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Jake Dirden Defeats Blake Edward Belakis for the Proving Ground Championship for the Second Time- Frank Wyatt is Up Next

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 4, 2015

 photo j1_zpsxdknacmm.jpg

Photo coutesy of Raeanne Pemberton

 photo j2_zps4lqah5zg.jpg

Photo coutesy of Raeanne Pemberton

 photo 12274487_547837492030701_3849809325406711623_n_zpskdqccp9o.jpg

Dirden vs Wyatt for Franchise Title at MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET

“Dirdey” Jake Dirden is the first 2 time PGP Franchise champion, his second title reign kicks off with a monstrous challenge. The massive Frank Wyatt on December 19th. Like storm fronts colliding, Dirden and Wyatt are a looming natural disaster waiting to descend on the Lawford Theater(225 W Main, Havana,IL) at MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET. Dirden spent almost a full year chasing former champ “Bad Wolf” Blake Belakis, now that he has the prize in his hands Jake is determined not to let it go any time soon. Easier said than done in the PGP, Frank Wyatt is huge, powerful, battle tested, well versed in the Proving Ground(“One Man Riot: Frank Wyatt in singles, Drunken Vikings as tag and Viking War Party in trios) and well used to winning titles (current Zero 1 heavyweight champ), trust me when I say this will be ONE HELL OF A FIGHT!!! Jake Dirden has never been better, gaining strength and experience on his climb up the indy mountain with his Aziatic Spike becoming one of the most feared finishers in the business. Frank Wyatt is flat out tough to stop, bringing all the destruction and mayhem that a “One Man Riot” would suggest and pummeling opponents into submission on a regular basis. This battle of gargantuan proportion takes center stage in the eye of the most furious storm of the winter, the double damn awesome spectacular MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET!!!
MIRACLE OF MAIN STREET is locked and loaded, 7 matches of pure indy gold…This card is seriously freakin’ amazing, a true holiday treat of adrenaline fueled deluxe wrestling action, let’s take a look.. PGP Tag Team champs, Team IOU(Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) put the titles on the line against Alpha Class(Danny Adams and Paco Gonzalez) in a full tilt championship spectacular…Justice Jones battles Big Gator when giants collide inside the ring….Craig Mitchell versus Johnny Wisdom in rising star indy gold action…Classic Tag Team warfare with The Academic Standard(Mason Conrad IV and G.P.A.) meeting The Curse(Fire Lord Draconis and Ovirload)…Krotch takes on Randy Ray (with the massive Bull Bronson in his corner) in a highly anticipated singles match up…Buckley Tournament qualifier has last years winner “Bad Wolf” Blake Edward Belakis taking on Mallaki Matthews for a coveted spot in the 2nd annual Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament….AND NOW we add a Franchise Title match featuring champion “Dirdey” Jake Dirden versus the massive “One Man Riot” Frank Wyatt…Holy Cow, this is one sweet indy show to round out a great 2015 for Proving Ground Pro!!! There’s enough indy gems on this show to cover a rap stars wrist watch, MAKE PLANS RIGHT DAMN NOW!!!

This can’t miss night of independent professional wrestling happens December 19th (Saturday) at the historic Lawford Theater (225 W Main, Havana,IL) with the doors opening at 6:30pm and the MIRACLE starting at 7pm. Whether you’re buying as a gift or working it into that holiday budget, you won’t find more entertainment value for your dollar than MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET, only $12 adult and $7 kids gets you every bit of the action….Keep that cost to a bare minimum with the supercharged advance ticket value of $10 adult and $5 kids available in Havana (Grandpa’s Diner, Lawford Theater) or Petersburg (Huebner Tire, Styles & More) or message us here on Facebook and we’ll hook you up!!! There’s no good reason not to see you at MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET!!!

You don’t have to sign a binding contract to be part of the PGP family, we value everyone that takes the time to…..ENTER THE PROVING GROUND!!!

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David Wilson Interviews the Viking War Party

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 30, 2015

 photo 10931524_879757562076512_8820526792718680396_n_zpsfkrrfa8v.jpg

Please take the time to enjoy this interview from David Wilson with two men (Rudolph and Parnell) of a trio featuring the hottest tag teams in the country today, the Viking War Party. The VWP consist of former MWR Future Star recipient “The American Viking” Alexander Rudolph, “The Gordiest Viking” Frank Wyatt and “The Littlest Viking” Jake Parnell. Though they are men on little words their path of destruction has left bodies bloodied and battered in the past two years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

DW – Thanks for taking the time to do this.

VWP – Thanks for having us.

DW – How long have you guys been wrestling?

