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MWR Special Interview by Jared Smith with CCW Star Jason Vaughn

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 5, 2017

Interview by Jared Smith
Photos courtesy of Jason Vaughn

It seems rare these days that you come across someone who has a thirst for life, an accelerated drive for success but also a soft, humble ability to connect with any person on any level. However, professional wrestler Jason “The Fury” Vaughn meets all of that criteria, and more, and is truly one of the faces of the wrestling scene in and around the bootheel of Missouri and beyond. Throughout the years and the miles, one thing always remained inside The Fury, and that was a love of professional wrestling, which he has now turned into a decade plus long career inside the ropes. I had a chance to talk with Jason last night and learn about his career, his humble beginnings, as well as where he sees himself going in the near, and distant future.

Jared Smith: Jason, first off, thanks for taking time to chat with me! So let’s get down to it and start from the beginning. Who were your favorite wrestlers as a kid that got you interested in the world of wrestling?

Jason Vaughn: Hey Smitty thanks for having me! Oh man, I was a little Hulkamaniac back in the day, just like most any kid who grew up in that time in the 80’s but then when the Ultimate Warrior came around, he was my guy! I loved the Ultimate Warrior. I would go out to the barbwire fence in the yard by the field and grab it and shake it like the Warrior shook the ropes. I loved his energy.

JS: As you got older, during the Monday Night Wars, were you a RAW guy or a Nitro guy? I was a Nitro guy myself.

JV: Me too, Nitro all the way! I was all for Goldberg! He was my guy back then! But I also liked what the cruiserweight guys did, guys like Dean Malenko and Juvi were exciting and they brought in a different style over here to the States. It was a really good show back then.

JS: So you’ve been a lifelong wrestling fan, but what was it that got you to want to get into the ring?

JV: I was around 16 or so and I went down to Malden, Missouri, to the old skating rink where they would have matches once a month or so and I met a guy named Mike Anthony, who lived in the area, and after we talked, said he would train me. He had an old ring in his back yard that was only a little bit off the ground, had old carpet for padding and then steel cables wrapped in garden hoses for the ropes! That thing was rough and man it hurt! So the first day I show up, we train for something like 5 hours doing squats, running the ropes, things like that. After we were done, he asks me if I still wanted to do this and I said yes I did. So he said that was just to try and break me. After that, I trained for about two and a half weeks and I just about knocked myself out on my first bump he had me do! I landed hard and it made my teeth chatter. I thought I knew everything and that I was tough and everything else, but I didn’t stay with it.

JS: So you quit your early training after just a couple weeks? Then what happened?

JV: Well, I enlisted into the Army where I went overseas a few times, then I came back in the Reserves once I got back. I went down to the Memphis area at that time when I came back and one day I was in the gym with some friends of mine, working out in my Hulk Hogan sweat pants of all things, and in walks one of the biggest men I’ve ever met. He saw my pants and asked if I was a wrestling fan, and I said yes then it dawned on me that I was talking to King Mabel, who at that time was going by Viscera, Nelson Frazier, God rest his soul. So here I am, talking to Viscera in this gym and he asks me if I’m interested in training for wrestling. So I told him that I was, so he gave me his information and told me to call him. Now, at this time I was getting into MMA fighting, when it was starting to make its big boom and I was doing some MMA training. Well, I thought that wrestling wasn’t really what I was interested in but then after I learned that I HATED getting punched and kicked, I decided to call Viscera up and tell him that I was interested in his training. So I show up in the building he had his ring set up in and it was just the two of us, I got one on one training with Big Daddy V. So he asks me if I’ve ever had any training and I told him about the backyard training I’d gotten several years before, that I knew how to take a back bump and run the ropes. He had me get in the ring and run the ropes and as soon as I hit those ropes, it just felt right. It didn’t hurt like that old backyard ring, it was a comfortable ring and everything just seemed right.

JS: Wow so you were trained by Big Daddy V? How tough was he on you?

JV: You know, he was never really super hard on me. I mean, he would chop sometimes just to get me ready for that sorta thing, but he never took advantage of me and beat me up. He was kind of a gentle giant, though. But he was really patient and encouraging with me, which was great, because there were times that I would get so pissed off in the ring when I wasn’t getting things right that I would just start yelling and screaming in the ring. In fact, that’s how Bobby (Mo) gave me my nickname, The Fury.

