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Scott Hall comes to St Louis April 30th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 14, 2011


415 N Long St
Caseyville, IL 62232-1019

St Louis fans one of the original NWO members, Scott Hall will be in St Louis for a wrestling spectacular that you will not want to miss on April 30th.

Scott Hall has been a former AWA Tag Team Champion with Curt Hennig, and then exploded at the WWE as Razor Ramon. As Razor Ramon he would be a prominent figure during the Attitude era.

He would go on to defeat Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania in a Ladder match, in what many still consider the standard for that type of match to this day.

During the Monday Wars it would be Scott Hall who would invade WCW along with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan as the NWO changing wrestling as the world knew it.

Since then you have seen him at TNA Wrestling, Juggalo Championship Wrestling and host of the his very own internet show  Last Call with Scott Hall .

You will not want to miss a true rebel of Pro Wrestling on April 30th .


The Midwest Sweetheart Santana G making her way back home from thrilling fans in Flordia. One of the most popular young wrestlers in Florida she has been improving with each match while taking on many of the best in the sport including Becky Bayless(Cookie on TNA) MsChif, Roxxie Lottalove, and Jessika Haze.

Fans of the big men will love the massive monster known as Rick Fuller. Fuller has been in the ring with Hulk Hogan, Booker T and Jeff Jarrett.

A man who defies gravity is the man Jonathan Gresham. Gresham is one of the most exciting young stars in the game today. Recently seen on Ring Of Honor on DirectTV on HDNet.

The bad boys of the Midwest the Kansas City Killers will be in the house as Mark Sterling and Jeremy Wyatt are always worth the price of admission.

St Louis’s own The Lumberjacks Abe and Gabe have been looking for someone to step up for some time now. Who will be that team to take on one of the most decorated tag teams in ST Louis’s history ?

Brandon Espinosa has impressed the fans from city to city and will look to pick up a huge win at VFW Pro Wrestling Showcase.

Dave Vaughn “The wrestling machine” had a great 2010 and been heating up in 2011. Vaughn will be in action with his no nonsense

The powerhouse known as Nation will be coming to St Louis. Trained by former WWE Superstar MR Hughes, you will not want to miss Nation tear it up on April 30th.

Wrestling fans this event is shaping up to be a great one, Mark your calendar to meet one of the best ever in Scott Hall along with the top young stars of the Midwest on April 30th.

More to be announced.
Card Subject to change

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MWR interview with WLW Ladies Champion Amy Hennig

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 6, 2010

The WLW Ladies Champion Amy Hennig is always friendly with her fans during intermission. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

Amy Hennig

Height: 5’5

Weight: 130

Hometown: Champlin, Minnesota

Trained by: Harley Race

Debut: March 26 2008

Finisher: Whatever it takes to get the win

Brian Kelley –I am with 3rd generation wrestler and current WLW Superstar Amy Hennig. Amy’s grandfather was Larry “The AX’ Hennig, her father AWA World Champion and WWE legend the late great “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

While I was at the Dan Gable International Wrestling institute and Museum in 2006, your grandfather Larry was being inducted. It was heartwarming to see so many of the Hennig family so happy and supportive of each other. What advice has your grandfather given to you prior to your first match?

Amy Hennig -The Hennig family as a whole is all about respect and family pride. My Grandfather Larry Hennig was nothing but supportive of me leading up to my debut match. We had a conversation prior to the match which almost brought tears to both of our eyes. He told me to represent myself and my family name to the fullest and that it meant so much that I was carrying on the Hennig family legacy. He gave me a reassuring hug and told me simply to do as I was trained.

Brian Kelley -You have trained at Harley Race’s Wrestling Academy, describe a days training for a female in a male dominate sport.

Amy Hennig -Get knocked down, get right back up and always ask for more. I honestly feel very blessed to work with the guys. They hit me harder than any woman ever could; they’ve never taken it easy on me because they know I can handle it, that’s made me strong. In addition to that they’re all like my brothers and the respect we have for each other runs deep.

Brian Kelley -Was there ever a moment while taking bumps that you had second thoughts about being a wrestler?

Amy Hennig -Never. I’ve always been resilient. I’ve sustained my fair share of injuries and I’ve worked through them. For me it’s been a lot about not only being physically strong, but mentally tough. Regrets are nonexistent.

With the classic Hennig stare, Amy gets in the head of many of opponents. (Photo Credit Bill Smith)

Brian Kelley -After stepping in the ring for the first time till now, what has surprised you most about being in an actual match?

