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By Hook Or By “Crook”, The Ironman Wins The Belt

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 27, 2013

By Patrick Brandmeyer

No more trophies…Ken Kasa is the official SICW Classic Wrestling Champion.

In the early years of his career, the wrestler known as Ian Storm had the support of the fans but never quite reached championship status. After a sabbatical from the ring wars, he decided a change was in order…and “Ironman” Ken Kasa made his re-debut in the spring of 2012.

Kasa wore a spiked “gas mask” to the ring and brought a new aggression to his wrestling style…and his performances caught the eye of several notable people on the local scene. One of those was manager Travis Cook, who had already recruited former protégé Dave Vaughn to his side…with Kasa added to the fold, the “Travis Cook Organization” had two tough contenders for whatever belt they targeted.

It didn’t take long for the bulls eye to land on SICW Classic Wrestling Champion Ricky Cruz. Over the course of Cruz’s year-plus reign as champion, many nights were spent dealing with the headaches provided by Cook’s stable AND his mouth. Despite the hardships, Cruz assembled an impressive streak as champion, prompting the fan chant of “Cruz Can’t Lose!”…Cook was dead-set on proving the fans wrong and it was last December when he seemingly achieved that goal.

In a tag match pitting Kasa and former champion Ron Powers against Cruz and Sean Vincent, Vincent was injured and Ricky was left in a two-on-one situation. Vincent gallantly tried to rejoin the battle but it was too late…Kasa took advantage of the situation and scored the shocking pinfall over the titleholder!

On the heels of that win, Kasa earned a title shot in January…Cook interfered several times in the bout and Kasa used several foreign objects to his advantage. In the end, Cruz hit Kasa with a chair that Kasa had brought into the ring…resulting in Kasa getting the win by disqualification(but not winning the title).

Despite the ever-present rule in wrestling that titles do NOT change hands on a DQ, Travis latched onto Kasa’s two wins over Cruz as proof that The Ironman was the “true” champion of SICW. He even presented an “engraved crystal trophy” to Kasa to commemorate his claim to the championship! With Cruz wrestling all over the country, he was absent from a few SICW shows and unable to immediately respond to Cook’s slated point of view.

The situation came to a head earlier this month. Travis Cook was irate about Cruz NOT defending his title against Ken Kasa on that night and vowed that his organization would “make a statement” that night. After Kasa & Vaughn defeated Gary Jackson & Shorty Biggs, The Big Texan joined the duo in dishing out a post-match beat down. Travis Cook brought out hair trimmers and threatened to shave Gary Jackson‘s head…and when Commissioner Keith Smith intervened, HE was assaulted and partially shaved!

 photo IMG_2588_zpsf9ca7ad2.jpg

The champion finally hit the ring to put an end to Cook’s actions, but that was just what Cook wanted. He forced the hand of both Cruz and promoter Herb Simmons by demanding that Kasa get the next title shot after Cruz’s defense against Ron Powers later in the night. Ricky was angry about Travis’ insults(he had claimed that Ricky and Savio Vega were “stealing hubcaps” down in Puerto Rico) and agreed to the terms…something that would come back to haunt him.

 photo IMG_2835_zpsd410e986.jpg

Ricky already had a tough task ahead of him in the form of Ron Powers. The previous titleholder tried to win through underhanded means, pulling special guest referee Danny Boy Hawkins in the way of Cruz’s superkick.

 photo IMG_2842_zps2822153a.jpg

Powers then delivered a low blow and piledriver, but Danny Boy called for the disqualification instead of counting a pin. At that point, Kasa and Cook re-entered the picture…they demanded their promised title shot right then and there. Cruz was bloody and hurt…but he was also ticked off and ready to shut Travis Cook’s mouth. Challenge accepted…the match was on.

 photo IMG_2846_zps9dd4baa1.jpg

Unfortunately, while both men had already wrestled that night, Kasa was in a tag match about an hour earlier while Cruz had just completed a tough title defense.

 photo IMG_2869_zpsf35d839b.jpg

Cruz took his frustrations out on Travis Cook…even shattering a hubcup over Cook’s head!

 photo IMG_2882_zpsc8fd6a24.jpg

However, the loss of focus proved to be his undoing as Kasa connected with his trademark flying dropkick, then locked on a cravate hold. Cruz struggled to escape the move but, risking serious injury, he finally had no choice but to tap out!

 photo IMG_2894_zpsb835a099.jpg

Question his methods, but the outcome was exactly what he and his manager wanted: The SICW Classic Wrestling Championship belt now resides around the waist of Ken Kasa. Of course, now that he’s the champion, the target is on The Ironman’s back…Ricky Cruz will want a rematch. Chris Hargas still has a score to settle with his former friend. How do Ron Powers and Flash Flanagan feel about Kasa jumping ahead of them in line? How does Dave Vaughn feel about his partner getting the glory that Cook had once promised him?

