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NWA Board of Directors grant Tony Kozina a shot at Craig Classic’s NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 6, 2011

National Wrestling Alliance- Midwest
St.Louis, MO.

Two days after a May 28th victory in Streator, IL. over Shank Barzini and Jimmy Karryt to become number one contender to the NWA Midwest X Championship, currently held by Oliver Cain, Tony Kozina got the news he had been waiting for since February.

The NWA Board Of Directors had reviewed his appeal of the Feb. 4-5 weekend and granted him another match against NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Craig Classic.

“In regards to the disputed dates of Feb. 4th and Feb. 5th, the NWA Board Of Directors finds the following.

DISPUTE OF FEB. 4th: Craig Classic misses flight due to weather. Planned championship match between Tony Kozina and Craig Classic is canceled.

CONCLUSION: Contract states that the terms of this agreement are void in the event of an “act of God”. Mr. Classic was delayed in New Jersey on Feb. 4th, due to weather. Therefore, on grounds of “act of God” this rematch request is denied.

DISPUTE OF FEB. 5th: Kozina is pinned, but has foot visibly on ropes. Referee doesn’t see this and counts to three. Referee is made aware of the situation by Kozina, but stands by his decision, and awards the match to Craig Classic via pinfall.

CONCLUSION: After reviewing the footage, the claims are found valid, therefore the NWA Board Of Directors grant a championship rematch of Tony Kozina and Craig Classic for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.”

When asked about the Midwest X title, Kozina politely answered “Let me say that I’ve had my eye on the NWA Midwest X title since I moved to St.Louis. But it was always as a stepping stone to getting the World Junior title back. That’s been my goal from day one. I’m certain Oliver Cain has no shortage of hungry contenders. I’m going to start making the calls to secure a date and a city for the world title match and then it’s back to training harder than ever before, so there’s no point in looking at the X title right now.”

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