JP – A little less than 3 years.

 photo 000_zps1vi9iypn.jpg

AR– Around 7 years.

DW– How long have you guys been a tag team?

VWP – For about 2 years.

DW- What inspired you guys to get into wrestling?

 photo 00000_zpsvrjhsfrs.jpg

JP– Ever since I was little and seeing a Hulk Hogan DVD.

AR– I have always wanted to be a wrestler.

DW – How did you guys come up with the name The Viking War Party?

VWP – Frank Wyatt was the one that came up with it.

 photo a5-1_zpsltsdk7tz.jpg

Jake Parnell may very well be the smallest of the three, but he has shown that he can take a beating as well as dish them out.

DW- I now Frank Wyatt is the 3rd member, are there any other members of VWP?

VWP– Just the 3 of us are the actual members, there have been some fill ins but it’s just us 3.

DW– In my opinion, I think you guys need a manager, any thoughts of a female Viking member?

VWP– A manager no, but we have always wanted a female member but it’s hard to find one that fits and willing to travel.

DW– How many titles have you guys held?

VWP – We have held 3, but there are many more to come.

 photo 000000_zpss4wvuaey.jpg

DW– This question is for Alex, What made you decide to wrestle without boots?

AR– I was wrestling at a show one night and I lost my boots, I decided to wrestle barefoot, and I actually preferred it better.

DW– What was it like to wrestle at The Gathering Of The Juggalos?

VWP– It was Badass, We wrestled Zack Gowan and Gregory Iron as well as being on stage with the one and only Waka Flaka Flame.

DW– With no disrespect to any Indy promotion which is your favorite one to work?

VWP– We have several, there is Anarchy, SWP in Sacramento CA, MGX, Fighting Spirit in New York and Jersey All Pro, to name a few.

DW– What can we expect from VWP for the rest of 2015?

VWP– More rape and murder and Butt Stuff…… Mostly Butt Stuff.

 photo ppppp_zpso4dpbxne.jpg

The Viking War Party take on the Troy Athletic Club in Alton Illinois this Sunday !

DW– What can we expect from VWP in 2016?

VWP– More traveling and trying to get into bigger shows, and …….. more Butt Stuff

DW– Thank You guys again for taking the time to do this.

VWP- Your welcome, anytime.

 photo 12308523_10153966208432638_8953900746212691727_n_zpssybpkg4f.jpg

Get your VWP T-shirt now at http://www.fullygimmicked.com/…
Jake Parnell’s photo.

Viking War Party conquest.

UWC Online Championship- Frank Wyatt

Zero-1USA Tag Team Championship- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell

Zero-1USA Heavyweight Championship- Frank Wyatt

CCW Tag Team Championship- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell

CCW Tag Team Of The Year- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell

CCW Holy Sh!t Moment of the Year 2014- Jake Parnell Balcony Dive

Nose Bleed Seats 2014 Feud of the Year- Frank Wyatt Vs Harker Dirge

SNPW Tag Team Championship- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell 2X

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SICW Wrestling Explosion Shorty Biggs ,Matt Cage, Frank Wyatt, Jim Hoffarth Plus Classic Kerry Von Erich

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 22, 2014


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SICW Wrestling Explosion w/ Hillbilly Jim + Daniel Eads, Chaz Wesson and Bobby D vs. Ax Allwardt, Frank Wyatt and the Joker

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 19, 2014


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Beyond Wrestling debuts in the MWR Coverage area

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 30, 2013

 photo Beyond_zps2ddfafd8.jpg

By Brian Kelley

Missouri Wresting Revival.com was on hand to witness the first ever Beyond Wrestling tapings in the MWR Coverage area in St. Louis at the Dynamo Pro Gym . Beyond Wrestling is an innovated approach to the world of pro wrestling that had become the rave among many fans around the world. The exciting card featured many of the top young wrestling talents in the Midwest including the Zero 1 USA Champion Jonathan Gresham, Ring of Honor Superstar Michael Elgin, Devin and Mason Cutter otherwise known as the Hooligans, Evan Gelistico ,Jake Dirden, Alexander Rudolph , Christian Rose, Davey Vega, Jake Parnell, Bolt Brady, JoJo Bravo, Dave Vaughn, Ricky Starks, Blake Steel, Brandon Gallagher, Jeff O’Shea as well as one of the gutsiest matches I had ever seen by a women wrestler when Heidi Lovelace went to a war with Tripp Cassidy in a match that you will have to see to believe.

As soon as the matches come to youtube we will be sure to give you the information on how you can get a copy, till then let’s take a quick look at what Beyond Wrestling is and some action photos of this historic night.

Beyond sports. Beyond entertainment. Beyond Wrestling.

