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High Risk Wrestling “Total Mayhem!”: A Night of High Emotion and New Champions

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 13, 2016

The title of this event “Total Mayhem!” could not have fit any better. On a night where we saw legends and newcomers alike make a huge impact there were a handful of memorable moments that have to be shared with the masses. So strap on your seat belt because we are going to attempt to capture the events that unfolded in Warsaw, MO on June 25th, 2016! There was amazing in ring action as you have come to expect from HRW but there was also an amazing amount of emotion in the crowd due to the situation with “Young and Dangerous” Evan Morris and of course the absence of the beloved HRW tag team champions The Riegal Twins. Additionally, on this night HRW would crown a first-ever “Mayhem Champion” and brand new HRW Tag Team champions! So much to cover so little time… So let’s get going!


(Tag Match: Morris/Kenway vs Espy/Aarons aka BabeWatch) (Match time: 15:00)
The in-ring action kicked off with impressive tag team match involving “Young and Dangerous” Evan Morris teaming with “The Incredible” Matt Kenway to face two mainstays in the local indie scene Brandon Aarons and the MWR Missouri Champion Brandon “Espy” Espinosa. This match was highlighted by Espy egging on the crowd for several minutes at the beginning of the match, a wicked double superkick by BabeWatch, and a crazy springboard double back elbow by Evan Morris.




The most memorable moment by far though is the surprising betrayal by Evan Morris. At the most critical moment of the match, Morris decided that he has enough of teaming with Matt Kenway who truthfully speaking carried the team for the majority of match up to that point. Morris was reaching out for a tag and when Kenway was finally able to reach out to tag in Morris, Morris pulls his hand away and dropped off the ring apron. Kenway is at this point tired and confused, to say the least. That was just the opening that BabeWatch needed to get the win. As if that wasn’t enough Morris then got into the ring with what looked like the intention of adding insult to injury to the already worn out young star in the making Matt Kenway. Just as he made his way towards Kenway and old rival ran down the ramp and into the ring. None other than Devon Spade! At the very site of Spade, Morris headed for the hills. This only built more heat to the already tense rivalry between the two. More on this a little later…

(Singles qualifying match for a shot at the brand new Mayhem Championship: Outlaw vs Jake Dirden) (Match time:13:00) In this surprise match up Mike Outlaw took on Dirty Jake Dirden. These two have a serious history of violence and have faced off all over the MidWest trading wins, loses, blood, sweat, and tears. On this night at HRW, they would face off for a chance to enter the co-main event where a first ever Mayhem Champion would be crowned. That raised the stakes between the two to an even higher level.






That might explain why Outlaw came out with his new manager the Legendary “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express. Even that wasn’t enough to gather any sympathy from the Warsaw crowd. Especially since Mike reached a new low by baiting a 7-8yr old kid with his bandana then promptly snatching it away while chuckling and pointing as the kid stood there almost in tears. Once the match began it was hard hitting as you would expect (once Outlaw quit running around and hiding behind Eaton). One of the bigger moments was a closeline from hell delivered from Dirden to Outlaw that sent Outlaw flying out of the ring and kept him out for several minutes. For the finish, Dirden had Mike set up perfectly for the BIG boot but right at the last second Mike ducked and the boot hit the ref square in the face. At that moment Dirden grabs Outlaw and hits him with the Aziatic Spike which led to the Outlaw tap out. Not seconds into Dirden’s celebration, the ref reverses the decision based on Eaton and Outlaw’s crying/petitioning about the BIG BOOT to the face to the ref a few minutes earlier. Upon recollection by the ref, Dirden is stripped of the win and his chance to move on to the final of the Mayhem tournament via DQ.


A decision that the crowd didn’t not appreciate or agree with at all.

(Singles qualifying match for a shot at the brand new Mayhem Championship: Kioshi Shizuka vs Camron Jay Howard) (Match time:12:00)



Young up and comer the “Freestyle Phenom” Jay Howard impressed against the hated Shizuka in a match that displayed Howard’s endless reserve of energy and passion and also the savvy mind of a seasoned veteran like Kiyoshi.





