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Missouri Wrestling Revival covers Total Nonstop Wrestling’s Lockdown weekend.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 25, 2010

Total Nonstop Wrestling returned to ST Louis with their PPV Lockdown on April 18th in ST Charles Family Arena with the highlight being the night before at the TNA Fan interaction.

I had attended the first St Louis’s TNA Lockdown and though I felt as if the fan interaction was worth it, the PPV had been a disappointment in my opinion. I must confess I enjoy attending independent wrestling over going too today’s “Big Two”.

The selling point for me was the fact that they were including a “Legends Main Event” in this Fan Interaction with three of the biggest stars to ever grace the sport Hulk Hogan, Sting and my personal favorite “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair at the end of the night with a bonus of having two of the most influential Managers in Pro Wrestling “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart and Bobby “The Brain” Hennan along with one of the greatest wrestlers to grace the sport Dory Funk JR. and “The Clawmaster” Baron Von Raschke.

Some great times was to be had throughout the weekend as we caught up with some old friends and met some new ones. If the TNA wrestlers were on a grading system for their treatment of the fans I would have to give them an impressive A+. Some could complain that the lines took a lot of time to get through but one of the big reasons was the wrestlers were so friendly and took the time to meet the fans. Making the experience that much more enjoyable.

When the time was up for “The Band” Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan and many of the fans had yet to get their autograph or picture they each let TNA know that they were not going to leave until everyone had received what they were promised.

Thanks to my friends at the St Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame I was asked to present Dory Funk Jr, Bobby Hennan and Baron Von Raschke along with my friend Nick Ridenour with their Hall of fame Plaques during the fan interaction. I was so pumped up about it I could barley calm down; in fact I am still hyped up about it four days later. Regardless it will be forever in my top ten moments of my life as latter I would also be a part giving my favorite wrestler of All-Time Ric Flair his plaque.

Words can’t give justice to my appreciation to Nick, Herb Simmons, Larry Matysik, Tony Costa webmaster Mitch Martsey, sports journalist Keith Schildroth, and  the rest of the crew at the ST Louis Hall of Fame for having me a part of this historic occasion.

Look for video of both the ST Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame and Pro Wrestling Illustrated in the near future at MWR.

If you would like to check out the ST Louis Hall of Fame your next chance will be on May 8th at the South Broadway Athletic Club. For more information on the ST Louis Hall of Fame check out their myspace here.

After we were done giving the ST Louis Hall of Fame plaques Jeff Ruoss from Pro Wrestling Illiustrated presented the Legends with plaques from everyone’s favorite wrestling publication.

The PPV Would be solid and most importantly a LOT of fun. During the evening Kurt Angle showed why he is in my mind the best wrestler since Ric Flair when he and Ken Anderson tore down the house. Team 3D was on fire and ST Louis fans proved that it is truly Flair country when he was asked to leave by the ref  prior to the AJ Styles – D’Angelo Dinero the fans chanted “We want Flair” chants. Jeff Hardy would show why he is one of the most fearless (or crazy) wrestlers to ever grace the sport during the main event giving Team Hogan a huge advantage over Team Flair.

My girlfriend Dubray had no clue who Rob Van Dam was on Friday evening but by Sunday she was into putting her hands behind her back as RVD’S Music was on chanting ROB-VAN-DAM proving just how over with the fans he is.

TNA would wisely give RVD the chance for the TNA Title the next night on Spike and he would go on to defeat AJ Styles for his first ever TNA World Championship. Some may argue that they gave away a PPV Match on free TV but my opinion is such that RVD can have a full year of PPV matches with just about anyone on the roster including a rematch with the very talented AJ Styles .This weekend and his win will hopefully be the direction that TNA is headed.

I would run into local wrestling talents Chris Havius, Shorty Biggs, Kiwi Jello and Dorian Victor . Local Promoters Herb Simmons and TNT Keny G was in the house while the legends made their appearance during the TNA Title match between Styles and Pope.

