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Archive for the ‘Dynamo Pro Wrestling’ Category

Dirden Overcomes Outlaw At Dynamo’s Anniversary Show by Patrick Brandmeyer

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 6, 2015

 photo 0_zps9rbpugve.jpg

Editor’s note: What an amazing 8 years it has been for Dynamo Pro Wrestling. I have been honored to cover the promotion almost through the start and the promotion is only getting better. Jim and Crystal Yount currently runs the Dynamo Pro school that has offered young students the opportunity to succeed in the world of pro wrestling. Dynamo Pro Wrestling has been active with several fundraisers throughout their years while deliver exciting action throughout the Midwest. I would personally like to congrats everyone involved with Dynamo today and in the past for their success and wish them the very best in the near future.. Before we head off to check out the awesome action from their 8 year anniversary with a special write up from Patrick Brandmeyer, let us take a quick look at some of the great fans that got to the event early as I made my way to welcome them in that evening. So I hope you enjoy this recap and support Dynamo Pro and MWR for years to come.- Brian Kelley

 photo 72_zpscxmf2c6f.jpg

SICW Wrestling Explosion commentator and Wrestling historian ,Patrick Brandmeyer in the Middle with some good friends.

 photo 70_zpsl7cxe1rp.jpg

 photo 64_zpsizxaowlv.jpg

 photo 71_zpsbtwn84qw.jpg

 photo 68_zpsxuokkvcv.jpg

 photo 00_zpspksliqfm.jpg

 photo 66_zps5evfuduz.jpg

 photo 65_zpsxibk2rdp.jpg

 photo 67_zpsehx5pphm.jpg

 photo 69_zps7c0nlcd1.jpg

 photo 73_zpstoxew0br.jpg

 photo 74_zpsdoblxu7o.jpg

 photo 75_zps4vssakeb.jpg

 photo 76_zps5medsygg.jpg

Dynamo Pro Wrestling celebrated its eighth anniversary at the Stratford Inn in Fenton, Missouri on Saturday, June 13th with a great night of action. Mike Outlaw got his obligatory rematch against Champion Jake Dirden, but outside factors would decide the outcome once again…

The event began with the full roster at ringside for a ten-bell salute to the late “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Dusty’s charisma, gift of gab, and overall influence on the wrestling business were undeniable and it felt like a true icon of the industry had passed away…wrestlers and fans of all ages counted themselves among those who were fans of The Dream.

 photo 1_zpsfivahh3d.jpg

Executive Director Mark Bland attempted to explain his actions against Mike Outlaw the previous month. He claimed that he wanted to teach the rookie a lesson about taking advantage of opportunities…Outlaw refused to use a weapon in his title defense against Dirden, leading to Dirden knocking out the champion with the briefcase. Bland ordered the referee to count the pinfall rather than call for a disqualification, resulting in Outlaw being cheated out of the belt. Outlaw was not satisfied with Bland’s explanation, but Dirden(accompanied by Travis Cook and Alexander P. Dixon) inserted himself into the verbal battle to set the stage for the night’s main event.

The first match of the night saw the ladies of Dynamo Pro in action as “The Queen Of Chaos” Lucy Mendez took on the debuting Paloma Starr.
 photo 2_zpstnwizsgy.jpg

 photo 3_zpsyqqjizki.jpg

 photo 4_zpsnfpe2avh.jpg

 photo 5_zpsziafyink.jpg

 photo 6_zpsqp94tfhw.jpg

Starr had the advantage in fan support, but Lucy’s experience made the difference as she scored the victory with a hanging DDT.

After her match, Mendez personally introduced “The Filipino Warrior” Elvis Aliaga for his bout…he would go one-on-one with Outtkast of the Bum Rush Brothers.

 photo 7_zpseb8uvznb.jpg

 photo 8_zpstsjcaqlh.jpg

 photo 9_zpsiejjippi.jpg

 photo 10_zpsitrrlxco.jpg

 photo 11_zpskkbdnu0g.jpg

 photo 12_zpsif8gg1ji.jpg

 photo 13_zpsw0tgfp1g.jpg

The two had traded wins in the past so this was the proverbial rubber match between them. Aliaga distracted the referee at a key moment, allowing Mendez to trip Outtkast on the top rope and then slap him in the face. With Outtkast focused on Lucy, Elvis was able to roll him up with a handful of tights for the cheap victory.

 photo 15_zpsubjndv8x.jpg

“The King Of Chaos” Ricky Cruz

 photo 14_zpsh3aoen7t.jpg

The manager of Champions Travis Cook leads Jayden Fenix of the Black Hand Warriors.