JS: So they gave you that nickname? Too cool!

JV: Oh yeah! I was trying to do a moonsault because I thought that was cool and I wanted to look cool in the ring, but I was afraid of landing on my head, so I never got it right. Well one day I turned the wrong way and landed weird on my shoulder, close to my head and everything and I just erupted. I was kicking the ropes, yelling, cussing, screaming, all that. It took Bobby and Viscera a bit to calm me down, but that’s when Bobby said “that’s your name…that’s who you are. You’re just a fury in the ring…you’re going to be The Fury.” So that’s what started it and that’s where it comes from, and I still use that today. I build up that fury and unleash it on people now.

JS: So that was how The Fury was born! Too cool, and given to you by former WWE guys, so that had to feel awesome.

JV: It did, although I didn’t go by “The Fury” for a couple years. When I first got started, I was using a military gimmick where I’d wear fatigues and a tan shirt, had some cheap volleyball player knee pads and I’d tape my wrists in electrical tape. And I did that for a while before I finally became The Fury.

JS: We’ll get to that in a bit, so now you’ve trained with Viscera and where did it go from there?

JV: I got my first match down in Lepanto, Arkansas, through the MCW group with Big Daddy Lafonce, that you may have seen on Wrestling With Death. That was my first intro in. My first match went ok. I’m sure it probably sucked since it was my first match hahaha but it went ok. The biggest thing for me, though, was that Viscera was working that card too and they scheduled me to do a run in on him in the main event. Viscera was over big down there and I was working heel early on, so I come running out at the end of his match and I slid in as I was planned and he just lifts me right up like I was nothing and dropped me down with a Samoan Drop. But you know, I didn’t feel any of his weight coming down on me! He was light as a feather on me! I thought I was about to get crushed! So that was a cool way to get started. After that, I worked a in the bootheel in places like Poplar Bluff, Kennett, Malden and Caruthersville, among other places. One of the coolest things was working a benefit show here in Cape Girardeau with Eric Young, who was Showtime Eric Young then, on the card and having him compliment my match. That was huge! He was one of those early on that really told me that I had potential and I had something going on. So I worked some great matches with Rodney Mack down in the Mid South area after that, I went up north to Indiana once to be an extra for ECW a few times through Viscera, I did SICW a bit and met Flash Flannigan, and I met James Arnez along the way. James and Psycho were doing the Asylum then and I was actually the one who pinned James in his last match at that time, he picked me to be the one to retire him in that match. So that was a great honor, being handpicked like that.

JS: That is huge and James Arnez was a big name in the Bootheel/NE Arkansas/NW Tennessee, too! I remember him, Psycho, The Inhumane Society and a lot of names working together in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, just wrecking havoc around the area. What are some of the other big names you’ve worked with?

JV: Oh wow, that’s quite a list anymore. I’ve been fortunate to network with a lot of people and form those bonds of brotherhood all over. My Grandma, who recently passed away and God rest her soul, I love you Grandma, actually helped with booking Colorado Kid, Mike Rapada, when I was younger, so I got to have a match with him where she was in attendance down south in USA Championship for Bert Prentice. This was when he was starting to work as The Joker, but when he found out Grandma was there, he came out as Colorado Kid in his robes and his hair fixed the way it used to be, he even let me go over that night for her! Which made Bert lose his mind!! He came out wondering what was going on!! But Mike handled it all and it was a great memory. I also got a lot of help from guys like Motley Cruz, Van VanHorne, Derrick King, Pokerface, Sid, Johnny Rotten and Rodney Mack, among many others. I was able to work a match with Jeff Hardy and Koko B. Ware, too, and learned a lot from them all and really made good friends with so many people along the way. I also really liked working with Sean Vincent, the Canadian Hero, in SICW (Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling), we clicked early on and had some great matches.

JS: You’ve really worked with some of the biggest names, not only in this region, but in the world! What place has been your favorite to work at so far?

