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Joe Babinsack reviews “Somebody’s Obsession” by Matt Murphy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 9, 2011

“With each chapter, this book becomes more addicting. You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy it.”
– Jason King, Yahoo! Sports

“A heck of a story about the less glamorous side of the wrestling business.”
– Mike Mooneyham, author, Sex, Lies, and Headlocks

#1 Wrestling Book on Kindle Bestseller List

The Somebody Obsession
By Matt Murphy
Reviewed by Joe Babinsack

Harley Race is quoted as introducing Matt Murphy, to Vince McMahon, as “my first graduate and he has one hell of a mind for the business.”

There’s really not a better introduction to a review Matt Murphy’s book, The Somebody Obsession. It shows who Murphy knew, the opportunities he had, and the impression he had on one of pro wrestling’s greats, to the point where the former WCW Champion, WWE headliner and wrestling promoter/training school owner put his reputation on the line in saying that very line.

The wrestling industry has a thousand Matt Murphys, but each one of them has a slightly different story. Unfortunately, too many of them have ended up in an obituary. Matt Murphy’s story of leaving the business was, in many ways, a positive ending to his otherwise star-crossed career.

Murphy’s star streaked across two continents, several notable promotions in the Mid-west and Japan, and despite the constant suggestions for him to “hit the gym” he made impressions on decision makers who were never that easy to impress.
Harley Race being the first and foremost of them.

Yet Murphy’s star lasted merely a half-decade, and he was only 24 when he figuratively left his wrestling shoes in the ring. Injuries piled up, and while it was a car accident that really put him into retirement, the underlying struggle to work through various injuries wore him down up to that point.

Self-medicating on booze and sex were side effects of “The Somebody Obsession”, and the booze really did him in, yet the obsession to work, to struggle and to put up with the politics, lack of paydays and constant schedule cannot be ignored.
The only irony is that Murphy only really dedicated himself to the gym at the point where the accident made it a moot point.

Had he packed on some pounds and some muscle, would he have gotten a roster spot in Pro Wrestling Noah, or been regarded as a can’t-miss prospect from Harley Race’s WLW/Training School, or could it have gotten him into the WWE when he had a few excellent appearances to put over Kaeintai and Justin Credible?
It’s bittersweet to consider.

For the rest of Joe Babinsack review at Wrestling Observer/ Figure Four Online of “Somebody’s Obsession” by Matt Murphy click here

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