In this weekend blast you will see the pictures of the TNA After party hosted by Mike Gordon at Side Pockets in St Charles. Surprise guest were Ken Anderson, James Storm, Chris Sabin and Brian Kendrick. Anderson and Strom was their when I entered the building and was busy signing autographs and taking pictures with fans while being with their respective friends and family. Their patience and kindness with the fans made me fans of the two of them for life. Sabin and Kendrick came later and was just as polite. With a 12:00 closing time on Sunday and the TNA Stars less than 24 hours from having to be in Florida for TNA Impact that made their kindness that much more special.

Once again it was great hanging with old friends during the weekend like Drew and Gary, Chuck and Dave along with new friends Shawn and his girlfriend , Kyle and the Awesome Bomb Radio team just to name a few. A big thanks you to TNA’ and  Bob Ryder for his kindness as well.

I hope you enjoy this exclusive look at TNA Lockdown weekend at MWR.

Jeremy Borash and So Cal Val pump up the fans early in the morning.

Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin (The Motor City Machine Guns) enjoy a visit from a young fan.

TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett should be proud of the Fan Interaction.

Kelly and Jesse Neal

Former WWE Diva, Playboy model and current TNA darling Christy Hemme prepares to meet her fans.

“The Freak” Rob Terry is HUGE

TNA’S Secret weapon “The Beautiful People.”

Eric Bischoff was playing around here without Dubray knowing it. After she saw it she said isn’t that a bit creepy? Which I had to laugh. Bischoff was having fun just like all the TNA guys during the week

Chuck Maddox Black Hogan and Dave Krohn

The Pope D'Angelo Dinero loves the camera.

Scott Hall and TNA’S President Dixie Carter

The presentation for Bobby Hennan, Dory Funk Jr. and Baron Von Raschke for the St Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame plaques.

The great Dory Funk JR is honored with a PWI Lifetime achievement award from PWI’S Jeff Ruoss

Jimmy Hart is proud of the PWI Lifetime achievement award given to him from PWI’S Jeff Ruoss.

PWI’S Jeff Ruoss Gives The Clawmaster his lifetime achievement award.

Ric Flair was all smiles as he came to his station.

Two of the all time greats Sting and Ric Flair would be on the same side at Lockdown.

Go Team Hogan !!

Jimmy Hart with Hulk Hogan put in extra hours.

Kyle gets autographs from Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore.

Pro Wrestling Royalty Lacey Von Erich

Kurt Angle and Dave Krohn

Rob Van Dam just one day away from become champion of the World.

ST Louis Promoter Herb Simmons with SoCal Val


Just one action photo that caught the energy of the night as one of my favorites Team 3D has the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Mini Keny enjoys TNA Wrestling LIVE!!

The adult radio wrestling show Awesome bomb Radio’s host gives Don West a hug.

My good friends Drew Gary Dubray and myself with the Awesome Bomb Radio crew.

TNA Afterparty at Side Pockets

Ken Anderson with one of his many fans after an awesome match with Kurt Angle.

Brandon with Beer Money’s James Storm at Side Pockets.

Pete with Ken Anderson

Patrick and Chris Sabin

I’m sad to say that Dixie Carter did not offer me a job at TNA but she was kind enough to take this picture with Dubray and I.


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Dubi Meets the LWA Superfans

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 6, 2009

By Dubi-“Bear”

If you like beer, brats and wrestling then you should have come with me to House Springs on July 25, as I partied with the LWA Superfans.

Throughout the years of going to shows around the Midwest with my boyfriend, Brian, we have made many friends, no matter what federation we go to. One of my favorite friends goes by Big Al. Big Al is a huge Jordan Lacey fan and a loveable guy with a great sense of humor. He invited us to the LWA tailgate party prior to the show. And, as they say in Rock, let the good times roll.