“The King Of Chaos” Ricky Cruz brought his IWRG Rey De Ring Championship to the ring for his bout with Jayden Fenix of the Black Hand Warriors. Fenix’s manager Travis Cook, intent on controlling all the gold in Dynamo Pro Wrestling, challenged Ricky to put his belt on the line…Cruz accepted on the grounds that Travis finally shut his mouth!

 photo 16_zpsochzermf.jpg

 photo 17_zps4rbrpncl.jpg

 photo 18_zpsh2dtamos.jpg

 photo 20_zpsbimlaeo8.jpg

Fenix surprised the veteran champion on a few occasions and nearly scored the upset more than once. However, Cruz retained his title via tapout with a modified Anaconda Vice.

 photo 21_zpsf0oxfsui.jpg

 photo 22_zpscxjgn9ok.jpg

The Bite Club made their way to the ring as Rocket(accompanied by Jackal) took on “The Millenial” Danny Adams in singles competition.

 photo 23_zpsrc4zihba.jpg

“The Millenial” Danny Adams

 photo 24_zpsxryjgwkt.jpg

 photo 25_zpsjoe8rawm.jpg

 photo 26_zps0hx1zg6c.jpg

 photo 27_zps9prrqaf6.jpg

Rocket & Jackal had fallen short against the Black Hand Warriors in the previous month’s Tag Team Title match, but rebounded to upset the Bum Rush Brothers at Off Broadway and were looking to continue their momentum. For his part, Adams had been establishing himself as a top contender in recent months…he controlled a good portion of this matchup by focusing on Rocket’s leg. Rocket rallied, but missed an aerial move and Adams capitalized with a flying Codebreaker off the second rope for the three-count.

 photo 28_zpsof4fhrpw.jpg

 photo 29_zpsulpuiimr.jpg

 photo 30_zpsk6ayofgf.jpg

 photo 31_zpstxztwrwk.jpg


 photo 32_zpseuefqor2.jpg

 photo 33_zpsfqzrd9wn.jpg


 photo 34_zpsgjet9vp4.jpg

 photo 35_zpsxwkoe9nn.jpg

 photo 36_zps4lpqogit.jpg

Justin D’Air & Keon Option were psyched for their Tag Team Title shot at the Black Hand Warriors, entering the ringside area with a special Straps Down University-themed entrance. The two rookies had been allies of Mike Outlaw in recent months in his wars with the Travis Cook Organization and hoped to derail their momentum with a big victory on this night. Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean had the edge in experience both individually and as a cohesive unit, making it an uphill battle for the upstart challengers. D’Air was isolated from his partner for several minutes, but Option finally tagged into the fray and his team seized the momentum. D’Air launched himself off the top rope into a 450 Splash on DeLorean, but Travis Cook distracted the referee from seeing the potential pinfall. That allowed Magnuson to bring a chain into the ring, but D’Air got it away from him and knocked him out with it…the referee turned around and made the three-count, seemingly crowning new Tag Team Champions!

 photo 37_zpspucv9cko.jpg

 photo 38_zpsz0l0yzry.jpg

 photo 39_zps4zoxy1rl.jpg

However, Travis and Alexander Dixon protested the decision due to the use of the chain…and when the referee found the foreign object on D’Air’s person, he reversed the decision and awarded the disqualification victory to the Black Hand Warriors.

 photo 40_zpsmj5vuuor.jpg

 photo 41_zpsc7rg41bz.jpg

Shorty Biggs

 photo 42_zpspkbsjs04.jpg

 photo 43_zpsowembbuk.jpg


After Outtkast and Aliaga’s clash earlier in the show, their tag team partners did battle as Shorty Biggs took on Brandon Espinosa (accompanied by Lucy Mendez). Shorty was intent on avenging his partner’s tainted defeat while Espy was hoping to make it a clean sweep of the Bum Rush Brothers. Lucy got involved in this matchup as well, but it finally backfired as Espinosa knocked Lucy off the ring apron by mistake. Biggs hit the Shortcut for the victory, then carried Mendez to the backstage area.

 photo 44_zpsvum4p6at.jpg

 photo 45_zpsvoyeawhe.jpg

Mike Outlaw

 photo 46_zps2zxr5h0p.jpg

 photo 47_zpsiehwpf8h.jpg

Black Hand Warriors Dave DeLorean is under this fans skin and the bell has not even rang.

