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Matt Murphy calls out Larry Matysik and Herb Simmons after SICW Debut.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 27, 2012


Alexander Rudolph chokes Murphy with his hair….Did SICW ambush Matt Murphy?? – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Sent to MWR from “All That” Matt Murphy.

Since the day I came in to the wrestling business in 1999, I’ve been a success.  I’ve made a name for myself all over the world, and I’ve fought for and earned every ounce of respect I’ve been shown.  But I have never felt as disrespected and humiliated as I felt June 16th night in SICW.

I didn’t ask to come to SICW.  Larry Matysik reached out to me.  He called me and said, “I’d love to have you come in and wrestle for us.  I think you’d really connect with these fans.  We’ll put you in there with a young up-and-comer, really make you look like a star.”

I had heard great things about the fans and the talent at SICW, so I said, “Sure, Larry.  I’d be glad to do it.”

I felt good about returning to wrestle in the St. Louis area.  As everyone knows, St. Louis has a long and storied history in professional wrestling.  It was once known as the class of the business.  Where other territories promoted shows under spotlights in carnival tents, St. Louis shows were held under chandeliers.  Where toothless half-wits filled the seats in every other territory in the world, the fans of St. Louis wore suits and gowns and sitting among them were the city’s most prominent businessmen and public figures.

I’ve accomplished some great things in St. Louis: winning titles, headlining major events, competing for WWE in front of a sold-out crowd at the Savvis Center and, of course, putting the legendary St. Louis Blues enforcer Tony Twist on his back with a right hand to the jaw.

I came to SICW to wrestle, but what I walked into was an ambush.  Everyone was in on it: the entire SICW roster, the fans, even the referee.  And Larry Matysik and Herb Simmons orchestrated the whole thing.

Larry promised me a young up-and-comer.  And what he booked me against was Alexander Rudolph.  I’d heard of him and knew how dangerous he could be.  But I’ve battled and beaten giants (Meng, The Barbarian, The Harris Brothers, Takeshi Morishima, just to name a few), and I was confident that I would add Alexander Rudolph to that impressive list.  I would have, too, had it been a one-on-one match.  But I was up against everyone in the building that night, from my opponent to the locker room to the lady selling nachos to the toothless geriatrics sitting in most of the seats.  Even I couldn’t overcome those odds.

Although we compete with each other on the Amazon bestseller list, I’ve always respected Larry Matysik, even liked him.  I thought he was one of the good guys in the business.  But what happened Saturday night was a painful reminder that there are no good guys in wrestling.

Speaking of good guys, where were they when Alexander Rudolph attacked me after the match?  Where were the heroes of SICW?

Where was Ricky Cruz?  Slicking his hair back?  Polishing his new Classic Wrestling Championship belt?

Where was Gary Jackson?  Too busy telling everyone in the locker room that he was a big-time star when most of them were still in diapers?

Where was Sean Vincent?

Where were the heroes?

Where were you, Larry?

I’ll give credit where it’s due.  I didn’t see it coming.  SICW made one of its most promising stars, Alexander Rudolph, look like a superstar when he mopped the canvas with “All That” Matt Murphy, a bona fide Midwest legend.  But Larry and Herb didn’t think their devious plan through.  When Herb signed me to wrestle for SICW, he signed me for 6 shows.  They played their hand too early.  And now they’re stuck with me for 5 more shows.  That’s 5 more opportunities for me to destroy SICW.

Enjoy this victory.  Savor every moment between now and the night I come back.  Because when I return, everyone who was involved in the ambush and everyone who pledges allegiance to SICW will suffer.  I’m going to tear apart SICW one piece at a time.  After I’ve dismantled SICW limb from limb, I’m going to rip out its heart, Larry Matysik, and finally close the book on the history of St. Louis wrestling.

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