tag teams during the “PWI years”



Danny Basham


Danny is one half of the 2 time WWE Tag Team Champions with Doug Basham. Trained by Jim Cornett and Danny Davis at Ohio Valley Wrestling. He has the perfect balance of speed and power to overwhelm his opponents. This is your chance to see Danny before he is called back to the WWE or TNA




 Rosey is a member of the famous Samoan family, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being one of his cousins. When the wrestler Hurricane “discovered” Rosey’s potential as a superhero, he christened him “Rosey, the Super Hero in Training”.  The two would go on and win the WWE Tag Team Championship together. Since leaving WWE, Rosey has kept busy around the world.



Tracy Smothers


The Wild Eyed Southern Boy Tracy Smothers, is one to never back down from a fight.  Tracy can get under wrestlers and fans skins alike with his actions and words. Tracy has been in WWE, WCW and ECW in his illustrious career.  He is one of the most traveled wrestlers in the sport today. 


Moondog Cujo


One of the famous Moondog’s. The Moondogs were known for wrestling in blue jeans, sporting shaggy blond hair and beards and carrying animal bones around with them (which they would chew on and use as weapons) Cujo would be honored with the Professional Wrestling Illustrated 1993 Feud of the year in 1993 when they thrilled fans with their matches with Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett.


Show will be at The Lincoln’s Challenge Academy Gymnasium
and the address is 118 E. Borman Ave. at 2:00 PM,


11 Awesome matches!


Jason Vendetta vs. DaCobra in a ladder match.

Cecil Cerveza & Cowboy Bob Orton vs. Jeff Harris & Danny

Brandon Keith vs. Rosey.

Eric Ruffington vs. Honky Tonk Man.

Blake Steel vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts .


Danny McKay and Moondog Cujo vs. Tracy Smothers and Joey Grunge

Aaron Mathews vs. Sgt. Jones in a boot camp match

Fatal 4 Way tag team match….The Worlds Greatest Masked Team (Cheapshot McGrot & Cyclone) vs. Encore (D’Andre King & Vic The Pitbull Santelli) vs. The Killer Bee’s (Morton Von Prose/Jonathan Napier & Josh Powers) vs. the team of Wild Bill and Nicky The Weasel Mankotti.


Simply Divosi vs. Pat Tanaka


I was able to catch up with NBWA Star Simply Divosi to discuss his upcoming match with Pat Tanaka


Plus a Title vs. Title Match between “Bloody” Harker Dirge and Issan Hadeev.


Show will be at The Lincoln’s Challenge Academy Gymnasium
and the address is 118 E. Borman Ave. at 2:00 PM,


( Card subject to change)



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