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Classic Feud DVD series: Misawa vs. Kobashi- Disc 1 review

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 27, 2012


By Kyle Erickson

Welcome to the first DVD review here on the wrestling experts corner blog! I will be reviewing DVDS on the blog on a regular basis. In this first DVD review, I look at the first disc of a DVD showcasing one of the greatest feuds in wrestling history Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi: The Classic feud! Disc one of the Misawa vs Kobashi classic feud DVD starts with the first match between these two legends when Misawa was still the Tiger Mask character, which was a Japanese TV character that had turned into a pro wrestling character. The Tiger mask character would not last long for Misawa as he would take the Tiger Mask Mask off shortly after this classic first match between Misawa and Kobashi. All matches on disc 1 take place in All Japan Pro Wrestling. This is a review of disc 1 only.

This first match on the DVD is, as I said before the very first match Misawa and Kobashi had had against each other. Kobashi had not yet started using his trademark chops yet, but would start using them a few matches later in the DVD. This match shows just how even matched both Misawa and Kobashi were with both men trading suplex’s and holds throughout the match. Misawa would get the win with the Tiger driver suplex in this excellent opening match. (*****)

The second match on this DVD is home video footage that was taken by a fan’s camera, so the picture quality is not as good as the rest of the matches on the DVD, but the match action makes up for the video quality and provides a unique fan perspective from the front row. This match is again very evenly matched with Kobashi very close to victory at certain points in the match, but Misawa would again get the victory. From this match, viewers can really tell that this feud is starting to heat up. While not nearly as good as the opening match this was a good match that advanced the feud. (***)

The 3rd match on the DVD is joined in progress, but shows Kobashi starting to develop what would become his trademark chops. Misawa would again get the win. (N/A) because match was joined in progress.

The 4th match on the DVD features Kobashi as a heel showing he really wants to win against Misawa because so far in this DVD Misawa had won all of the matches and it was no different in this match. Kobashi once again came very very close to defeating Misawa for the first time, but one again Misawa would gain the win in another excellent very good match and by this point the feud had reached its height and it was only going to get more intense! )*****)

The 5th match on the DVD was for the All Japan Triple Crown championship with Misawa as champion and Kobashi as the challenger. This was a back and forth match with both men realizing what the match ment. Kobashi hit a moonsalt at one point in the match and I thought the referee had counted 3 but as he was at two Misawa kicked out. Misawa would get the win once again with a tiger suplex in an excellent match. )*****(

The 5th match on the DVD is another excellent match with Kobashi coming very close to winning as he has many times but Misawa would get the win in another excellent back and forth match to end Disc 1 of the classic feud Misawa vs. Kobashi DVD! In my next post I will review Disc 2!

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