Amy Hennig -My training has prepared me to handle myself when performing during a match. If there was a surprise at all, it was the energy I feel from the crowd. It is so powerful to see a group full of strangers get so emotionally invested in me pouring my heart and soul into what I do. The appreciation I have for this is beyond words.

Hennig showed she can take a punch from the "The Worlds Strongest Woman" (Becca Swanson) at WLW’S 10 year anniversary show. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brian Kelley -On July 26 in Eldon Mo last year you wrestled your first match against WLW ladies Champion Stacey O’Brien. I am sure you will be asked this many times in your life, what were your memories of that match?

Amy Hennig -I definitely had my work cut out for me. I was only a few months into training. I just did as I was trained and performed at the highest level I could. It was a big accomplishment for me, a day I’ll never forget.

Amy Hennig shows just how nasty she can be in the ring by taunting Santana G’s tag team partners Eathon Wright and Ryan Drago. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brian Kelley -What is your favorite thing about being pro wrestler?

Amy Hennig -Wrestling for Harley Race, the majority of the shows we do are for some sort of charity. This is something that is very important to me. Anything I can do to give back to the fans or someone in need means the world to me. Also, the pride I feel for my family. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my father Curt Hennig. Although he can’t be with me physically, he’s very much in my heart and with me in spirit. I know for a fact he’s proud of what I do.

Champions unite…WLW Tag Team Champion Mark Sterling, WLW Ladies Champion Amy Hennig and Sterlings partner “Superstar” Steve Fender. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brian Kelley -What would you like me to say to the wrestling fans?

Amy Hennig -I want people to know that I have paid a lot of dues and made a lot of sacrifices. I don’t feel the need to go on and on in this interview, trying to prove myself or put myself over to everyone. I want my work to speak for it’s self. I believe in myself and I love what I do.

Amy I wish you the best in your future endeavors and want to thank you for taking the time to sit and talk with MWR.

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Santana G’s Missouri Wrestling Revival Card debuts at WrestlingTradingCards.coms front page

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 27, 2010

World League Wrestling fans can vouch that Santana G can win the hearts of fans in just one glance.  Santana G not only threw out the MWR T-SHIRT to two lucky fans she debuted the Santana G MWR Trading card.  Yes that is right she has her very own trading card and for a sneak peak all you have to do is go to our friends at Wrestling Trading Cards.com as she is featured along with the MWR Cards on the front page along with the top women in the sport of MsChif.

This weekend she went toe to toe with WLW Ladies Champion Amy Hennig on Friday and Saturday nights and giving Amy Hennig an opponent that could be her rival for years to come. Ric Flair had Harley Race, Ricky  Steamboat and Sting. Amy’s dad the  great  Curt Hennig  had Bret Hart, Nick Bockwinkel and  Shawn Michaels

Now we all can look forward to Amy Hennig vs. Santana G. Two beauties that take the sport seriously and will make the Midwest wrestling proud. Add in matches with MsChif and the possibility of the return of the 2008 MWR Women’s wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien in the fall and it could be a four way race for dominance in the women’s division in 2010.

Look for the full MWR write up debut of Santana G’s card in the future but why wait to see it when you can get a sneak peak at Wrestlingtradingcards.com.

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10 Questions for the All American Pro Wrestling Champion Shawn Shultz

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 1, 2009

All American Pro Wrestling Champion Shawn Shultz

Years Wrestling: 9
Trained by: Scott Bishop originally
First match: Vs. Brian Nelson
Finishing maneuver:DDT

Date, place and who you beat to become AAPW Champ: Shane Rich May 9, 2009 at Powerhouse Athletics in Mt. Vernon IL.

In this installment I am joined with one of the best kept secrets in the MWR Coverage area. The All American Pro Wrestling Champion: Shawn Shultz.


(Photo courtesy of Shawn Shultz Myspace page)

Brian Kelley:
Shawn I know that you are one of the most booked wrestlers in wrestling, so thank you for taking the time to answer 10 Questions with the Champ.

Brian Kelley:
1) We just asked the fans who they felt were the most exciting Champion in the MWR coverage area. Unfortunately with you being so active down in the south and with Ring of Honor your exposure has been limited since you defeated Shane Rich for the AAPW title. You are one of the most hated but talented wrestlers today but very few in our area know this. What do you have to say to the fans who are unaware of the name Shawn Shultz ?