 photo 48_zpsh2o6izbs.jpg

 photo 49_zpsizjpclau.jpg

 photo 50_zpsfbfeptph.jpg

 photo 51_zpsaqjh17vt.jpg

 photo 52_zps3hksabjf.jpg

 photo 53_zpsopuodp2u.jpg

 photo 54_zpsp9hnslfx.jpg

The ringside area was crowded with humanity as the night’s main event began. Heavyweight Champion “Dirdey” Jake Dirden had Travis Cook, Alexander Dixon, and all three Black Hand Warriors on his side. Mike Outlaw was backed up by Justin D’Air and Keon Option, plus Executive Director Mark Bland was at ringside to observe the action…with all the combustible elements in one place, it didn’t take long for the powder keg to ignite. Outlaw rallied against the champion earlier and landed the High Noon top-rope elbowdrop, but the Warriors stormed the ring to break up the pin and everyone brawled. The referee made the decision to eject the extra wrestlers rather than call for an early disqualification…leaving only Cook and Bland at ringside.

Outlaw was intent on proving that he could take the big man down on his own…he felt he didn’t need extra help or foreign objects to accomplish that. If he was unable to win, he’d have to work his way back up the ladder of contention. Dirden dominated with his size and power for a while, but Outlaw kept finding ways to outmaneuver the champion. The young challenger hit a second High Noon and seemed to have the title won for a second time…but this time it was Mark Bland who broke up the pin attempt. Bland repeated his message about learning from his “experience” and seizing opportunities…in this case, it would be Dirden would take advantage of the situation, catching Outlaw in the Asiatic Spike from behind.

 photo 55_zpsxim1w6e3.jpg

 photo 56_zpsbrdgrnyj.jpg

 photo 57_zps20umdnsm.jpg

Dirden powered his opponent down to the mat but Outlaw refused to surrender; however, Bland used his executive influence and ordered the bell to be rung, declaring Dirden the winner by “submission”.

 photo 58_zpsmiw8kwme.jpg

 photo 59_zpsnhnvnmtj.jpg

 photo 60_zpsdn339gie.jpg

 photo 61_zpsuxsvlk72.jpg


 photo 62_zpszcm8azz8.jpg

 photo 63_zpshzt6bhoq.jpg

It seemed like the show was over, but Dynamo co-promoter Crystal Yount ordered Bland back to the ringside area. She angrily told him that the fans deserved a better ending to the anniversary show than that…so she sent them home happy by declaring to Bland: “YOU’RE FIRED!” Bland was outraged and had to be physically escorted out of the building by ringside security…capping off a wild night in Fenton for Dynamo Pro’s eighth anniversary!

 photo 1937498_10203115413565765_1226010110959502621_n_zpsw1hdrbso.jpg

 photo 11666032_928692857172353_8767706034204538786_n_zpsab4sn3m3.jpg

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling 8 Year Anniversary in Fenton, Mo June 13th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 30, 2015

 photo 10926215_911002235604762_8729699810257849772_n_zpsmb2di0al.png

Join us for our 8 Year Anniversary Spectacular celebration.

Jake Dirden has issued an open challenge to anyone on the Dynamo Pro roster to try and defeat him. He lost the championship once before but in losing the belt he found something else….a darker side to himself, willing to do anything it takes to remain Champion.
Who will step up to answer the challenge?

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling Returns June 19th in Glen Carbon, Illinois

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 14, 2015

 photo 10405413_910986488939670_1870077928959257486_n_zpsby4e28xe.png

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An Emotional Night at Dynamo Pro Wrestling – Mike Outlaw defeats Ricky Cruz for the DPW Belt

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 19, 2014

 photo cce9c345-2963-4a37-9874-7d9e5639ad19_zpsd6317498.jpg

New Dynamo Pro Wrestling Champion Mike Outlaw- Photo courtesy of Andrew Abbenhaus



Dynamo Pro Wrestling held its final event of 2014 on Saturday, December 6th at the Stratford Bar and Grill in Fenton, MO. A packed house came out for this event. Dynamo did not disappoint by putting on the best show of the year. The night started with a surprise appearance from Brandon Espinosa, who in his street clothes, stated he’s angry a rookie was getting a title shot over him, and that he is going to go down to 7th Street and main event there. This brought the champion Ricky Cruz to the ring, who told Espy he is happy he gets to main event on 7th street. Espinosa left the ring, verbally berated by Cruz the entire time. Cruz then called his opponent out for the evening, rookie sensation and Dynamo Pro Dojo graduate Mike Outlaw. Cruz gave Outlaw props for coming in and earning respect everywhere he went, declaring that “it will be honor to go to war with you” before slapping the taste out of Outlaw’s mouth, adding another dimension to the main event.