JV: You know, to be honest, I have to say Cape Championship Wrestling. Ken called me up early on when they were getting CCW together because he knew my name from around here and knew I was a local guy, so he wanted me on here to get a good local turnout. We didn’t really know what to expect, but that first night in the Osage Center, that place was awesome! There were so many people, and so many kids, that it was just a great first show that I don’t think we could have imagined. And it has been getting better every time. I think the fans in this area were needing professional wrestling like this and I think it has showed with the turnouts that CCW gets. And every show it seems like it gets louder and bigger! So this has been great for me, plus I’m able to work here in front of family and friends that may not have been able to see me when I was working down south more.

JS: I have to say that Cape Championship Wrestling has not only exceeded any expectation I had, but completely blew it out of the water altogether! It has become such a big thing around here. Now, recently you’ve helped with training JD Wilk, who debuted in CCW in January, do you have plans for training full time at some point? And what would you be willing to tell hopeful, future wrestlers?

JV: Yeah, JD has really picked things up quick, too. We worked for a good stretch and then he went down south to train and then also over to Stride to work with Heath Hatton, so he’s really getting a lot of experience from different people. I do want to train in the future, because I want to take my lifelong love of wrestling and spread that knowledge to the next generation of wrestlers, but I’m not quite ready for that full time just yet! I’ve still got a lot left in me before I decide to hang up the boots and call it a day. But yeah, training kids is something that I really want to do down the road. I definitely recommend them going to training camps. I went to the WLW camp that is hosted by Harley Race, and I would highly recommend going to the Rock n Roll Express camp that Ricky Morton has down south. Or really anywhere that they can find a camp. Go there and learn from those guys because that’s how you make it, by being willing and able to learn from those guys who came before you. That’s something that, early on, I was a little cocky, kind of big for my britches and Viscera had to calm me down a few times. He told me that if it wasn’t for the fans showing up and buying tickets, that the promoter wouldn’t get any money and then I wouldn’t get any money. So that humbled me quite a bit and changed my outlook on it. So now, any time that a kid comes up to me, I’ll take time to greet them and say hi and lean down to take a picture with them so I can get down on their level and not feel like I’m talking down to them. The kids are really what makes it for me and I think back to when I was a kid, seeing Ultimate Warrior on TV and wanting to be like him, well if a kid sees me wrestle and down the road thinks back to the time I took a picture with him, or her, as why they started wrestling, then I feel like I’ve done my job. I feel blessed to talk to the kids and I feel like if I can help them out and not be “larger than life” then I’m doing my job. I grew up with 8 siblings from not the best situation, there were times we didn’t have water or electricity and Dad was gone on the truck a lot to help give us what we did have, Mom stayed home to work and take care of us, so that helped me learn to love what I’ve got and I want to be sure to tell kids to stay humble, listen to people and just never give up on a dream.

JS: I think that’s advice that pretty much anyone can stick to! I think you’ve been a great role model down here, because the kids absolutely LOVE you in CCW! Do you think you’re having some of your best matches now?

JV: For the most part, I really do. I think that CCW has a good amount of veterans that we can really put on great matches. A lot of it is also because I have learned how to understand the crowds more, the ring psychology and be able to put on a good match for that. But especially in CCW, you’ve got a lot of veterans like Austin Lane, Billy Hills, Brandon Barbwire to name a few who have been around a while like me and then a lot of younger guys that we can help out and show how to put on good matches. I feel like I’m doing good things right now, though. I think everyone seems to be enjoying it.

JS: I know I have. Your feud with Billy Hills to start things last year was well done, with the big ending in the street fight! That was awesome! So, aside from training, what does the immediate future hold for you?

JV: That street fight was awesome! And so far the only one in CCW. I really want to work more up in the St. Louis area, places like Dynamo Pro, WLW with Harley Race, over in SICW. Maybe see what NWL-StL is all about. But I also want to get a show down here in my hometown of Dexter. To this day, I have never wrestled a show in my hometown, so that’s something that is really big for me right now. And I want to work more all over the state of Missouri because, one of my big dream goals is to get my name on that Missouri Wrestling Hall of Fame wall. I want to get on that so bad. But those places are where I’d like to get soon and just keep working and getting my name out. Plus, I own my own businesses and I work full time at those along with

JS: I think you’ve definitely got a shot at that Wall of Fame, no doubt! Well, we’re getting close to the end of things, but I wanted to ask, what was one of your funniest moments so far?