Shawn Shultz:
If you haven’t been able to come out and see me action come out and see any of the AAPW shows I’m on or any show I’m on,i love feed back from people and i love hearing the feed back from fans that have just seen me for the first time, that is always exciting for me!

Brian Kelley:
2) You are nicknamed “ The Modern Day Viking” where does that come from?

Shawn Shultz:
Lol actually Tony Lucassio has been a good friend of mine even before he started managing me and he loves the Nat Geo Channel and he was watching a special on vikings and the show said vikings trained everyday to be the best fighters and they went from town to town taking over… so he called me and said “hey man you are like a modern day viking” lol


Brian Kelley:
You have been fortunate to have been surrounded by talented people in your career. People like Bert Prentice, Chris Michaels, Chase Stevens and none other than Tracy Smothers. What advice from any of these individuals comes to mind that have helped you come as far as you have?

Shawn Shultz:
Wow what a question!!!! Man the advice i have gotten from these guys would take me forever to tell all of it, but what comes to mind is once when i started getting a bit of an ego tracy told me “you see all the same people on your way up that you see on your way down so careful how you treat people!” Tracy is a gift given to wrestling that I wish more guys in the business had the honor of being around! Chris Michaels showed me how to make a match beautiful and look effortless.Chase showed me how to party. Bert, wow talk about a guy that knows every aspect of the business, if you can sit back and just listen to Bert talk sometimes you can learn so much and you can understand how he has lasted so long in this business!

Brian Kelley:
4) Many a time wrestlers are asked who their favorite wrestle growing up was. Often the answer will be the Icon Sting; you had the opportunity to be in a movie on the life of Sting. What was that experience like and who were the people you look up too before you got into the sport?

Shawn Shultz:
Man, i have to be honest i was never a huge sting fan growing up, but i became one after being in the movie because the guy was so kind and respectful to everyone in it and he is one of the guys that makes you feel like you around a star just because he seems larger than life. My favorites growing up were Curt Hennig, Brian Pillman, Dean Malenko, and Jerry Lynn.

Brian Kelley:
On April 25th in Nashville Illinois you went toe for toe with then AAPW Champion Shane Rich and lost in a controversial finish where you claimed to have grabbed the bottom ropes before the three count. On May 9th in a rematch in Mt Vernon Illinois you defeated Shane Rich for the title and have since beat him in a second time. Rich is one of the most talented wrestlers in the Midwest how were you able to get the edge on the Serial Thriller?

Shawn Shultz:
One word, experience! You are right though Shane Rich is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met in wrestling and he is a great example of the talent that is in the Midwest area.


He's that good.(Photo courtesy of Shawn Shultz Myspace page)

Brian Kelley:
Belts are in jeopardy when you enter a promotion. Shortly after claiming the AAPW title you went to NWA Dynamo Wrestling in Kansas on May 23rd to defend your NWA Mid America TV title against Shorty Biggs and Jeremy Wyatt (A man who also has a mean streak) Wyatt earlier in the year had a classic match at AAPW against the then Champ Shane Rich and came up very close to holding the title that you now own. Wyatt is known as “The Belt Collector” and felt that he had added another one to his record when he pinned Shorty Biggs to win the match. The problem was he had to pin you for the title. A match between you two could be a surefire classic. Who have been some of your favorite battles in your career?

Shawn Shultz:
Real fast NWA Dynamo is great show and they treated me great there and i would love to take one of “The Belt Collector”‘s Belts. My favorite matches were in the NWA Rocky Top(Knoxville, TN) days against one of Ricky Morton‘s trainees name Brad Thomas! Brad is one of the most talented guys I’ve ever been in the ring with and it seems like we were really doing something every time we were in the ring together. Also I had one of my favorite matches with Joey Mathews(Mercury from the WWE) at the fairgrounds in Nashville, TN. Joey is on a level all is own and he brought me to my next level in that one match! Jerry Lynn and I tear it up every time we are in the ring together!

Brad Thomas

Shultz headlocks Brad Thomas (Photo courtesy of Shawn Shultz Myspace page)

Brian Kelley:
7) Your hard work and perseverance has allowed you to be blessed with training at former WWE developmental company Deep South Wrestling under the tutelages of Bill Demont for your first two stints and old friend DR Tom Pritchard in your final visit. What were the differences in the philosophy of these two wrestling minds?