Those questions will be answered down the line…but for now, Kasa has the gold and he is the man to beat in Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling.

7/20/2013 SICW East Carondelet Illinois 823 State St East Carondelet. Il 62240 –$9 Doors at 7 PM; Bell Time at 8 PM

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MMWA-SICW Open Door tryouts rundown from Patrick Brandmeyer with photos from Mike Van Hoogstraat.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 29, 2010

Editors Note: Last week MMWA-SICW open their doors literly to all aspiring wrestlers to have the chance to work with the 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year.

MMWA-SICW has five shows in the works for September and in 2010 fans have had the pleasure to see Donovan Ruddick, Brandon Espinosa, Ace Hawkins, Mark Sterling and most recently Mephisto make their way to the promotion.

I am sad to say that I was unable to attend due to prior commitments but I knew that MWR fans would have a great look into the happenings of this historic event thanks to Pro Wrestling expert Patrick Brandmeyer being able to attend as well as MWR Photographer Mike Van Hoogstraat.

I now give you Patrick and Mike with the rundown on the Open door tryouts.

Which one of these aspiring wrestlers and personalities will make a mark in the future at MMWA-SICW?(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

I’ve been fortunate to get fairly close to the local wrestling scene…case in point, being invited by Tim Miller to the MMWA-SICW tryout in East Carondelet this past Thursday. Saw several familiar faces in attendance as well as some Broadway trainees and some out-of-towners.

Some of the familiar faces for MWR fans and new one lined up to speak to Keith Smith, Tim Miller and Jim Harris (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The main Broadway representatives were Tim himself, Keith Smith, and referee Jim Harris. They laid out what Broadway has to offer: Exposure in a great wrestling market in front of good audiences, as well as T.V. time(via their local-access program) and a decent payday. Broadway is stepping up their schedule in a major way in September, so the roster will be expanding in the near future…September has the usual shows at South Broadway and East Carondelet as well as their debut in Hillsdale, MO and a return to Fairmont City. The injured A.J. Williams was also in attendance as well as Ace Hawkins.

They had one interviewer/commentator tryout named Ben Simon who did a fine job and will apparently be at their East Carondelet show this weekend.

Blake Steel is one of the best promo men in the sport today, it was no surprise that he was dead on in showing his skills.(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Ben Simon was impressive in his effort to win a spot as a professional announcer, here he gets words from Ian Storm (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Kurt Styles lets the MMWA-SICW know who is. (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Rick Stone and Ben Simon looks to have a heated conversation.(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

New faces try their hands on the mic.(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Tim Miller assist the new comers with their promos, with advice and pointers.(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Keith asked why I didn’t try out for that spot…and I didn’t really have a good answer for him. Haven’t gotten behind that particular microphone since the GCW days and wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime!

Those in attendance got a chance to prove themselves behind a microphone and also in the ring. The trainees practiced in the ring with Johnny Courageous while those with more experience under their belt had full-fledged matches with the likes of Courageous, Brandon Espinosa, and Sean Vincent.

Former MMWA-SICW manager The Magic Man is always entertaining and I have him hoping for his return to the promotion for some time now. (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The Magic Man was in the house and did a classic promo to kick things off…

Was good to see former GCW competitor Ian Storm in the house as well as Springfield IL’s Blake Steel.

Former GCW wrestler Ian Storm gets the upperhand on one of the Midwest top Wrestlers Brandon Espinosa while Ref Eric Davis looks on. (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Not so fast Storm, what you dish out the talented Espinosa will give you that and more. (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Is Eric Allen the best wrestler in Illinois? That is what he will tell you.(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Sean Vincent catches Allen and lets him know about it. (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Could moments like this lead to a big feud at MMWA-SICW in the future? My money is on the fact that Steel will not forget Espinosa actions during the tryout.(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Also saw a couple of guys who have flown under the local radar to some extent, Kurt Styles and Rick Stone. One of the more decorated local grapplers was in the house as Eric Allen sought to add another notch to his resume.

A group from Jefferson City arrived later in the tryout…some did better than others.
Espinosa was quick to let one of them know about an early mistake in their practice matchup.

New faces try their hand at the very difficult skill of wrestling.(Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Critiques followed each matchup in the hopes that each wrestler would learn and work to improve. Vincent had a good short sprint with one of the Jeff City upstarts who went by “Bill Murray”(no relation).

Keith Smith and Herb Simmons have seen it all in their many years in the business, they watch the proceedings with a close eye for future talent. (Photo credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

I’m always open to a learning experience and I feel like I’ve learned more in the past few years of wrestling viewing than at any other time in my nineteen(!) years of following the industry. I have all the respect in the world for anyone who steps in a wrestling ring because I couldn’t do what they do. I don’t think lack of in-ring experience disqualifies a person completely from having an opinion about wrestling…though I suppose I would respect the opinion of a wrestler over a non-wrestler.

Look for recaps from both of the shows that MMWA-SICW had in August in the near future at MWR.

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