JV: Oh man! I was working a match down around Dyersburg, TN and my opponent lost one of his contact lenses. And, without them, guy was blind as a bat. So he taters me left and right, really working stiff and beating me up. It was bad. But the finish was he was going to get me up in a jackhammer and finish me that way. Well, he goes to lift me up and the whole right side of my tights tears now, just completely rips open and my butt cheek is hanging out! Now, a lot of guys when they wrestle will either wear the jock style underwear, or some wear a thong. I’d talked to Billy Gunn not too long before that and he was the one telling me about wearing a thong so you don’t have lines in your tights and he convinced me to wear one. I told him I thought that was for girls and no way was I going to do that! But he talked me into here and here I am now, my butt cheek is hanging out, you can see my thong, I’ve got a huge wedgie. Oh man it was bad!! But I went from being a big heel in that match to the next time back, getting a big pop! It was so bad.

JS: HA oh man I hate to laugh, but that’s hilarious! At least things worked out. And they seem to be working out for you now because you’re a big fan favorite everywhere you go down this way and are one of the top faces in CCW as well. I think that just about wraps it all up for us, so Jason, before we go, give us one last bit of wisdom for the road!

JV: Hey Smitty thanks again for doing this and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. And thanks for being a fan, I really appreciate that. I just want to let the kids know to be humble and learn everything that they can and if they want something bad enough to never give up on those dreams and keep chasing them because they will come true. I’m so blessed to be where I am and every day I’m thankful for everything that I’ve achieved in life.

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CCW Debut Show Report. Jared’s Jumbles

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 18, 2016

By Jared Smith

Photo Credit Billy Russ

Saturday night, July 16th, will forever go down in history as the debut show for Cape Championship Wrestling. With a crowd nearing capacity at the Osage Center in Cape Girardeau, promoter Ken Murphy greeted everyone with excitement and enthusiasm as he announced CCW to everyone in attendance, as well as an announcement of a huge surprise and that a champion would be crowned before the night was through. Local morning show DJ, Hunter Hendricks, was also announced as the acting General Manager for the night and former WWE Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch was doing a meet and greet with the fans, although he was still out of action with an injury.

The first match of the night featured Sexxy Sarge, accompanied by his manager Jeff O’Dell, taking on Brandon Barbwire in a CCW Championship Title Tournament match. Jeff O’Dell ranted about how it was a travesty that he was not invited to be a part of CCW and went out on his own to be there. Although Sarge tried to shimmy and shake his way to victory, Brandon was able to secure a win, advancing to the finals of the tournament.

Billy Russ Photography

Billy Russ Photography

However, Sarge got the last words in, as he attacked Brandon Barbwire after the bell while Jeff O’Dell cheered on his client.

Match two featured Farmer Billy Hills, accompanied by Sarah Summers, taking on hometown favorite Jason “The Fury” Vaughn in the next semi-final round of the CCW Title Tournament. After a fair deal of mouthing by Billy Hills to the fans and to Jason Vaughn, the match got underway.


In a very stiff match, it went back and forth until Billy Hills secured the victory by leveraging the pin with his feet on the ropes, sending him to the Championship Tournament final against Brandon Barbwire in the main event.

Match three featured a young wrestler, Hollis Giroux, coming down from Kansas City to take on national sensation Davey Vega, who in recent time has been featured very prominently in the St. Louis area, often with his tag team partner Mat Fitchett.

Billy Russ Photography

Billy Russ Photography

In a very exciting match featuring a blend of power and quickness, the match was even until the final minutes, when Davey took the momentum and the win in the match in what many voted the match of the night.


At intermission, promoter Ken Murphy came out to let everyone know that the next show for CCW will be on August 27th and will feature one of the top names in the world…RICOCHET!!! The Paducah, Kentucky native will be in the house working for Cape Championship wrestling. What an announcement! Two shows in and CCW has pulled in one of the hottest names in the world!


Billy Russ Photography

The fourth match started with Genesis coming to the ring, where he began running down the city of Cape Girardeau. That didn’t last long, as GM Hunter Hendricks came to the ring to show how much the crowd did not appreciate him, and to show him how little we liked his rant, he had a surprise for him who just so happened to be The Missouri Mad Man, Jake Dirden! Jake Dirden is known by many in St. Louis, across the country from many promotions, as well as internationally through work in Japan. Needless to say, Jake Dirden is a big, mean man and he came out to shut up Genesis. Genesis was able to hobble Jake, by attacking his knee throughout the match.