Shawn Shultz:
Oh man, honestly I think Dr. Tom maybe one of the best teachers in the world and he helped me a lot before he went to deep south because we were together a lot in the Indy’s but he has a great way of teaching and he is the man who taught me that if i feel it is correct and i make it look correct, everyone else with think it is correct as well! Tom helped me more than I think he realized because I actually listened. When it comes to Bill you are talking about a guy that loves this business soooo much and it shines through every time you talk to him! Bill was big on being in great ring shape and even though I wasn’t there for the weekly training days I heard everyone talk about the killer cardio! I want to thank Bill and Tom for all the help!


Brian Kelley:
Former Ring of Honor Champion Jerry Lynn, Bobby Eaton and Ricky Morton have also had a hand in your training. With your education of so many greats in the sport I noticed on your website Shawnshultzweebly.com you stated that you will be starting training serious, passionate, and hard working wrestlers. On the site I was impressed of this statement “training consist of learning the basics until you believe that they are ready to have a match. You will also take the responsibility of getting you your first 5 bookings so he can make sure everything is handled correctly” Shawn, In the ring you are hated but no one can deny the hard work that you put in the squared circle and training regimen. I am asked many times at shows and via e-mail from young men and women asking where to get training?. Why is it important to get proper training from the start?

Shawn Shultz:
Unfortunately, it is really easy to get into wrestling right now and a lot of guys don’t care if they train people well or get trained well. My thing is every time I’m in the ring with someone that has done it in this business or just talking to a legend I am still training and learning. The object of pro wrestling is to make money and if you aren’t trained correctly and really don’t know the what and how and when and where or wrestling you will never be taken seriously enough to make money!

Brian Kelley:
You are managed by Tony Lucassio who brags on having a 500lb attitude to go along with his 90lb big mouth! The two of you have traveled around the United States and now bring to the net a very interesting Internet TV Show staring the two of you called the SHULTZ AND LUCASSIO SHOW. What can fans come to expect on the site?

Shawn Shultz:
To be entertained and laugh! Tony and I love being on the road and we love all the crazy characters that are in the Indy’s so we just wanted to share that with the world!

Brian Kelley:
This past October in Nashville Illinois you defended your AAPW Championship against the ultra popular and red hot Curly. Curly and you are like night and day in style which seemed to cause you problems at first but in the end you would deliver a vicious DDT for the win. MWR Fans will not have to wait long to get to see you in action when you return December 5th at All American Pro Wrestling. To take Edmund “LIVEWIRE McGuire who won 3 matches in a tournament in West Frankfort, IL. On Saturday October 24th. He defeated Carnage, “Playboy” Paul Rose, and Mike Masters to wina shot for your title. The ever popular McGuire is on a roll. Any thing you want to say to the #1 contender for your title?

Shawn Shultz:
Wait, what? Its McGuire?? I didn’t hear of this! That can’t be right!!! I gotta call AAPW!!


To find out more about AAPW click here.

To book Shawn Shultz and Tony Lucassio click here.

Want more of Shawn Shultz check out his website here.

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Amy Hennig’s Pro Wrestling Debut

Posted by Admin on August 24, 2008

So Close to Doing the Impossible
Amy Hennig’s Pro Wrestling Debut and WLW Results

by Joshua Ray

You would think that a guy who lives an hour away from World League Wrestling in Eldon, MO would make it to a WLW show more often, but alas that hasn’t been the case. After attending my first Eldon WLW show on July 26, 2008, that is definitely changing.

WLW presented a great show at the Eldon Community Center, right next to the old Harley Race Wrestling Academy, on July 26, 2008. The crowd was loud (more on that later) and the wrestlers gave it their all. You can’t ask for anything more!

Earlier in the day I had the opportunity to sit with my good friend Brian “Flair” Kelley and his girlfriend at the Eager Beaver in Eldon as we waited for Eugene to arrive for an autograph signing. My wife accompanied me to Eldon that day, and the four of us had a great visit. I’ll tell you right now, the burgers at the Eager Beaver were pretty good.

Another enjoyable part of the time at the Eager Beaver was getting to chat with Harley and BJ Race for fifteen or twenty minutes about wrestling. I first talked to the Race family in April in my hometown of Lebanon, MO and even though it was a great event and I had a good talk with BJ, I was worried that I might have made a bad impression on Harley. Before writing this, only my wife really knew about that fact. I was very impressed with Harley Race and his genuinely kind and humble personality. I was just concerned about I came off. Everyday is a learning experience and you should always strive to learn from your mistakes, but life is too short to learn exclusively from your own mistakes and I definitely didn’t want April’s interactions with him to be on that list of mistakes I was forced to learn from.

