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David Wilson’s Interview with Davey Vega

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 9, 2016


DW – How long have you been wrestling?

DV – As of Dec this year it will be 10 years.

DW – Who has been your biggest supporter when it comes to wrestling?

DV – I would have to say my Mom, we talk several times a week and she is always checking in on my wrestling.

DW – Who is the biggest named wrestler you have wrestled so far?

DV – It would probably be a toss up of either Jerry Lynn or Chris Hero.

DW – I along with everyone else thought you would be the one to take the belt from Gary Jay, but we all know Fitchett did, with that being said could you see yourself going after the title that is held by your best friend?

DV – We have a agreement that we won’t wrestle each other, Unless circumstances change or of course if he drops the title.


DW – Who trained you ? and where?

DV – First my training was done with Dingo, I eventually got with Mike Quackenbush from Chikara Pro.

DW – What’s the best advice you have ever been given when it comes to wrestling?


DV- Dingo on the first day of training, Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.

DW – If you wasn’t wrestling what do you think you would be doing?

DV- Playing baseball somewhere, in the outfield.

DW – Tell me something about yourself that nobody knows or people outside of your circle don’t know about you?

DV – Most people don’t know I’m a avid reader, I especially love the Rick Riordan series, I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology .

DW – If you could wrestle anyone living or dead, who would it be?

DV – Bret Hart in his prime, I could learn alot from him.

DW – To date what is your most memorable match?

DV – Probably the 6 man tag it was myself, ACH, And Fitchett, versus Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico, after the match Dolph Ziggler came up and congratulated us and it was also my first standing ovation.


DW – In your wrestling career what is something you wish you would or wouldn’t have done?

DV – I wish i would have started out eating better and working out. Experimenting with my body and started way sooner.

DW – What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the wrestling?

DV – Be yourself, be a good person, don’t let the struggles change you as a person.


DW – What can we expect from Davey Vega for the rest of 2016?

DV – Trying to make it, staying healthy and working on my body.

DW- Thanks for taking the time I really appreciate it.

DV- Thanks for having me

If you would like David Wilson to do an interview of you for Missouri Wrestling Wrestling hit him up at Facebook or email  at biggkane76@yahoo.com.

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