That only served to anger the big guy, as he was finally able to take down Genesis with his Asiatic Spike.

Up next, the women took the stage in the fifth match of the night. It featured the masked Diamond Doll, taking on hometown favorite Lil Bit. In a match where Diamond Doll had the size advantage, Lil Bit was able to use her speed to elude her masked opponent. Diamond Doll was able to slow down Lil Bit and bully her, however, in a great finish, Lil Bit was able to overcome the size deficit and take the win.

Billy Russ Photography

Billy Russ Photography

After the match, Diamond Doll was so enraged that she attacked Lil Bit during the celebration, locking her in a very tight camel clutch, prompting the referees to come out and force Diamond Doll to finally break the hold.


Billy Russ Photography

And now, the final match of the night for the Cape Championship Wrestling title!! Billy Hills and Brandon Barbwire squared off in a great main event! Brandon, visually sore from his post match attack, stood strong against the Farmer, as both competitors traded blows. Sarah Summers made her presence felt throughout the match, taking the opportunity to choke Brandon on multiple occasions.

As the match drew to a close, Jeff O’Dell and Sarge came to ringside to assist Billy Hills in a new alliance. However, The Fury Jason Vaughn ran to ringside to even the odds. As the action escalated both in and out of the ring, with the aid of multiple distractions, Brandon Barbwire hit Billy Hills with his finish to take the win and the title!

However, the action was not finished as everyone ended up in the ring. Vaughn and Barbwire attacked Sarge and Hills when suddenly, Brandon Barbwire turned on Jeff Vaughn and it became a 3-on-1 attack in the ring, while Jeff O’Dell cheered on from the outside. Jeff O’Dell announced that this was the formation of The Pinnacle of professional wrestling. However, the tide turned when none other than Jake Dirden ran to the ring to save Jason Vaughn!! Once the ring had cleared out, GM Hunter Hendricks came back to the ring in what would be another big announcement. He set up a grudge match between Jason Vaughn and Billy Hills for August 27th BUT THEN, he also set up a CCW title match between Brandon Barbwire and The Missouri Mad Man Jake Dirden! What a way to end the night!

Also, I can’t go without mentioning a big moment that happened. Among all the happiness, excitement and enthusiasm was a much more somber and bittersweet moment. Osby Tomlin, a 9 year ring veteran, laid his boots and his Kult of Kayfabe Championship title in the middle of the ring on Saturday night as he was forced to retire from his passion of wrestling.

Billy Russ Photography

Billy Russ Photography

Osby was injured last month in a match, resulting in a compression fracture in his neck. This forced him to make the unfortunate decision of leaving his love of wrestling to allow himself to heal up and plan for the future with his family. Thank you, Osby, we’ll sure miss you.

Don’t miss out on the next Cape Championship Wrestling show, August 27th, featuring Billy Hills vs Jason Vaughn, Jake Dirden vs Brandon Barbwire for the Cape Championship Wrestling title and international superstar Ricochet, plus much more!! See you then!

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Battle Lines Drawn: Powers Under Fire From All Sides

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 7, 2016

By Patrick Brandmeyer
Photos Brian Kelley

Promoter Herb Simmons started the show by acknowledging the recent passings of Gypsy Joe and Muhammad Ali. Gypsy Joe was a bit before my time, but he had in-ring wars in his later years against such opponents as New Jack and Necro Butcher. Quite a few of the wilder rasslin stories in history involve the name of Gypsy Joe, to say the least. Herb also noted that it was the birthday of the late Bruiser Brody, segueing into the ten-bell salute.

“Your Canadian Hero” Sean Vincent vs. Britton Tucker: Tucker is not well-liked in East Carondelet; one female fan was particularly irate about Tucker’s mere presence and Tucker promised to take her out to Olive Garden after the show. Bwahahaha.




They had a solid opener and Vincent appeared to be on the verge of winning with his Mapleleaf Leglock, but “Unstable” Dave Vaughn entered the ring and blatantly attacked TUCKER…thus getting Vincent disqualified in 7:44. Har har. Afterwards, Vincent reaffirmed that Vaughn would not turn him back into a “villain” as he insisted he would.