My concerns were put to rest when I chatted with both about WLW’s upcoming training camp with Pro Wrestling NOAH September 15th through the 18th as well as wrestlers that I thought they should keep their eye on. My opinion is worth the same as sand is in Iraq (I’m still digging some of that sand out of crevices, but I digress), but I appreciated him listening and responding to what I had to say.

Eugene arrived, but Brian and I were more content to chat and watch Eugene interact with the young kids to harass him about an interview. One classic exchange between Eugene and a boy went like this:

Kid: You’re my favorite wrestler, Eugene.

Eugene: Well why are you wearing a John Cena shirt, then?

That one got a loud reaction from everybody in the Eager Beaver. Of course Eugene still graciously gave the boy an autograph. I have no doubt that this young boy will remember that conversation for the rest of his life, and that is what pro wrestling is all about. This is why I love it so much.

My group left the Eager Beaver and had some extra time on our hands, so BJ was kind enough to let us tour their brand new facility. It is located right next to the restaurant. The highlight for me was Harley Race’s office. He had the old Central States Championship and his old NWA Heavyweight Title on display. To me, those things are awe inspiring.

Now is the time for me to poke a little fun at my buddy Brian. He knows he messed up, plus even though he’s my friend I really don’t like him very much. While BJ Race was giving us a tour, Brian asked her how she felt when Harley won the NWA Heavyweight Title. Well, back when he won that belt, she didn’t know he even existed! They were married years later. She still answered him, verifying this fact, but I still thought it was funny since I know he knew that already. That’s Brian for you, though. He asks the hard questions… the really hard questions… as in the questions that are impossible to answer. It’s okay, though… later in the evening during Eugene’s first match, I yelled Eric instead of Eugene for some reason. Classic.

I still didn’t corner Eugene for a quick interview. One of these days I’ll learn to do my job. Hopefully I will have another opportunity. I was too busy taking in the new facility to think about such trivial things as doing what I’m supposed to. Next you’ll be asking me to actually watch a wrestling match or something.

I was impressed with the Eldon Community Center when we arrived there for the show. It was large for the size of the town, and very clean. Michael Strider, Tyler Cook, and Domino Rivera arrived and said hello to Brian and me. I didn’t know what the lineup was going to be for the night, but I was personally hoping for Domino Rivera to make it onto the show. I think the guy is talented and deserves more recognition than he currently receives. A match I watched recently between him and Derek Stone was good, and he’s been working great matches for Central States Wrestling over the past year as well.

Once in the building, my main complaint was that the merchandise was hard to get access to. Over the course of the night I was able to chat with Tyler Cook and Bao Nguyen, both of which are becoming favorites of mine, but it was hard to squeeze up to the tables and it always felt as if I was in somebody’s way.

The first match was “Vietnam Phenom” Bao Nguyen vs Akiyago. Akiyago received a lot of negative attention from the crowd and was hit with the first of too many “chicken” chants, led by the guy sitting right next to me. I love to hassle guys as much as the next person, but I try to come up with more to insult them than just “chicken”. Akiyago defeated “Vietnam Phenom” Bao Nguyen by pinfall, using the ropes for leverage. Martin T was the ref, so of course I gave him a hard time. Martin is a great guy and has humored me on many occasions away from the ring, but he has a tendency to call the match in a way that makes my favorite wrestlers lose. Not cool.

I’m not sure, but I believe the next match was Tyler Cook vs Brian Breaker. I think that Breaker is a great wrestler and Tyler Cook is one of the brightest prospects out there, but it seemed in spots that they had a hard time against each other. Cook flirted with Brian’s girlfriend and my wife entirely too much, making me feel guilty that I hadn’t rubbed baby oil all over my body or tanned recently, but I feel I’m sexy enough without all of the added benefits. Cook managed to pin Breaker, so I guessed I’d better leave him alone. Lord knows that he received enough “tighty whitey chicken” chants to last a lifetime. Oh well, at least they added two words to the first matches “chicken” chants. Who am I to complain?

