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NWL, LLC Announces Plans to Open State-of-the-Art Training & Performance Center

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 1, 2016

gi_59126_alistair_16-11-28_20786The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL, LLC) has announced plans to open its Training & Performance Center (TPC), a 10,000-square-foot facility designed to help talent reach peak physical conditioning and train prospective wrestlers.

“This state-of-the-art center will enable NWL talent to continually hone their in-ring craft and get in the best shape of their lives through an extensive training and nutrition program,” says Major Baisden, NWL president. “The NWL TPC will also contain a fully equipped studio for shooting interviews and video features with talent appearing on NWL events in Kansas City and St. Louis.”

Opening in February 2017 at 105 E 18th Avenue in North Kansas City, the NWL TPC will be equipped by Sorinex, a leading provider of strength-training equipment to college and professional sports teams, including more than 90% of the NFL. Other amenities will include a pro-style locker room and clubhouse for NWL wrestlers as well as a competition ring for performers and prospective talent to train.

Derek Stone, a ring veteran who has wrestled throughout the world since beginning his career in 1993, will serve as training director at the NWL TPC. Rob Messerli, a NASM, CSCS and Precision Nutrition certified trainer, will oversee the daily training and recovery of the League’s athletes in his role as strength and conditioning coach.

“Stone and Messerli are experts in their respective fields who can help take the League’s performers to the next level,” Baisden says. “The TPC will prove invaluable as NWL KC and NWL STL continue to attract talent from across the country.”

Under Stone’s direction, the TPC will also offer novice and advanced wrestling schools twice a year for a limited number of qualified candidates, along with occasional clinics for experienced pros. Open tryouts for the wrestling school will be held on the following dates, with prospective students only required to attend one day: Dec. 10–11; Jan. 14–15; and Feb. 11–12.

For more information, email tpc(at)nwleague.com.

Plus tickets are on sale for the very first NWL Event on Jan 7th by clicking here


About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.

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