“The Fury” Jason Vaughn vs. “The Incredible” Matt Kenway (Look At Him): We have two guys in SICW with the last name of Vaughn…cue the MARKET CONFUSION~! Kenway was substituting for Ax Allwardt(Vaughn’s scheduled opponent).


Vaughn’s two young children were in attendance and were VERY vocal in their support of their father. Kenway did a good job in the rulebreaking role and targeted Vaughn’s arm, but Vaughn made El Big Comeback and got the figure-four leglock out of nowhere for the submission in 6:08.

Bobby D vs. “Unstable” Dave Vaughn: Vaughn’s transition into Heath Ledger Joker continues with the similar hair and the eye makeup. Vaughn controlled most of the matchup, but had trouble putting D away and went for a chair.





That brought out Vincent to confiscate the weapon, leading to Bobby D getting the rollup pin on a distracted Vaughn in 5:14. Vaughn didn’t seem too upset about the loss, laughing about how Vincent’s interference proved that he truly was reverting to his old ways…more on this as it develops.



Flaming Freddie Fury vs. Purple Passion: WHEN EFFEMINATE MASKED WRESTLERS COLLIDE~! The fans in attendance had no idea what to make of this encounter, though I heard several people call out “This isn’t wrestling!”


The two ended up falling into 69 position on the ring apron and both were counted out in 5:43. The two literally left arm-in-arm.


“Dead Sexy” Daniel Gunner vs. Brandon Espinosa(w/ Travis Cook): . Travis started out by loudly complaining about the previous match, asking if Vince Russo had booked it. Espinosa followed suit, continuing his mindset that he’s above everyone else in the promotion by insulting several members of the locker room…that included his scheduled opponent for the evening.





This was a solid matchup with Gunner doing better than I would have expected. At any rate, Espy got the cross-armbreaker out of nowhere for the tapout in 7:18.

Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Bubba Troll(w/ Big Daddy): Hoffarth won last month’s Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal and Troll was the last man eliminated, so Troll obviously wanted some payback in this battle of super heavyweights. I jokingly throw around “#ClubbingForearms” at times like this, but it’s not like we’re gonna see a lucha-style match out of these guys. I’m often told that casual fans would rather see a “fight” than a “wrestling match”, at any rate.







In a slight surprise, Troll got the win after a splash off the second rope in 8:30…Drew tried to get a word with Hoffarth afterwards, but he wasn’t feeling up to an interview after BEING SPLASHED FROM THE SECOND ROPE BY A LARGE OPPONENT. Timing, Drew.




“Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One” Gary Jackson & “Ironman” Ken Kasa vs. “The Icon” Chris Hargas(w/ Travis Cook), “St. Louis Handicap Match”: Hargas & Espinosa defeated Kasa in this style of match in May, so Hargas wanted to prove that he could do what Kasa couldn’t. The match had a fifteen-minute limit and the tag team would win if the single wrestler couldn’t win a decision in that time frame. Kasa wanted to fight on his own and asked Gary to stay outside the ring…so the match was basically a singles bout with Gary doing his beset to thwart interference attempts by Travis Cook.




Travis was able to get involved enough that the referee was distracted after Kasa delivered the John Wu Dropkick…at that moment, Jackson chased Travis back to the dressing room area. Kasa locked on a version of the rear naked choke as the time limit ticked down, but Hargas didn’t tap out until RIGHT after the closing bell sounded at 15:00. Technically Jackson & Kasa won the match, but Kasa wanted a decisive victory…so the July show will feature a thirty-minute Ironman Match between Kasa and Hargas. Goodie.








Johnny Blade vs. “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas(w/ Travis Cook): Blade returned to the St. Louis area fairly recently after previously being a regular for both SICW and the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance. Kahagas won with a pumphandle Michinoku Driver in 5:54.




Ron Powers vs. Attila Khan for the Classic Title, Travis Cook Banned From Ringside: The past two months of Wrestling Explosion have attempted to compare this rivalry to Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah The Butcher, as Powers is a protege of the late Brody and Khan has a similar style to the “Madman From The Sudan”. This wasn’t a technical classic and wasn’t expected to be…Khan played that popular Memphis game of “Where Oh Where Could The Foreign Object Be?” Hey, it ticks off the fans and that’s what counts for a rulebreaker. Ron had control when the rulebreakers’ locker room essentially emptied on Khan’s behalf to cause the DQ in 3:53. It started with Bubba Troll, then continued with Brandon Espinosa, Chris Hargas, and Kahagas with Big Daddy attempting to direct traffic.