Next up was Michael Strider vs Marc Godeker. Godeker wrestled a good match and is really a talented guy. I need to make it a point to chat with him at the next show I make it to. Hopefully his tag team partner, Steve Anthony, will be recovered from his broken leg and I can see them in tag team action. Even thought Strider was blatantly cheating, I couldn’t help but cheer him on. I think I was the only one… and since Martin T was the ref again for this match, he made sure that Strider lost. I’ll bring some of my basic training birth control glasses for him next time around. Maybe then he can call the match the way I want it called. I’m a paying fan. I should get what I want.

I didn’t know the next match would be taking place, but I didn’t complain. It would see the pro wrestling debut of Amy Hennig. Her first match wasn’t going to be easy, though, as she was given the unenviable task of facing the WLW Ladies Champion, Stacey O’Brien. Amy Hennig is one of the number one prospects for the Midwest, but after that match I want to be sure to tell you that it isn’t simply because her father was “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig or her grandfather was Larry “The Axe” Hennig. That would be selling Amy short. She definitely has the tools to make a name for herself without the last name attached. In this particular match, however, she came up short. O’Brien is a talented veteran and one of the best in the Midwest right now. She used it all to her advantage and retained her title.

It is important to note that there was a chant throughout the crowd during this match that I felt was inappropriate. In my personal opinion, some individuals forget that we are not the close friends of a professional wrestler and should not act as such when in the crowd. A chant of “Do it for your Dad” started through the crowd and was very uncomfortable for me to hear. Ms. Hennig did an excellent job of acknowledging the chant and being gracious, but the fact of the matter was that it isn’t really something that should have been chanted during a wrestling match. I can’t speak for Amy as I do not know her personally, but talking with Brian after the evening concluded confirmed my feelings. Brian approached me and said that he felt embarrassed to be a wrestling fan with that chant going. Enough about that, though.

Things were about to liven up a bit, as a six man tag match was about to get under way. WLW Heavyweight Champion “Dangerous” Derek McQuinn, Dinn T Moore and Michael Strider knew that they were supposed to face former WWE star Eugene and the WLW Tag Team Champions. Unfortunately Marc Godeker’s tag team partner, Steve Anthony, was on the injured list for what looked to be a broken leg. Godeker came out with a microphone and told the men standing in the ring that he had a new partner. This partner was a man whom Derek McQuinn hadn’t beaten for the title… Keith Walker!

Walker was more than up for the challenge and the team of him, Eugene and Godeker frustrated their opponents for most of the match, but in the end fell victim to underhanded tactics. Derek, Strider and Moore picked up the win.

The end of the evening featured a battle royal. Ten men got in the ring to do battle and possibly earn the right for a Heavyweight Title shot in the near future. Brian Breaker, Tyler Cook, Bao Nguyen, Akiyavo and others entered the ring, but the last three were down to Michael Strider, Eugene and Dinn T Moore. The odds seemed stacked against the lovable Eugene. Amazingly enough he made it out as the victor!

It was a great night of action at the Eldon Community Center! I was happy to visit with Brian and see some terrific wrestling only an hour from my home.

Next up for World League Wrestling is a big Sedalia, MO show on September 6, 2008 featuring Wrestlemania 24’s hero Bobby Lashley! One week later World League Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH join forces for a very promising training camp. Pro wrestling legend and current World Wrestling Entertainment agent Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will be in attendance on behalf of the WWE. More information can be found by going to http://www.harleyrace.com/.

I hope that you have enjoyed my personal reflection on WLW’s July 26, 2008 show in Eldon, MO. I encourage you to go to one in your area or support your local independent wrestling promotion. Everyone wants options over the current WWE product, but it is up to you to make those alternatives successful!

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Your Trip to Space Mountain

Posted by Admin on January 23, 2008

Your Trip On Space Mountain

By Brian “Flair” Kelley
Another Monday night is upon us and pro wrestling’s biggest show will be on, WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Will I be home to watch it? Well, there is a chance that I will come in late and watch it tomorrow. Maybe it could be a week later.

How, you may ask? Well, because of one of the greatest inventions since the TV, TIVO. TIVO allows you to set your TV to record a show prior to it coming on. With the push of a button you can have a season pass to all of your favorite shows such as Survivor and American Gladiators… and to boot you can even skip the commercials! Earlier today I asked myself how this technology shaped the way I have been able to watch wrestling.

