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2009 Missouri Wrestling Revival Award winners.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 29, 2010

Missouri Wrestling Revival is proud to announce the 2009 MWR Awards. This year we asked you the MWR fans, wrestlers and promoters to nominate for this prestigious honor to be voted on. The votes this year was for:

1) Wrestler of the Year
2) Tag Team of the Year
3) Female wrestler of the Year
4) Match of the Year
5) Promotion of the Year

The MWR awards committee looked at each category and gave their votes on whom and what was the most deserving. I can not speak for the others but in some categories it was an easy vote while others I had to contemplate. So many wrestlers and promoters have worked hard throughout the year to provide you the fans with excitement and memories that you will never forget; it was hard to just choose one.

One change from last year is the MWR Award for personality of the Year. Last year Harley Race was chosen for his contribution to the Midwest. Race not only was one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live but since his retirement he has came back to the Midwest running one of the top schools and promotions in the sport today.

This year, instead of personality of the year we have decided to rename the award the MWR Lifetime Achievement Award. This is award is to recognize that special person who has made a positive impact for wrestling in the Midwest.

We will announce the recipient later in the week.

Till then let’s take a look at the 2009 MWR Awards and see who the best of 2009 was in the Midwest.

MWR 2009 Wrestler of the Year

Mark Sterling

Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat

No one in the sport has a better work ethic that Mark Sterling. Sterling continued his drive to become the best in 2009 by wrestling around the Midwest going up against a who’s who of top wrestlers today. Sterling became the NWA Central States Champion by defeating the ultra talented Michael Strider in 2009 to top off an exciting year that saw him become the Pro Wrestling  Entertainment United States Champion in a three way dance against Krotch and Hunter Mathews.

At NWA Dynamo in Kansas he went head to head against the then current Ring of Honor Champion Jerry Lynn in Kansas in a truly special encounter. Sterling has excelled in Tag team action as well by owning 4 tag team titles in 3 different companies 3XW, AAPW and Pro Wrestling Phoenix.

From Kansas to Iowa to Missouri all the way to Illinois the wrestlers respect him, the promoters want him on their show and the fans hate him.

We would like congratulate Mark Sterling for being the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year

One of the closest votes this year was between Sterling and what one voter called the Midwest Shawn Michaels, Jeremy Wyatt. When asked what he meant, he replied Wyatt just doesn’t have a bad match. Wyatt dominated throughout the Midwest against some of the top stars from Shane Rich, Tyler Black to the MWR Cup Championship that saw him beat Donovan Ruddick, Arya Daivari and rising superstar Jimmy Rockwell.

Surprisingly in the top three was “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas. He only wrestled a short amount of matches but the consensuses was that when he made his way to the Midwest it was BIG news. Flying in from Florida Kahagas earned a spot in the IWA 2009 Ted Petty Invitational tournament. Though the Tournament was not to be this year, during his time in the Midwest he went to war with Bloody Harker Dirge, Mark Sterling, Donovan Ruddick and Issan Hadeev.

3rd runner up was the PWI Rookie of the Year Mike Sydal. Sydal was the talk of the fans wherever he went. At 3xw he won the 3XW Tag team Champions with partner Zach Thompson. Together they thrilled fans and is rightfully called the High Flyers. At his hometown of St Louis at High Voltage Wrestling he shocked the fans by turning on them after winning the HVW Livewire title and aligning himself up with the Kansas City Killers Mark Sterling and Jeremy Wyatt.

2) Jeremy Wyatt
3) Kahagas
4) Mike Sydal

MWR Tag Team of Tag team of Year

Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat

Devin and Mason Cutter (The Hooligans)

Out of nowhere the Cutters came, bringing to the Midwest their own style of toughness to gain an almost unanimous vote. Where ever I went promoters, wrestlers and fans asked me about this up and coming team. Always ready for a fight Devin and Mason finished the year with 126 matches. In the end of the summer they were able to win the LWA Tag team titles and worked their way through the High Voltage Wrestling Tag Tournament to become the first ever Tag Champions.

In 2009 The Hooligans was the hunters setting their sights on becoming the top tag team of the Midwest. Today by being named the 2009 MWR Tag team of the Year, for the first time the Cutters are the hunted as the Midwest top Tag teams such as the Gentleman’s Club, Old School Thunder, Big Texan and Waco, the Murder Militia , the Ego Express and the 2008 MWR Tag team the Northstar Express will be gunning for them or will the 2009 MWR Tag Team of the Year.

