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NWA Dynamo Pro – Wrestles for a new Heart for Jimmie Bass January 31 in Ottawa Kansas

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 11, 2009

Christmas time has come and gone, your family and friends have come together in the season of giving. Pro Wrestling has a long history of giving not only during the Christmas season throughout the year. During the year there are many wrestling company’s support fundraisers. They include Toys for Tots, school functions, Relay for life, just to name a few. The wrestlers and the company involved take great pride on helping others. The relationship between the wrestling community and their fans are like none other.

Just prior to Christmas, a tragedy in the Nilwood Illinois when a fire caused a family to not only lose their house but sadly the mother. New Midwest Wrestling quickly stepped and promoted a show to help raise funds for the family.

This past weekend my heart was touched when Larry Barber and NWA-Dynamo Pro Wrestling brought to my attention a fundraiser they were doing for a young boy named Jimmie. Larry also sent me pictures and here is the heartfelt letter that his grandmother Charlene Bernabe sent.

Jimmie Bass is a 5 yr. old little boy from Ottawa awaiting a heart transplant. He is now on a heart pump and cannot leave the hospital in Iowa City Iowa until he receives a new heart. He was born with 3 chambers to the heart. The arteries were all routed backwards at birth. Causing the blood to bypass the lungs. He also had a hole in 2 of the chambers. He has undergone several open heart surgeries to try to help fix this problem, but it was not successful. There was too high of pressure in the heart. His heart just was not able to go anymore, that is why he is on a pump. There is a web site that has a video about lil Jimmie and the pump, due to it is not FDA approved. You may get it at KGAN CBS 2 go to there website and scroll down on the top stories called….”A NEW HEART FOR JIMMIE”. Thanks for all your help. Charlene Bernabe

Jimmie Bass enjoys a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Clause in the hospital.

Jimmie Bass enjoys a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Clause in the hospital.



Not only will you have the opportunity to help out Jimmie Bass but you also will get to see some of the best wrestling in the Midwest.

Jeremy “The Rebel” Wyatt vs. Former WWE and ECW Superstar Al Snow

Al Snow is well rounded with years of experience; he was one half of the former WWE Tag team champions (with Mick Foley), he can beat you in many ways. Snow was recently seen in TNA when he helped Kurt Angle defeat Rhino by distracting and slapping special guest enforcer in the face.

Wyatt was able to get the victory in a hard hitting match in November when he defeated ROH Superstar Davey Richards in a brutal hard hitting match Will Wyatt’s intensity be used against him by the wily veteran? This should be wrestling classic.

NWA Kansas Championship rematch
Kansas Champion #1 Brett Young vs. Tyler Cook.

There last match in Pomona Kansas, earned them the match of the month for November. Young was able to walk out with the Kansas Championship that night. Cook was able to impress the NWA that he was deserving of another chance to win the belt. This rematch has many interesting questions surrounding it. Young has years of experience to his advantage, was he showing all that he had to offer in that match. Cook on the other hand had his most profiled match against Young and came very close to winning. Will Cooks confidence be at such a high level that the Champion can not overcome the energy that the contender brings?

Tag Team Rematch
“The Ego Express” (Steven Kennedy & KC Karrington)
vs “The LONRS” (Mark Sterling & Darrien Sanders)

Shorty Biggs vs. Billy McNeil

Donovan Riddick vs. Trent Stone

Kraig Keesman vs. Domino Rivera

Adam Rich vs. Mike Sydal

Davey Vega vs. Pierre Abernathy

Join Missouri Wrestling Revival on January 31 in Ottawa Kansas. Come early and sign up for a chance to win a MWR T-shirt.

Al Snow will be having a wrestling seminar prior to the show for only $50.00 Ottawa Middle School – Ottawa, Ks.3-5pmOnly 20 spots available. Be sure to reserve a spot early before they are all filled. Cost $50.00 per person

For more information about the show or the wrestling seminar check out NWA –Dynamo Pro Wrestling at their myspace

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Wrestling Hooks Fans In An Elusive Chokehold

Posted by Admin on June 9, 2008

Wrestling Hooks Fans in an Elusive Chokehold

By Kari Williams
It floats in the air, mixing with the smoke that just lifted from the cigarette being held by the elderly man sitting two rows in front of me. As I look around, watching wrestlers walk back and forth, talking to fans and acquaintances, it hovers above them, below them and around them. It even consumes them—both the fans and the wrestlers.

But what is, it?

It is a feeling, an emotion, that one moment in time when you feel that you are a part of something special. That is what wrestling is all about anyway, isn’t it?

When Shawn Michaels retired Ric Flair, you knew there was something special about that moment, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it could you? But you had to be there. You had to be a part of it?

But what is, it?

It is the drive to succeed, to overcome the evil hell hounds that have been nipping at your heels. That single moment in time in which your whole life flashes before your eyes. You see yourself growing up, chasing it and doing your best to capture it. That is what wrestling is all about anyway, isn’t it?

When Eddie Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar at No Way Out 2003 to win his first Heavyweight Title you cheered for him, didn’t you? You knew that his whole life culminated at the exact moment he raised that belt above his head for the very first time. He felt it.

But what is, it?

Honestly, I do not think there is an answer to that question. Asking what that intangible entity is that keeps fans coming back to wrestling time and again is like asking how to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You do not know if there is a pot of gold, you just live your life searching for it — even if is turns out to be an illusive trick.

Something compels you to watch wrestlers sacrifice their bodies and souls. May 17 in East Carondelet, Jeff Hawkins, Phil E. Blunt, Steve Montana and Jeremy Lightfoot went at each other in a Hardcore Match. A Mick Foley-like 2 X 4 wrapped in barbed-wire, a staple gun and a steel chair, among other inanimate objects that were used as weapons to smother and utterly destroy the competitors.