It took a while for the fan favorites’ locker room to get the memo, but finally Ken Kasa and Gary Jackson hit the ring to help. Once they brought chairs into the fray, the rulebreakers backed off…that wrapped up the show.

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Ron Powers Wins the Terry Funk Title Tournament to Once Again Become the Classic Wrestling Champion

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 14, 2016

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Photos By Brian Kelley

“Memories Of Elvis” star Steve Davis sang the National Anthem; after that, they had a ten-bell salute to Blackjack Mulligan and Balls Mahoney (R.I.P.).



Bobby D vs. Attila Khan(w/ Travis Cook): Travis gave a grand reintroduction to Khan, who hadn’t been seen in SICW since his cage match loss to Gary Jackson in December. Other than a brief flurry of offense by D (somersault plancha included), Khan dominated most of this opening bout. Khan pulled him up from a pin attempt after the inverted DDT, then hit the finisher a second time for the easy win in 3:02.


The dynamic duo of Terry Funk and Larry Matysik did a random draw to determine the first-round matches in the Funk Title Tournament; the winner would be guaranteed a shot at the Classic Wrestling Championship. The draw produced several interesting bouts.




Ron Powers vs. Big Jim Hoffarth, Terry Funk Title Tournament Quarterfinal: I didn’t expect a lot of technical wizardry in this one, but the two heavyweights did start the match with an exchange of holds. Of course, it quickly turned into a slugfest that culminated in two straight instances of simultaneous clotheslines. The power game was the deciding factor as Ron delivered a huge released German suplex for the win in 4:17; the two shook hands after the match. Given the tournament field, Powers seemed like the clear favorite to emerge victorious…but a few new wrinkles would surface in the big picture.





“Unstable” Dave Vaughn vs. Ax Allwardt(w/ Big Daddy), Terry Funk Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Big Daddy managed both men, so he entered on his own after both wrestlers made their way to the ring. Vaughn returned to wrestling as a member of Big Daddy’s new stable as the veteran manager returned to his rulebreaking ways; the group also includes Bubba Troll, who was absent on this night. Vaughn had said that Big Daddy got him out of an insane asylum; he had “SANE” written on his wrist tape, though his demeanor would indicate otherwise. Vaughn had only recently returned to action after a layoff of several years, so it may take some time for him to get back into prime ring shape. With a matchup of two rulebreakers, the fans weren’t too invested in the bout; Vaughn seemed to be the lesser of two evils in this case. Big Daddy loudly proclaimed that he didn’t care who won as he got the winner’s share of the purse money in either case; however, he distracted the referee after Vaughn hit his signature spear. That distraction enabled Ax to hit Vaughn with his chain behind the referee’s back, scoring the tainted win in 5:54. On the heels of Vaughn and Ax’s tag team loss in March and this outcome, Big Daddy fired Vaughn from his stable…but a YouTube video showed Vaughn attacking Sean Vincent later in the night, so that feud will continue. At any rate, Ax was set to face Ron Powers in the semifinals.




“The Fury” Jason Vaughn & “Dead Sexy” Daniel Gunner vs. Britton Tucker & Waco: In the tradition of Wrestling At The Chase, this tag match had two referees; Earl Hebner was the main referee and Jay King was on the floor. Vaughn and Tucker are newcomers to SICW; I first heard of Tucker from his days in World League Wrestling. Vaughn(market confusion~!) recently started with the promotion and I don’t know much about him. I would have expected the official’s roles to be reversed, but it was Hebner who was knocked down during the match’s closing moments. Vaughn small-packaged Tucker and Jay King entered the ring to count the fall in 8:40.




“Ironman” Ken Kasa vs. “The Icon” Chris Hargas(w/ Travis Cook), Terry Funk Title Tournament Quarterfinal: Kasa was booted from the Travis Cook Organization and it was his old friend Hargas who dished out the beating to accentuate that executive action. Kasa was looking for payback, but Hargas attacked him from behind as he was entering the ringside area. Hargas hit him across the back with a chair for the fun of it…and this happened before the opening bell, so it put Kasa at a several disadvantage. Kasa fought back and nearly won with a rear naked choke, but Travis reached through the ropes to rake Kasa’s eyes out of the referee’s line of sight. The fight repeatedly spilled out of the ring, finally resulting in a double countout in 7:12.