It seems like only yesterday that I had a mere 3 channels living in the country. I would wait all week to watch pro wrestling on Saturday nights with All-Star Wrestling after Saturday Night Live. To see such stars as Harley Race, Bulldog Bob Brown, and Rufus R. Jones in action in towns that seemed like they were millions of miles away (though it was less than an hour’s drive at times) was a great treat. I came from a family that did not like wrestling, so there was no chance of going to see it live. If I was lucky, sometimes there would be a special WWF Saturday Night show with Hulk Hogan before my favorite All-Star Wrestling. I would be treated with back to back shows of my first love, pro wrestling. For some reason there were many times when All-Star Wrestling was a rerun, though. It was a lot better than the times when it wasn’t on at all and the western program “Branded” starring Chuck Connors took it’s place (to my chagrin).

I loved wrestling so much that I would wake up early on Sundays and skip church so that I could see if the weather was nice enough for a channel that broadcasted pro wrestling out of Texas. World Class Championship Wrestling would broadcast without a picture, but I could hear the play-by-play of wrestlers like One Man Gang and the Fabulous Freebirds. It brought excitement to my ears.

Then there was that day (I don’t remember the exact day) that All-Star Wrestling featured a wrestler that was brought in to defend his belt against the Central States’ best. I watched a wrestling show on TBS that Saturday evening at my Uncle’s that introduced me to the wrestler I would look up to, and embodied my pro wrestling love, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

The man was everything I wanted to be. He had all the ladies and he could really talk. His promos sold me, mainly because he told me he was the best and also had the belt to prove it. Yes, he made me believe… and boy, did he work me over! Anytime I could get in town on Saturday nights (which wasn’t very often) I turned on the TV to see what Flair had done. With the money I had earned by mowing yards and doing other odd jobs, I never missed an issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) at the newsstand. I swear, I would read them over and over again… always checking out the rankings in each organization and stories of dream matches like Flair versus Hogan.

I was fortunate enough to live in the coming age of the VCR, and if I got to rent an event such as Wrestlemania or Starcade then the show was months (if not years) old. That didn’t deter me from watching every match or promo on that tape over and over again, loving every minute of it.

One Christmas right before I turned 16, Santa brought me a VHS titled “Road Warriors: Tag Team Champs”. It was only 30 minutes long, but I got to relive the history of the tag team that introduced me to “Iron Man” and prompted a search through my father’s albums at the age of ten to find the album “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath. That jump started my love for Heavy Metal. If there ever was a perfect VHS then this was it, as you had the Road Warriors at their best. They nearly caused a riot as they destroyed a very young and future great Curt Hennig and his father Larry “The Ax” Hennig. All this and more can now be found easily on DVD in the WWE’S “Road Warriors: The Life and Death of the Most Dominant Tag Team in Wrestling History”.

Fast forward to the present, and pro wrestling has changed considerably. It seems like there is a show on every day and a PPV every Sunday. I feel that there is possibly too much wrestling, but you can contribute some of my lack of interest to the fact that some of the magic has been taken out of the sport since Vince McMahon broke down and said that pro wrestling is in fact sports entertainment. I can’t really say that, though, because it has allowed me to know the wrestlers better as they are more accessible for autographs and pictures (which of course I enjoy).

The Internet Age has allowed me to keep up with all that is happening in the world of wrestling, keep in contact with fellow fans and build friendships with them along the way. I now know of shows that are headed my way farther in advance, and know more about the sport than ever. Many have complained about the impact of the Internet, but I must say it beats paying nearly $10.00 an issue for my beloved magazine PWI only to be given watered down information.

That brings us full circle to the beginning of my article and TIVO, the device that allows me to watch wrestling when I want. Once, I would hurry to make it on time to watch wrestling with my friends because I didn’t want to hear about it second hand. Now, my son always says “Dad, your not even watching it, your listening to the show while checking out the web”. He definitely has a point. If I hear something that appeals to me then I just push the rewind button, and truthfully I don’t see a whole match anymore due to that.

What once made shows like Saturday Night Live, David Letterman and any pro wrestling show special and “must see” has lost that pizazz with technology such as TIVO.

Times have changed, as they should, but at one time I took a break from wrestling for almost 10 years because of these changes. WCW closed the doors and my wrestling love was lost. Thankfully, my love for pro wrestling was reborn when I took a trip to Lawrence, Kansas to see an independent show put on by Central States Wrestling. It rekindled my love for the sport, and unlike TIVO or DVD, at a live independent show you need to keep all eyes focused. You never know what you may miss, because you can’t push a button to see it again. For that 3 hours you have the sport the way it should be.

I hope you enjoyed your first “Your Trip On Space Mountain” and I want to see you at a show soon.

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