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Jeremy Wyatt vs. Mark Sterling 60 min Iron Man match- 2011 MWR Match of the Year.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 4, 2012


The card that would feature the 2011 MWR Match of the Year.


Wyatt has been known to be one of the most nastiest men in the sport today. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


When Mark Sterling locks in the Markshooter, often it is tap or snap. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Jeremy Wyatt vs. Mark Sterling  60 min Iron Man match

3XWrestling Divide & Conquer 1/7/10

Des Moines Iowa

2011 started off with a match that would set the standard for everyone to reach for when two of the finest wrestlers in the country would take the fans on a roller coaster ride in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match. Jeremy Wyatt the former 3XWrestling Champion who held the belt from August 21, 2009 to July 9, 2010 would be taking on the 2010 3XW King of Des Moines tournament winner Mark Sterling.

A match so big that Pro Wrestling Illustrated photographer Wayne McCarty was at ringside along with MWR doing photography for this epic battle.

Sterling would strike first in a battle of wills when he caught Wyatt in the Markshooter. Could Wyatt of escaped? Possibly but the always thinking Wyatt would tap out thus giving Sterling the lead at 1-0.

Like a wounded animal, Wyatt would strike and out of nowhere hit his explosive “Lightning Spiral” on Sterling and in three seconds later it was Wyatt 1 –Sterling 1 with almost a half hour remaining in the match.

In the next 30 minutes each man would be able to get 3 pinfalls thus when the 60 minutes came to a close the score was Wyatt 4- Sterling 4.

Mark Campos said it best during his article “With the fans in confusion and wanting more Commissioner” Todd Countryman “The 3XW fans did not pay their hard earned money to see a draw this match will go into sudden death!” The roof blew off the top of the 3XW arena and these two fighters prepared to finish the war. Giving everything they had nonstop for over one hour the end to a terrific match finally came. Mark Sterling gave Jeremy Wyatt a piledriver of his own on top of a steel chair. Sterling made the cover and came away as 3XW’s true ironman!

The fans gave a rousing standing ovation for what they had just witnessed. Mark Sterling took the mic and asked for the time of the contest. It had gone ten minutes over regulation and these two superstars gave us their heart and soul for all seventy minutes of this awesome match. Sterling got up and said that Wyatt was the best he ever wrestled and extended his hand in respect. And unlike last time and quite unexpectedly Wyatt returned the handshake and they embraced in the ring. Wyatt raised Sterling’s hand and quietly left the ring. Sterling stood in his glory as this feud was now over and new conflicts will be on the horizon.

Two warriors came into the ring that night and after seventy minutes both of them left as legends.

To purchase this DVD to see for yourself why so many fans and the MWR Staff feel as if it is one of the best matches during the MWR years click here to buy.

1st Runner Up – Ron Powers, Sean Vincent, Kevin X vs. Dory Funk JR, Gary Jackson, Chaz Wesson 2 out of 3 falls –SICW – East Carondelet, Illinois -5/21/ 2011

2nd Runner Up– Ethan Wright and The Cancun Kid vs. Mark Sterling and “Superstar” Steve Fender- WLW – Wright and the Cancun Kid win WLW Tag titles. Eldon, Missouri – 3/12/2011

3rd Runner Up– NWA World Champion Adam Pearce vs. Michael Strider- Metro Pro Wrestling Kansas City, Kansas – 11/5/2011

Other matches receiving votes:

Edmund “Livewire” McGuire defeats “Old School Warrior” Ax Allwardt for the AAPW Heavyweight Title on AAPW Collision Episode 4 (Air date 10/15/11)

MECW Heavyweight Champ Bailey Mannix def. Eric Allen 4-3 to win the MECW Great Plains Title in an iron man/retirement match.

The Top Guns beat the Kentucky Buffet 4-3 in a one-hour iron team match to win the IWAU Tag Titles- IWA Unlimited -Olney, Illinois -2/12/2011

Brandon Espinosa pinned Jimmy Jacobs to win the Epic 8 Tournament.- Pro Wrestling Epic -Mt. Pulaski, IL – 4/29/2011

NMW CI Champ Tyler Priegel beat Dan the Man in a ladder match. New Midwest Wrestling Springfield, Illinois 5/27/11

NWA Supreme/ Pro Wrestling Prestige -Mattoon, Illinois – 8/14/2011- NWA Midwest X Champ Oliver Cain beat Eddie Edwards by submission.

Past MWR Match of the Year winners

2010 “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt vs. Tyler Black

2009 Tyler Cook vs. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt in a Ladder Match

2008 No Rope, Barbed Wire Michael Strider (C) vs. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt

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