After finding himself metaphorically and literally on the ropes Kiyoshi resorted to some underhanded tricks but not before the Freestyle Phenom got in a sick spine busted that could be heard across the lake that the community center sits on. In the end, Kiyoshi intentionally pushed Jay into the ref so the ref can’t see what was going on, as he’s trying to recover and that gave Shizuka just enough time to hit Jay in the gut with the Japanese flag pole right in the gut and roll him up for the ol’ 1..2..3.. Allowing him to move on to the final of the “Mayhem Championship.”

(Singles qualifying match for a shot at the brand new Mayhem Championship: Ace Hawkins vs Canadian Cougar) (Match time:7:00)







This interesting matchup was just as quick as it was exiting. Some highlights where Ace’s Swanton bomb off the top rope and an incredible dive though the ropes on the Cougar. Ace got the win and advanced to the final of the “Mayhem Championship tournament.”

(Tag team matchup: Tyler Copeland & Elvis Aliaga vs Tony Kozina) (Match time: 8:00)
In what was a straight up 2 on 1 the hard fighting Kozina overcame the odds and will now have his shot on August 6th to face Mike ‘the Yoga Monster’ Sydal for the #HRW title back in Warsaw, Missouri.

(Singles double title match: Evan Morris w/Garret “Freaking” Williams VS Devon Spade) (Match time: 9:00)

These two have a history that goes back a long way. For starters, one of the belts that Morris had in his possession happened to belong to Spade in the first place. No more than a few shows back Morris stole the title and has been playing cat and mouse with Spade ever since. On this night Morris ended up paying the proverbial piper by losing his NWA Missouri Title and having to return the NWA central states title to its rightful owner. But oddly enough, as significant as this was, that was not the biggest story of the match.





That was reserved for what happened after the conclusion of the match, where Morris took a sitting position in the middle of the ring reminiscent of CM Punk sitting on the stage in WWE a few years back before dropping the infamous “pipe bomb” promo. In this case though, there was no shade to be thrown or no wrongs to be righted. Evan respectfully asked the crowd if he could be “serious for a moment” he then emotionally explained that he would be stepping away from his wrestling career to focus more on his wife and young child. An honorable act no matter how you slice it. Regardless of how you feel about the Young and Dangerous one, your heart would have gone out to him also for making such a touch decision. Everyone in the building stood up and gave him the ovation and round of applause that he so right deserved. I stood right near the entrance as he took one final glance back towards the ring and could tell that it was taking every ounce of strength in him to not shed a tear. Who could have blamed him if he would have? The fortunate part is he was able to walk out of the building with his head held high and the fans were left with the hopes of one day seeing this great your wrestler step foot in the ring once again. No doubt this is one of many reasons why the connection between fans and wrestlers is such a special one that you don’t see in any other sport. Evan, you will truly be missed.

(Tag team match to crown new #HRW tag team champions: AJ Williams/Da’Marius Jones 2.0 VS Jack Gamble/Jon Webb HLE) (Match time: 11:00)





A bittersweet match to say the least, the sweet part coming from the fact that fans knew this match was going to be a treat from the moment it was announced due to the immense talent of all four men involved. Anyone who his even a little familiar with these men knows the kind of action they can expect. The bitter part of this match is bitter indeed, the reason this match was even taking place was because the former tag team champions the ever popular Riegal Twins were forced to vacate the tag title due to serious injury suffered Logan Riegal which happed just a few weeks prior as they were making their west coast debut in California. As a special treat a few diehard/loyal fans mainly the wonderful Clawson Family put together an oversized get well soon card for everyone at the show to sign. By the time you read this Logan will have surely read it. It was truly a touching and heart felt gesture by everyone including all the guys in the back in hopes of lifting their spirts through this difficult time. This will surely only help get Logan and Sterling back in action sooner rather than later. As for the match it was nothing short of amazing. To many people’s surprise, Williams and Jones where matching High Level Enterprise move for move, even hitting an impressive and well-timed double stop. Even with that, they were struggling to close out Jack and Jon so an equalizer in the form of one for the vacated tag belts was introduced to Gamble’s head by AJ Williams without the ref looking and that’s all she wrote.