But why did they do it? Why did they go to that length, put themselves through that brutal of a match, only to leave that night with bumps and bruises and multiple staple holes in their body?

For the same reason that Shawn Michaels retired Ric Flair, the same reason that Eddie Guerrero won the Heavyweight Title — they knew what it was, even if it did not enter their conscience at the time.

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MWR Spotlight: Mephisto

Posted by Admin on May 1, 2008

MWR Spotlight: Mephisto

by Joshua Ray

I’m here today with Mephisto, a controversial figure on the regional pro wrestling scene. The word “controversial” is a relative term in this day and age’s wrestling environment, so hopefully this interview can shed some light on Mephisto and any perceived controversy.

Mephisto, how are things going for you these days?

Pretty good. I beat Mad Man Pondo on March 9th to win with Wicked Wrestling Alliance (WWA) Hardcore Title. It’s the biggest win in my career, to date. My daughter recently came home from the hospital, too. She’s doing great. Now that things in my life are starting to settle down, I’m hoping to get back into wrestling like I was a couple of years ago.

It’s great to hear about your good fortunes! Hopefully things continue to go well for you.

So, how old are you and how did you get your start in pro wrestling?

I’m 23 years old, and started four years ago in Mid America Xtreme Wrestling (MAX). It used to be based in Alton, IL. They were around for a year and a half.

I originally went to Rampage Championship Wrestling for training, but was blown off. I then approached Gateway Championship Wrestling’s owner, Ben Oliver, at a show. He told me to visit the website. Since I didn’t have Internet access back then, I contacted Butch (the owner of MAX) by phone. He had given me his business card. I started with him that same week.

You’ve done a lot of wrestling in your four years of pro wrestling experience. Where do you feel you’ve received the most positive experience?

Well, I’ve received a lot of positive experience. I’d say I’ve received the most positive experience in WWA. They took a chance on me when nobody else would. They’ve always conducted good business by me. I feel like they are family when I go work with them, and there is no other indy group I’d rather work with. They really took care of me when I needed it early on in my career, and still do.

You’ve worked in at least sixteen promotions in four different states. Where are your fondest wrestling memories? Is there somewhere, either a state or promotion, where you’d like to work that you haven’t?

I’ve had great memories everywhere. I’d love to work at least once in any promotion that’ll book me.

(Mephisto laughs.)

Seriously though, I’d love to be given a serious chance to work for Lethal Wrestling Alliance (LWA). They are based here in St. Louis and I currently do not work for anyone here.

In doing research for our meeting today, the common theme seemed to be your controversial nature. I’ve heard of altercations with fans, accusations that you are at odds with various promotions, and doubts of your wrestling ability outside of the “hardcore” style. Care to comment on any of this?

I recently wrestled in an organization where I brought a bar of soap to the ring with me, then told the crowd what it was and how they could benefit from using it. A drunk guy and his 14-year old son ran into the ring and tried to beat me up for it. The ref ran away, but I stood my ground with them. I stuck him in the mouth with a left hand while his son jumped me from behind. I hit him with a few shots and cracked his dad in the face again. The locker room finally cleared out and broke the fight up.

I’m at odds with some promotions because I don’t approve of how they run things. In my opinion, most feds don’t have their junk together. They hang ten flyers out and expect to pack the venue. They advertise their shows on message boards and expect the wrestlers to check them out rather than actually calling the wrestlers to book them. One fed in particular would book shows two or three hours out, and then wouldn’t pay the guys for their work. In some other feds, the owners are wrestlers, too, and it’s all about them. They are constantly putting themselves over at everyone else’s expense. Then there are the veterans that have maybe 300 matches under their belts, but have more than 10 years of experience.

As for my wrestling ability, if you doubt it then give me a shot. I’ll prove you wrong.

Fair enough. In particular, I’ve heard some people limit Mad man Pondo similarly to how they limit you. You know, like “he’s just a hardcore wrestler with no real wrestling value”. Things like that. You’ve had two death matches with him. What are your thoughts on Mad Man Pondo? Is there a chance we’ll be seeing you two meet up for a third time?

I like wrestling Pondo. He;s a fun guy and he maks his money, so there must be a need for that kind of wrestling. I’d love to wrestle him a third time, especially if I could wrestle him in Japan!

I’ll keep this one simple and let you run with the ball. Do you have a dream match?

I don’t really have one, no. I guess any match of importance would be a dream come true for me.

Keeping with our open-ended interview, if you were to compare yourself to any wrestler of the past…

(Mephisto interrupts)

I don’t compare myself to anyone.

I hope that I can take ass kickings like Mick Foley, though. Some have told me that I’m like Rhino or Raven. Some have also called me a hardcore Chris Jericho. I’ve also been told I look like a fat Rob Van Dam because of my hair cut and the way I dress.

Personally, I’d like to be just me. I’m not the first, but I am the greatest Mephisto.

Everyone has their influences growing up. The above mentioned were a few of mine. I’m not trying to be like anyone else, although moves can be borrowed and styles can be incorporated. Everything gets recycled I wrestling, so if a few of my influences happen to shine through, then so be it.

Well, that’s about all the time I have right now. Is there anything else you would like to add before we go?

Yes. I have a Myspace page:


Feel free to stop by and add me.

Thank you very much for your time, Mephisto. I hope that this has proven a pleasure for you. It’s been very informative on my end, and you’ve fun to interview for sure.

Folks, we’ll be back soon with another edition of MWR Spotlight! Keep checking Missouri Wrestling Revival for more columns, interviews, and news!

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