The afternoon was beautiful and the beer was good. Several of the LWA crew joined us for laughs and food. The wild and crazy Steven Kennedy came out of the locker room and had stolen someone’s wrestling shorts and put them over his pants to entertain the party. I had a delicious jalapeño brat and got caught up with what was happening with Referees Eric Davis and Kiwi Jello. Even Adam Raw couldn’t resist coming out and hanging with us. Before we went in to watch matches, we all posed for a group photo for Kari Williams for an article to be published at a later date.

When the show began, I was already feeling a buzz and excited about seeing Michael Strider again. Strider and Derek Stone were the first two wrestlers who I became a fan of when I first saw pro wrestling live. On this evening, Strider took on Mark Sterling, who was also one of the first I saw, whom, at the time, I was not impressed with. Nearly five years later, Sterling is now one of the top reasons I enjoy going to wrestling.

Also on the card was the sexy Tyler Cook. Girls, if you have not seen Tyler Cook, you do not know what you are missing. He is a work of art, or, at least eye-candy.

I got to my seat with a full cup of beer to start the show. The problem was I kept spilling my beer on the floor, with a little help from my friends, on myself, and on others throughout the night. At intermission, I was on my mission to seek out LWA fans to do this article. Due to the fact that I was having such a good time, I asked my friend Dawn to assist me in finding fans of the LWA.

The first fan I caught up with was with my good friend Big Al; her name was Mallory Willson, a seven year fan. She insisted that her all-time favorite was Bruce VanChan who retired about four years ago and was “one of the originals from Adam Raw’s garage,” according to Willson. That was before my time of watching LWA, and she wanted her picture with fellow Superfan Justin Poole.

Mallory Willson with fellow fan Justin Poole (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

Mallory Willson with fellow fan Justin Poole (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

The next fan I spoke to came to see Adam Raw in action. His name was Ryan Hughes, and he has been going to LWA for close to two years. Adam Raw, unfortunately, was unable to wrestle on this evening, though he was more than happy to take a picture with young Ryan.

Ryan Hughes with his favorite LWA Superstar Adam Raw (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Ryan Hughes with his favorite LWA Superstar Adam Raw (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Running around, I found Adrian Hooper, who had been going to LWA for four years. Adrian was a fan of Steven Kennedy. Kennedy used to be cocky and arrogant, but lately he has been a really cool guy, and I was happy he took the time for me to snap a picture with Adrian.

Adrian Hooper with the Charismatic Steven Kennedy (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Adrian Hooper with the Charismatic Steven Kennedy (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Last, but not least, was Michael Mayberry. Michael and I have something in common—we are both impressed with Donovan Ruddick. You can call him “The Future” or the “6’9” Monster,” but I think that he is AWESOME. So did Michael. The intermission was done. and I asked Michael that if he waited after the show, I would asked LWA Management if Ruddick would come out. You never know what kind of mood The Future is in, so I told Michael I wasn’t for sure. Lucky for me, they were able to get him to come out, and Ruddick was polite and smiled.

 “The Future” Donovan Ruddick with one of his biggest fans Michael Maberry.

“The Future” Donovan Ruddick with one of his biggest fans Michael Maberry.

Aww the night was over and the room was spinning but we had a great time of hanging with friends at the Lethal Wrestling Alliance.

I am hoping to make  the MMWA-SICW show Saturday at South Broadway. On Aug. 15 I will be in Granite City for High Voltage Wrestling. Look forward to the next installment of Dubi meets the fans.

One last thought…..
Michael Strider lost the NWA Central States Championship to Mark Sterling and announced that he was walking away but the fans will always have the memories of one of the toughest guys I ever saw. I leave you with a picture of him posing with me and another fan who truly enjoyed watching him. I have to say it one last time….STRIDER NATION…you will be missed.

Strider and myself.....Hopefully not for the last time. (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

Strider and myself.....Hopefully not for the last time. (Photo Credit Brian "Flair" Kelley)

LWA July 25,2009 411

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