Williams and Jones celebrated as the new tag team champions of HRW.

(3-way to crown the first ever #HWR Mayhem Champion: Outlaw vs Shizuka vs Hawkins) (Match time: 14:00)







All men came out firing on all cylinders, to say the least. Hawkins was especially hot coming off the top once again this time with a senton. There was no shortage of underhanded tricks in this match considering that Outlaw was once again joined at ring side by ½ of the legendry Midnight Express “The Beautiful” Bobby Eaton. Shizuka as always did his best to take advantage of the situation by teaming with Outlaw for a short time to double team Hawkins but even that was short-lived, as Outlaw quickly turned on him in return. In the end, it paid off as Mike Outlaw came away with the win and the brand new High Risk Wrestling Mayhem Champion! Truly a crazy conclusion to an incredible night of wrestling.

(What’s next?)
“There goes the Neighborhood” on Saturday, August 6th at 6pm CT in the Warsaw Community building in Warsaw, Missouri! The card has yet to be fully released but as of right now what we know is that the well-traveled champion Mike Sydal, fresh off a successful trip to Japan, will defend this HRW title vs “Tornado” Tony Kozina! Also, the “Freestyle Phenom” Jay Howard will take on a full blooded Italian of sorts by the name of Karim Brigante accompanied by Miss Monica Passeri. Lots more to be added for sure just stay tuned to Missouri Wrestling Revival and High Risk Wrestling and the Wrestle Talk Podcast on Twitter or FB for all the latest. Thank you all for reading, I humbly thank all of you for your support. Grace and Peace to all.

Your friend in Wrestling,

Rene Martinez aka “The Knight Owl”

{Wrestle Talk Podcast – Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @WrestleTalkCast}

{Rene Martinez – Twitter/Instagram: @_The_Knight_Owl}

Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Look for the complete set of photos of this night in the next few days at the High Risk Wrestling Facebook here

High Risk Wrestling Presents “There Goes The Neighborhood” our 2nd Anniversary Event on Saturday, August 6th at The Warsaw Community Building in Downtown Warsaw Missouri! Doors open at 6:00PM and The First Bell is at 7:00PM!

We have yet another match announcement for our 2 Year Birthday Bash!

At our last Event, A. J. Williams and Da’Marius Jones defeated High Level Enterprise to capture The HRW Tag Team Championship!

However, they did not win in a Sportsman like manner as A. J. used one of the Tag Belts as a weapon to secure the win.

HRW does not believe in stripping a Championship when something like this happens, instead we would normally just give the team who was done wrong a rematch so they can extract their own brand of justice! Unfortunately HLE will not be able to appear on August 6th, so I had another idea. I will not strip them, instead I will give the New Champs a Tough challenge against a deserving, debuting team!

These two High Risk Athletes are coming all the way from Texas to thrill the HRW fans like they have been doing everywhere they go!

They are known as BB & J (Bam Bam Malone and Jaxon Stone) and they wanted me to let the HRW fans know that are are excited to Wrestle for you and are dedicating this match to you, the HRW faithful!

HRW Tag Team Championship Match!
A. J. Williams / Da’Marius Jones (c) VS BB & J (Bam Bam Malone / Jaxon Stone)

Another match signed is a rematch of sorts as these two High Risk Athletes faced off in a 3 Way Mayhem Match at our April 23rd Event.

However this time it will be one on one in what is sure to be an explosive match!

Karim Brigante w/ Monica Passeri VS “The Freestyle Phenom” Jay Howard

Also signed for this Huge Event is a Championship match pitting the Champion against the Number One Contender as determined at our last Event!

This match pits two experienced, well traveled and well rounded Athletes against each other in what could very well be a Classic in the making!

“The Yoga Monster” Mike Sydal (c) VS “Tornado” Tony Kozina

Tickets are just $15 each for Ringside!

To reserve tickets, just send a message to this page with your name and the number of tickets needed.

HRW Presents “There Goes The Neighborhood”
Saturday August 6th
Doors 6:00PM, Bell time 7:00PM

Warsaw Community Building
181 W. Harrison
Warsaw, MO 65355

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