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Marni Gras Becomes the First Ever CCW Women’s Champion

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 26, 2017

Photo credit: The Karafa


By Jared Smith

Nikki Lane and Marni Gras squared off to see who would be crowned the first ever CCW Women’s Champion. These two have had an intense rivalry going back to February with constant interferences in matches and confrontations in between. With gold on the line, you KNEW that these ladies would be bringing it and they did just that. It showcased the strength of Nikki Lane against the speed and guts of Marni Gras. This match started out in a flurry as Nikki hit a neckbreaker on Marni, but the resilient Marni fought back through a barrage of forearms and head slams to the turnbuckle to hit a beautiful hurricanrana off the top rope. Marni draped Nikki over the middle rope for her trademark rope assisted armbar, yet Nikki was able to endure it, find a way out and turn the momentum to her side with a sit out facebuster. And this would be the pace of the entire match!! Nikki hit a top rope side slam, only for Marni Gras to rally back and push through to hit a flipping neckbreaker. These women were pushing each other to their limits in pursuit of the gold and they were pulling out all stops! At one point the action spilled outside and Nikki flung Marni Gras into the side of the ring! We thought that Nikki hit her so hard that Marni Gras exploded into a pile of glitter. She was nowhere to be found! But, soon we realized it was only a trick, as Marni Gras came out from under the ring to surprise Nikki! But, this was short lived as Nikki, furious at this point, hurled Marni back into the ring and hit her signature Princess Plex!! It was all over at this point, but she was too close to the ropes! Marni Gras got her legs on the rope to break the pinfall!

At this point, Nikki was beyond frustrated as she let senior referee Kelly know that she wasn’t happy with that call to break the pin. And in that moment, Marni Gras, using her last bit of energy, rolled up Nikki into the small package. 1-2-3!!

We have the FIRST CCW Women’s Champion!! Marni Gras has taken the belt!!! What an AMAZING match by these two women!!! This puts Marni Gras on top of the mountain, but breathing down her neck will be Nikki Lane, Sweet Sarah Summers and whoever wants to step up to the champion.

Wow what a great way to start your championship reign!!

For a full recap of CCW Inferno that also includes the title for title match of MWR Missouri Champion Brandon Espinosa and CCW Champion Hollis Giroux click here for the website Talking Smit “Two Smits, Many words”

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