The concept behind Beyond Wrestling is very simple – wrestlers wrestling for wrestlers. Beyond Wrestling is not a wrestling promotion; at least not in the typical sense. Live events are closed to the public, creating an atmosphere impossible to replicate. The goal of Beyond Wrestling is to foster competition amongst those who value self-expression, craftsmanship, and camaraderie more than popularity, financial stability, and tradition. For a professional wrestler, Beyond Wrestling is the platform on which to make the ultimate artistic expression.

“Look, Ma. No fans!”

The progressive presentation of Beyond Wrestling – where fans are prohibited from attending the experimental live events – has attracted rookies from across the globe. Without a locker room, every wrestler remains ringside to dissect each contest. This creates an unprecedented atmosphere encouraging growth and reinforcing the spirit of competition. All of the combatants are forced to perform to the best of their ability in order to win the contest as well as the support of their toughest critics – other wrestlers.

Block A

 photo Hooligans1_zps87f40e87.jpg

 photo Hooligans3_zpsd0ee9f8b.jpg

 photo HOOLIGANS2_zps7af4913d.jpg

Hooligans def Alexander Rudolph & Jake Parnell (x) by Hooligan Driver

 photo h4_zps0867dea9.jpg

Christian Rose def Zakk Sawyers by elevated boston crab

 photo h9_zps98e7b4b0.jpg

 photo h10_zps425c488e.jpg

Daywalkers def Reed Bentley & Trik Davis(x) via Once Bitten

 photo H5_zpsa54e934b.jpg

 photo h7_zpsa5a705f5.jpg

 photo h8_zps0742ec54.jpg

 photo h6_zps072b3c6b.jpg

Michael Elgin def Jon Gresham by buckle bomb into rotating wild bomb

Block B

 photo H12_zpsf6049921.jpg

 photo h13_zpsdb0853a9.jpg

 photo h14_zps5e111547.jpg

 photo h14_zps4429ce3b.jpg

Alex Castle def Zakk Sawyers, Blake Steel,Trik Davis, Jeff O’Shea & Malakai(x) via running knee.

 photo h11_zps557ed10f.jpg

Evan Gelistico def Alexandre Rudolph by low blow into bridging pin

 photo h15_zps9b570dba.jpg

 photo h16_zps7be0d581.jpg

Dave Vaughn def Jake Parnell by Top Rope Belly to Belly suplex

 photo h18_zps2c2b6d24.jpg

 photo h19_zps06da206a.jpg

 photo h17_zps0115f0fb.jpg

 photo H21_zps35f72ec9.jpg

 photo h20_zps006948f1.jpg

Tripp Cassidy def Heidi Lovelace via crucifix pin

 photo h22_zps59b2e751.jpg

 photo h23_zps26411514.jpg

 photo h24_zpsb6b34bc0.jpg

Hooligans def Davey Vega(x) & Jon Gresham by Hooligan Driver

Block C

 photo H25_zpsd9cfcdc4.jpg

 photo H26_zpsb9869211.jpg

 photo H27_zps7581f0f0.jpg

Tripp Cassidy(o), Ace Perry & Dale Patricks def Brandon Gallagher, Frank Wyatt & Josh Crane(x) via Don’t be a Hero kick

 photo H28_zpsdee9c41c.jpg

 photo H29_zps86b058cf.jpg

Jake Dirden def Ricky Starks by Asiatic Spike

 photo H32_zpsa7677dad.jpg

 photo h30_zpsac3585ef.jpg

 photo H31_zps13f0a065.jpg

Team IOU def JoJo Bravo & Bolt Brady via double pin after running dropkick senton into seated mule kick.

 photo H34_zps6242f0ff.jpg

 photo H33_zpsd984b472.jpg

 photo H35_zpsf58afd6a.jpg

 photo h36_zps27e6676e.jpg

Jon Gresham def Matt Cage by seated running forearm

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Proving Ground Pro Wrestling July 20, 2013 Michael Elgin, Prince Mustafa Ali, The Hooligans, Blake Steel

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 18, 2013

 photo ProvingGroundPro_FightingSpirit_Poster_zps52ae4279.jpg

Prince Mustafa Ali(w/ Rinaldo Piven) vs Michael Elgin for PGP Franchise title
Blake Steel vs Ruff Crossing in a Bullrope match for the PGP Cutting Edge title
Hooligans vs Zero Gravity for PGP tag titles

…..also signed for 7/20..Jake Dirden, Grin, Great Akuma, Jun Hado, Austin Mannix, Machine, Tony Kozina, Frank Wyatt, Perry Winkle, Randy Ray, Justice Jones

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