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Dubi meets the HVW Fans 8-7-2010

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 22, 2010

By Dubray Tallman

MWR made our way to Granite City Illinois for High Voltage Wrestling ’S return from their summer vacation with the show “Balls to the Wall”.

In the air was the feeling for a fun night of wrestling and it had been a few months since we last saw the HVW Champion Kahagas in the Midwest. Also on the card was my good friend Santana G taking on her rival Amy Hennig and a lady that we had not seen before The Great Cheyenne. The rest of the card was a surprise and I was excited to find out who else was to be in action.

High Voltage Wrestling always excites the fans, here are a good group of fans waiting for a great time.

I was not the only one, as there were a big group of fans that came a couple hours early to be first in line for all the hard hitting action. Brian and I took the time to say hello and there were a few familiar faces in this group. One was superfan Firefighter Andrew from Granite City, Illinois, and another one was Joe from Fairmont Illinois. Joe you may recall was one of our fans that had hoped to get a picture with one of his favorites at NWA Dynamo recently with Shorty Biggs. Shorty was unable to make it to the show due to car trouble but the word on the street is that the Ego Express of KC Karrington and Steven Kennedy may have had something to do with the car breaking down.

Shirley, Glenn and Pauline with the Magic Man

The first group of fans that I met to my surprise was big fans of the manager “The Magic Man”. The Magic man is one of the most charismatic men in the sport today and it easy to see why people like him even though his actions seem to be on the shady side at times. Shirley, Glenn and Pauline from Granite City were able to meet the one and only Magic Man.

Kahagas and Clayton

Kahagas with Wrestling09 (John)

Kahagas with Dubray Tallman

I caught up with Clayton from Fairmont, Illinois and John from Granite City who both wanted their picture taken with “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas. I have wanted my picture taken with the champ myself for sometimes. Kahagas English is very limited so thankfully HVW promoter TNT Keny G was able to interpret for us to get Kahagas to understand what Dubi meets the fans is and the three of us was able to get that elusive picture with Kahagas.

Andrew the Firefighter with Kahagas

Before the Champ left Andrew who is a huge Kahgas fan, so much that last year for Halloween (That’s my birthday so if you want to send gifts contact me and I will tell you what I want.) Andrew dressed up as Kahagas.

Picture of Andrew dressing up like Kahagas for Halloween, could a dream team of Kahagas and Andrew happen one day?

So it would only be fair that Andrew got his picture with his Idol.

OuTtKaSt ,Joe and Shorty Biggs

I was happy to see that Joe’s favorite Shorty Biggs was in action with his partner OuTtKaSt and the Bumrush Brothers were ready to repay the Ego’s for the vicious attack they put on OuTtKaSt at NWA Dynamo. If you want to see for yourself check out my buddy Mike Van Hoogstraats photo recap of that event here.

OuTtKaSt , Amanda and Shorty Biggs

The Bumrush Brothers were more than happy to meet Joe. As soon as we were done taking the photo Amanda Blasé from ST Louis let me know that she was all for getting her picture taken with one of today’s most popular tag teams.

Norman with the lovely but dangerous Amy Hennig

I had mentioned about the ladies triple match earlier and it never fails that us ladies can get the attention of you guys in no time. That was true with one of HVW’S strongest supporters Norman who was thrilled to get his picture taken with Amy Hennig.

Julie , Tommy Mike and Anthony with the Midwest Sweetheart Santana G.

I had promised the early birds of the night a picture with one of their favorites before the night was through. Tommy, Mike, Anthony and Julie all decided on HVW own Santana G.

John and Dubray Tallman

Well girls, your not the only one who has your fans, John or as he is known on the wrestling boards, Wrestling09 asked me for another picture beings that Brian lost the last one awhile back that he took of us. I was honored to have my picture taken with one of the Midwest wrestling’s biggest fans.

Dan Walsh with Anastasia and her dad Will.

During the evening the HVW wrestler that was kind enough to wear the MWR shirt to the ring and throw it to a lucky fan turned out to be Dan Walsh. Walsh would have his hand raised against the Magic Mans protege  Sir Bradley Charles but before the bell rang he targeted a young lady in the back and he showed his skills when young Anastasia. After the matches Dan joined Anastasia and her dad Will for a picture.

I would like to thank all the fans and wrestlers who made this Dubi meets the fans a lot of fun. In the near future look for a photo recap of this show and as always look for us at a show near you soon.

Love Dubz.

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