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MMWA-SICW Jan. 16 recap

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 31, 2010

By Kari Williams
Photos by Mike Van Hoogstraat

MMWA-SICW kicked off its second show of the year with one of two major announcements planned for the evening.

On May 7-9, a Pro Wrestling Exhibition will take place at the St. Charles Convention Center with Herb Simmons and Tony Casta as the event coordinators. For more information, go to MWR’s Breaking News coverage of the announcement.

Static hits Venom with a splash in the corner.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MMWA newcomer Venom took on the fan favorite in “Electrifying” Jaysin Static. After the two traded holds and punches, Venom got the upper hand. Static’s determination proved to be his biggest ally, as he gained a second wind and attacked Venom with vicious kicks. At one point, Venom had an opportunity to get a win, but he wasted time mocking Static, giving the electrifying one time to recoup. After battling back from the brink of defeat, Static put Venom away with a nasty kick to the back of the head.

Bobby D would win by countout but made the mistake of getting his hands to close to the dog.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Moondog Rover attempted to make puppy chow out of Bobby D in the second contest. Neither man (nor dog) had a clear advantage throughout the bout. They battled back and forth, with Rover biting D as revenge for D doing the same. Rover’s tactic gave him control and he wore down D’s arm to take away his power game. By the 10-minute-mark, D turned the tide, and the action soon spilled to ringside. The two pounded each other, but D had the wherewithal to sneak back in the ring before the count of 10, securing victory. Unhappy with the conclusion, Rover attacked D after the match—much to the delight of the crowd.

Core had his work cut out for him against “Thee” Brandon Espinosa, who was in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s 2009 PWI 500 at 445. After a struggle for dominance, Core got the early advantage, causing Espinosa to rush to ringside to regain his composure. Core tried to take advantage by attacking Espinosa from behind on the outside, but once they got in the ring, Espinosa dominated. Perhaps too hasty to put Core away, Espinosa went for a splash in the corner, but Core sidestepped, giving Core an opportunity.

Core hits Brandon Espinosa with a clothesline. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

However, Espinosa quickly regrouped, connected with a picture-perfect drop kick and locked in victory shortly thereafter.

Isick Manson punishes Johnny Courageous in the corner. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Venom would interfere to give Manson the edge on Courageous.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

After intermission, Johnny Courageous and Isick Manson waged war. Manson’s threatening presence did nothing to deter Courageous, who never backs down from a fight. Manson established dominance about half way into the bout, leaving Courageous begging for sympathy from the crowd. Venom reemerged at ringside during the match, giving Manson a slight advantage as Courageous fought for the win. Though Courageous’s second win kicked in, Venom helped Manson steal a victory by holding Manson’s feet for added leverage.

The Big Texan and The Future in a test of streagnth.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The Big Texan hits Ruddick with his full weight.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Travis Cook has every right to be concerned when Ruddick throws The Big Texan out of the ring.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Ruddick is choked slam by the Big Texan. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

In a return match from the prior week, The Big Texan went up against “Future” Donovan Ruddick. Texan had Waco and The Connection Manager Travis Cook at ringside, but Waco’s shenanigans got him thrown out by the referee early on. With the playing field nearly even, Ruddick pummeled Texan with a brutal clothesline to take over. At a key moment, Ruddick took a gamble, charging Texan in the corner. Texan ducked out of the way and gained the advantage. Within moments, the two behemoths took the action to the outside and the beating continued into a double-disqualification.

AJ Williams comes in to help Ruddick against The Big Texan and Waco.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

As soon as the bell rang, Waco ran from the back to double-team Ruddick. Not far behind, however, was MMWA-SICW Junior Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams. Ruddick and Williams cleared the ring, then took to the sky as they launched on to Texan and Waco, respectively.

Sean Vincent taunts Gary Jackson early in the match.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Jackson invites Vincent rudely back into the ring. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The Look of a man who wished he wouldn’t of taken the jump.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Gary Jackson in your face (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MMWA’s resident Canadian hero Sean Vincent took on “Night Train” Gary Jackson in a heated contest. Vincent attacked Jackson from behind in hopes of ending the bout swiftly, but to no avail. Jackson’s experience gave him the upper hand in this exchange. Perhaps to formulate a game plan, Vincent escaped to the outside on more than one occasion; this worked in his favor as he took control. Jackson suffered from an illegal choke courtesy of Vincent as Cook provided the distraction. Despite some back and forth dominance, Jackson rolled up Vincent with a small package for the win.

Prior to the main event, Tony Casta, Herb Simmons, Tim Miller and Keith Smith announced MMWA-SICW’s creation of an open-door policy. More information can be found here. Cook interrupted the announcement, prompting Simmons to suggest that Cook may have to face one of the individuals who will be at the wrestling expo.

Blade send the Champion down to the mat.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Does Vaughn have it locked in?(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Will Blade tap out?(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Blade wisely taps out and opts to fight another day as the Champion Dave Vaughn had him where he wanted him. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Champion Dave Vaughn put his belt on the line against Battle Royal Champion Blade. The bout began with a battle of technical prowess, with Vaughn keeping Blade grounded. Just as Blade began to get back in the game, Vaughn side-stepped a potential shoulder to the gut, causing Blade to run into the ring post. The bout was fairly even in terms of athleticism; it came down to who wanted it more. When it appeared that the match was nearing its end, Vaughn went for the spear. Blade dodged the maneuver, but Vaughn caught him in an arm bar submission and forced him tap out.

Can anyone beat the MMWA-SICW Champ Dave Vaughn? (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MMWA-SICW returns to South Broadway Athletic Club Feb. 6.

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