Promoter Herb Simmons interviewed the special guests for the evening: Terry Funk and Director Of Affairs Cowboy Bob Orton. Classic Champion Flash Flanagan entered the ring with some harsh words for the legends and said he had PLANNED to make a name for himself at their expense…but circumstances dictated otherwise as he has a torn rotator cuff. Flash admitted that he’s not cleared to compete and had to surrender the championship…he seemed to be in the process of a turn to fan favoritism in recent months, mostly through common enemies with the other “good guys” on the roster. Simmons, Funk, and Orton mutually agreed that the winner of the night’s tournament would earn the vacant championship…it seemed like the tourney winner would be next in line for the belt anyway.






“Your Canadian Hero” Sean Vincent vs. “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas(w/ Travis Cook), Terry Funk Title Tournament Quarterfinal: The winner of this match would get a bye to the finals due to the Kasa-Hargas double countout. Travis was on fire with his pre-match promo as Kahagas was his last horse in the race. While Vincent had a good run of momentum in the previous months, this seemed like a foregone conclusion as the former titleholder was driven to regain his gold. Kahagas got the win after a huge lariat in 6:22…and Vincent’s night got worse as he was attacked by Vaughn outside the building (as noted earlier).




Ron Powers vs. Ax Allwardt (w/ Big Daddy), Terry Funk Title Tournament Semifinal: Big Daddy’s distraction backfired this time as Powers gave Ax a taste of his own chain, notching the victory in 5:07 to go to the finals.






“Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One” Gary Jackson vs. “Volatile” Curtis Wylde(w/ Wyldefyre): This stemmed from Wylde wanting to rebound from his cage match loss to Sean Vincent in December, making a statement by attacking Jackson after his own cage match with Attila Khan. They caused each other’s eliminations in a six-man tag, then Wylde got suspended for attacking a referee during a singles bout between the two. Wylde bought a ticket to the March show and attacked Jackson AGAIN…Herb Simmons wanted to fire him outright, but Gary convinced him to let them settle things in the ring.

Wyldefyre put herself between Wylde and Jackson at the opening bell and was a constant nuisance for Gary…Wylde repeatedly used her as a human shield whenever Gary gave chase. The end came when Wyldefyre interjected herself AGAIN as Jackson was preparing to finish off her man. Gary avoided her slap attempt and picked her up to throw at Curtis Wylde, causing her to deliver an unintentional rana on Wylde! However, the referee made the unusual decision to call for the bell, disqualifying Jackson in 9:12 for using Wyldefyre as a weapon. The Wyldes celebrated their ill-begotten win while Gary confronted the referee over his thought process…that brought Herb Simmons into the situation.

Gary wanted one more shot at Wylde and Herb made it so for the May 21st show…with Wyldefyre locked in a cage to keep her out of things!


Ron Powers vs. “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas(w/ Travis Cook), Terry Funk Title Tournament Final: The tournament was originally to determine the next challenger to Flash Flanagan’s Classic Wrestling Championship, but Flanagan’s injury and forfeiture meant that the tournament winner would become the new titleholder.










It didn’t take long for this battle of heavy hitters to get out of hand…the two brawled out of the ring and all the way around the Community Center, whacking each other with chairs and other furniture. The referee allowed a lot of leeway with the stakes involved in the matchup, so they eventually made it back to the ring as the match continued. Seemingly out of nowhere, Powers hit the RKO for the win in 6:05 to become the NEWWWWW SICW Classic Wrestling Champion!



After the match, Flash Flanagan entered the ring…tension ensued, but he graciously handed the title belt over to Powers and then beat down Travis Cook with his kendo stick. That brought out the rest of Cook’s troops(Attila Khan and Chris Hargas), but Terry Funk and Cowboy Bob Orton hit the ring to help Powers fight them off! Once the dust settled, Herb proposed that Flash give the belt to the tournament’s namesake Funk; Funk then presented it properly to the new champion Ron Powers to close the show!




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