Throughout the night, the crowd emanated an intense pro-Mike Outlaw” feeling, anticipating a great battle. The match did not disappoint; I literally had goose bumps watching from the announcer’s table, and the audience was mesmerized by every move and counter. Non-stop action at its finest! The rookie Outlaw took everything the veteran Cruz could dish out, and kept coming back for more. Around the eighteen minute mark, Cruz looked ready to land his version of the big elbow drop from the top, but Outlaw caught him, slamming Cruz to the mat. Outlaw landed his own big elbow, but only managed to get a two-count when Cruz kicked out. Not since Outlaw’s debut has anyone been able to kick out of his big elbow! Cruz landed his superkick shortly after, but also only managed a two-count. What would it take for one of these men to stay down? Outlaw had Cruz on the outside of the ring and nailed a beautifully executed somersault plancha. He immediately got up, threw Cruz back in the ring to land a second big elbow-drop for a long two count. Cruz got up and hit his Cruz Control maneuver for another long two count.

Cruz was looking frustrated at this point, blaming the referee that this was his fault, and then bringing a steel chair into the ring. The move backfired as Outlaw dropkicked the chair into his face, climbed the ropes yet again, and landed a third big elbow drop on the veteran Cruz. Cruz lay motionless, unable to kick out, as the crowd celebrated the end of the year with a new Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion, Mike Outlaw. As Jay King went to award the title to Outlaw, Ricky ripped the title from his hands, presented the belt to his opponent himself, raising Outlaw’s arm in a victory pose, and then left the ring without further incident. The celebration grew as members of the locker room came out to the ring to congratulate the new champion. OuTtKaSt and Jack Gamble lifted Outlaw onto their shoulders, with the new champ saluting the crowd and holding up his freshly won title. After the show ended, Mike Outlaw continued the celebrations with his family and friends in the crowd. Once again, Dynamo Pro Wrestling turned the wrestling world on its collective ears and proved that you can’t miss a show, as you never know what may happen.

In other news from the show, Travis Cook went on a tirade about how he was brought into Dynamo Pro to help sell tickets, and that since his organization had been looked over from day one, if things didn’t change, the Travis Cook Organization would take what is rightfully theirs. Jackal and “DidEY” Jake Dirden got a small measure of revenge from last month’s happenings by taking out The Professionals. Brandon Gallagher stated that he has had enough and filed paperwork to officially change his name to Oswald because it disgusts him that he has to share a name with Brandon Aarons. Unfortunately, the name change didn’t help as he fell in defeat to the more experienced Aarons.

Dynamo Pro had a very successful year running more events than any other promotion in the Midwest. There have been ups and downs, but every night everyone has given 100% to put on the greatest show for our fans. We couldn’t do it without the support of the fans. We look forward to an even more successful 2015.

 photo 10403635_830586703646316_8389694182780464998_n_zpsb49e2d70.jpg

The first Dynamo Pro event of 2015 comes to the Stratford Bar & Grill on Saturday night January 3rd.

Main Event
Dynamo Pro Heavyweight Title Match
Mike Outlaw vs “Iron Man” Ken Kasa w/Travis Cook

Also Scheduled

“The Filipino Warrior” Elvis Aliaga vs ” The Bosnian War Child” Spi Ral

Keon Option vs Ozzie Gallagher

Brandon Aarons vs Danny Adams

Lucy Mendez vs Marriah Moreno

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling – Press Release: Best Promotion, Catastrophic Theft at the School and a Special Thanks to the Fans

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 26, 2014

 photo dynam_zps7d1bea8a.jpg

All of us at Dynamo Pro Wrestling want to thank all wrestling fans in the Saint Louis region and beyond who participated in the recent Missouri Wrestling Revival fan poll for Best Wrestling Promotion 2014. We are extremely proud to have been voted as the Best Wrestling Promotion among the quality competition in the MWR coverage area. Whether we earned your vote this year or you voted for another promotion, thank you, the fans, for supporting independent professional wrestling.

