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Missouri Wrestling Revival 2012 Female Wrestler of the Year- Miss Natural

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 2, 2013


One of pro wrestling’s greatest secrets in the world of women’s wrestling has caught the eyes of some of the top promoters not only in the Midwest but around the country. Miss Natural came back in 2011 from a short hiatus and it did not take her long to soar to the top.

While there are a ton of pretty girls in the sport today, there are very few that can match her combination of skills, her training and pure beauty of the women that winning just comes “NATURAL” to.

Miss Natural has trained under the watchful eye of wrestling great Ken Patera in 2000 and shortly afterwards traveled to train with the 8-time NWA World Champion Harley Race.

Though Miss Natural is known for her hard hitting, bruising and methodical wrestling style in 2012 we were able to see both sides of one her as she wrestled around the country.

A key member of the Metro Pro Wrestling roster, she was the running mate for wrestling manager supreme Steven J Girthy as he ran for commissioner against Pete Madden that he successfully won at the end of 2012.

She would start the year off earning the respect of the 3XW fans with her match against Stacey O’Brien in January. When the match came to an end many of the fans wrote into say that it was the best women’s match in the history of that great company.

She would continue her path to the top with an exciting and bittersweet feud with archrival MsChif. The battles between the two promised to thrill fans from St. Louis to Kansas City at Dynamo Pro Wrestling until an injury derailed a hardcore match at Metro Pro, Natural would be able to capture a huge win in their last match up. (Though we hope to see these two fine athletes go at it more in 2013)

Miss Natural would seek to dominate World League Wrestling, where she is a five time WLW Women’s Champion and is currently the number one contender for the two time MWR Female Wrestler of the year Stacey O’Brien’s title.

Shimmer would see the return of Miss Natural to the roster in 2012, and if anyone had their doubts on how good she is, then the 3-1 record with wins against KC Spinelli, the 2012 PWI Rookie of the year Veda Scott and Su Yung.

Throughout the year Miss Natural would return to 3XWrestling,  as well as a big match at Traditional Championship Wrestling with special referee former WWE Sunny. Other top promotions she worked for were  Steel Domain Wrestling as she met the likes of Crazy Mary Dobsin Josie,and Jazz.

Miss Natural is truly one of the hardest working and respected women in the ring today and it is a great honor to announce that she is our 2012 MWR Female of the Year.

Where we would like to see Miss Natural in 2013?

We would love to see Miss Natural land up in the land of Anarchy to challenge the Rachel Summerlyn. How would the old school background and professionalism of Miss Natural deal with the all- out madness of the Anarchy lifestyle and fan base mixed with the bruising style of Summerlyn?

Miss Natural and Rachel Summerlyn could very well heat up the Midwest in 2013


Photo credit Brian Kelley

1ST runner up– Angelus Layne

Layne has worked hard to become one of the top women in the sport. “The First Lady Of MAGNUM” she defeated Kiandra at Magnum PRO Wrestling in Council Bluffs,Iowa while at IWA Unlimited in Olney, Illinois  she was able to pick up a victory against Scarlett Bordeaux, Serenity, Lylah Lodge and Twink E. Star. She would continue her winning ways by defeating Lucy Mendez at 3XWrestling in Des Moines, Iowa.

Back at Magnum she showed her toughness as she met Derek Cornell in a losing effort that showed true heart. A huge win against MsChif proved anyone that had any doubts on her skills including a wins at New Midwest Wrestling, Zero 1 and 3XW against rival Kiandra. At St Louis Anarchy she would challenge Angelus Layne for the ACW Heavyweight Champ held by Rachel Summerlyn. Layne would go on to cause tons of trouble at AAPW alongside partner in crime Alex Castle.

There is no doubt that the best is yet to come for young Angelus Layne.


Photo credit Brian Kelley

2ND Runner up- The Great Cheyenne –

What an amazing year for the Hellfire Symphony member ,The Great Cheyenne. Fearsome and all powerful, she was able to start the year off debuting at AAPW against Stacey O’Brien in Marion, Illinois . She would come up just short but the tension between the two girls would escalate as the Great Cheyenne went after O’Brien’s WLW ladies title throughout Kansas and Missouri.

In a chain events no one could have predicted The Great Cheyenne would become one of the most popular wrestlers at AAPW while picking up a huge against Serenity before standing up against the duo on Angelus Layne and Alex Castle as they double teamed Kyle Sawyer. The Great Cheyenne would also spend time working with the youth in the community proving that in one of the most viscous women in the sport does indeed have a heart.


3rd Runner Up- Stacey O’Brien

The two time MWR Female Wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien once again had a very good year but the lack of title defenses (or lack of wrestlers stepping up to challenge her) for the WLW stood out to the voters. Still one cannot deny that she had an impressive year defending the WLW title against the likes of Miss Natural, The Great Cheyenne and Rebecca Raze. During the year she would wrestle for 3XWrestling and Show Me Wrestling against arch rivals Miss Natural and Lucy Mendez.  O’Brien also hosted the Stacey O show (ala Pipers Pit) with guest Lex Luger and Cowboy Bob Orton.

Others receiving nominations – Rachel Summerlyn and Lucy Mendez


2011 –Stacey O’Brien

2010 – Amy Hennig

2009 – MsChif

2008 – Stacey O’Brien

3 Responses to “Missouri Wrestling Revival 2012 Female Wrestler of the Year- Miss Natural”

  1. Congrats to all the ladies. I’ve had the pleasure of calling matches for Angelus, Cheyenne, and Stacey in 2012. If you look close, I’m in the background shot of Angelus’ picture. :D Great work. Looking forward to more fun in 2013.

  2. juan said

    Thanks Kevin. I was wondering who that was. #ThingsNooneEverSaid

  3. That’s why I’m here Juan. That’s why I’m here. Have a great day.

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