We would also like to thank Brian Kelley and everyone at Missouri Wrestling Revival for their tireless support of the community.

In 2014, Dynamo Pro Wrestling promoted more than triple the amount of events as our previous year, extending from Glen Carbon to Fenton to St. Louis to Eureka. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to entertain you with quality professional wrestling action. Unfortunately, along with the good news, we have some bad news that we must share.

This past week, Dynamo Pro Wrestling suffered a catastrophic theft. Our trailer, our wrestling ring, and our state-mandated guard rails were all stolen by a criminal opportunist. We have remained silent until now regarding the matter, in respect to an ongoing police investigation, but we can share that there is no hope of recovering these items. Their remnants had already been permanently mangled and destroyed for scrap.

There is no need to sugarcoat that this is a devastating setback for Dynamo Pro. However, and especially in the face of such a great show of support by our audience, we are determined to forge ahead, somehow, someway; to not let the actions of criminals derail the passion of our talent and fans alike. We are more determined than ever to entertain our fans. We are more determined than ever to be a premiere platform for wrestling talent to shine. We are more determined than ever to grow as a company.

In this uncertain time for our future, your support has never meant more to Dynamo Pro Wrestling than it does right now. Whether you’re a long-time fan or have yet to attend your first Dynamo Pro live event, we would appreciate you purchasing a ticket to our show this Saturday, November 1st, 2014, at the Stratford in Fenton, Missouri.

– In a main event grudge match, former Dynamo Pro Tag-Team Championship partners “the King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz and Brandon “Espy” Espinosa will collide one-on-one. Can one ring contain these two egos exploding?

– In a tag-team encounter, the Bum Rush Brothers, Shorty Biggs & Outtkast, will face the new pairing of “Dangerous” Danny Adams & Evan “Money” Morris. Can the veteran team school these brash, young, emergent stars, or will this new, fresh-faced duo back up their arrogance?

– Your Dynamo Pro Tag-Team Champions, the unlikely team of Jackal & “DirdEY” Jake Dirden, have an open contract to defend their newly won title against any team in the midwest. Who dares enter Dynamo Pro Wrestling for an opportunity at the gold?

– “The Bosnian War Child” Spi-Ral will go one-on-one with “the Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt in their first ever encounter.

– Also, Dynamo Pro will proudly present a brand new concept match: the Wild Card Gauntlet. Set to feature, in alphabetical order, Brandon Aarons, “Showtime” Bradley Charles, “the Alternative” Brandon Gallagher, Paco Gonzalez, “Ironman” Ken Kasa, and Michael Outlaw, this match promises its victor a new opportunity in Dynamo Pro Wrestling. What are the rules? What are the implications? The only certain way to find out is to join us this Saturday night in Fenton!

Thank you for reading and, again, for your valued support.

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Ricky Cruz talks about Dynamo Pro Nov 1st show

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 22, 2014

 photo dynam_zps7d1bea8a.jpg

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Dynamo Pro returns to the Stratford Bar and Grill In Fenton, MO on Saturday night Nov 1st.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 17, 2014

 photo d_zps25df91a1.jpg

Already signed
Non Title Grudge Match
“King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz
Brandon Espy Espinosa

“Bum Rush Brothers” Shorty Biggs/OuTtKaSt
Danny Adams/Evan Morris

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Breaking News : This Sat Oct 11th at Dynamo Pro in Glen Carbon, Illinois Michael Elgin vs. Jeremy Wyatt

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 6, 2014

 photo dpw7_zpsf578784a.jpg

First time EVER – Former Ring of Honor World Champion Michael Elgin vs. Jeremy Wyatt in what could be the match of the year. Don’t miss it as this weekend at Glend Carbon Illinois at Dynamo Pro Wrestling two of the best in the world go to war!!

 photo DPWNEW_zps814a959a.jpg

This Saturday night Team Dynamo vs Team Cook in a Tag Team elimination match.

This match can see any combination of matchups…. even a possible 5 against 1.
Also after his recent actions last week at Off Broadway and the Stratford, Travis Cook has been barred from the building.

 photo dpw5_zps0c6e3193.jpg

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling Returns to Glen Carbon, Illinois This Saturday Team Travis Cook vs. Team Dynamo

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 6, 2014

 photo dpw5_zps0c6e3193.jpg

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Dynamo Pro Wrestling Returns to Fenton, Mo This Saturday Night Oct 4th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 20, 2014

 photo dpwstratford_zpsd14f2222.jpg

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