Till then the Hooligans are set for war against two of the best tag teams in the Midwest when they take on the Hybrids at NWA Supreme in Mattoon Illinois on January 30th and continue their feud with the Kansas City Killers on February 20th at High Voltage Wrestling.

Missouri Wrestling Revival fans make sure you get a chance to see the MWR 2010 Tag team of the Year at a show near you while you can.

2) The Northstar Express Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz
3) The Gentleman’s Club Mark Sterling and Gage Octane
4) Old School Thunder Ax Alwardth & Brandon Walker

Missouri Wrestling Revival Female Wrestler of the Year

Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat


I’m sad to say that women’s wrestling is near nonexistent in the MWR coverage area. Yet I must add that doesn’t discount the talent that is here and that is why we decided to still honor this award.

Let’s take a glance at the runner ups and the people that you should know about. Second generation superstar Amy Hennig captured the World League Wrestling title, and “The worlds strongest women Beca” took it from her at the WLW 10 year anniversary. The biggest disappointment for the women’s division was injuries. The 2009 MWR Female of the Year Stacey O’Brien dominated the Midwest till a injury took her out of action early in the year and unable to successfully defend her crown this year, though she still gathered a high percentage of votes. The same could be said for the tough as nails Mickie Knuckles. Young Santana G quickly became a fan favorite among men and women but a half a year of wrestling caused her to be overlooked in the nominations

With all that said, MWR and the Midwest can not be any prouder to call MsChif one of their own. MsChif is one of the most in demand wrestlers today and any time she comes back to the Midwest it is big news. Mschif is currently the SHIMMER and NWA Women’s Champion. Recently she was able to pin the Amazing Kong as the year came to a close.

MsChif has set the bar for women’s wrestling in the past decade and now MWR would like to congratulate her as the MWR Female of the Year.

2) Amy Hennig
3) TIE Mickie Knuckles and Stacey O’Brien

Missouri Wrestling Revival 2009 Match of the Year

A match of the year is something special. It’s a match that you will never forget and if you missed it you wished that you were there to see if live. Months after the epic match between Cook and Wyatt on July 17th wrestlers themselves were talking about this match and making me wish that I was there.

Jeremy Wyatt vs. Tyler Cook 3XW Pure Wrestling Championship title match.
Wyatt vs. Tyler Cook July 17 Des Moines, Iowa

Jeremy Wyatt and Tyler Cook have been at war for months over the 3xw Pure wrestling title. Wyatt always seems to feed off the hate of the fans while his arch rival Cook was cheered as he took on the monumental task of defeating the Rebel for the title. The bout featured an incredible series of innovative and reckless moves with the ladder, chairs and the ringside table and steps. The final moments of the match saw Tyler Cook climb to the top of the ladder and grab the title while an exhausted, disoriented, and beaten Jeremy Wyatt began throwing up at the edge of the mat.

One 3xw Fan had this to say about the match “My hat gets even more tipped to “The Rebel”. After taking one the hardest spills on the head I’ve ever seen in person – then the guy delivers several more ferocious bumps. So much emotion & physicality in that match, that is the stuff that makes me love 3xw.”…Another one stated I was sitting across from where it happened, and it was crazy. A lesser man would’ve quit, that just goes to show how tough Wyatt and the entirety of 3XW is. It is a very physical sport, after all…. And even more impressive was this statement “I too was sitting right in front of this vicious bump. It quite honestly was scary for a moment. I can’t believe how tough Wyatt is. By the way this was my first 3xw event and I am already making plans for next months show and beyond!!

2) “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt V. “Serial Thriller” Shane Rich for the AAPW Heavyweight Championship (March 14th, 2009, West Frankfort, IL.)

Technical, brutal, high flying, athletic, and INTENSE. This match DELIVERED. Two of the Midwest’s best squared off in a match that could have headlined any card in Indy wrestling. The complete match, these two men gave it their all. Plus, it told a story and had a controversial finish. Wyatt/Rich 2 is a match that needs to happen SOON.

3) Phoenix Twins vs Northstar Express SCW Tag Team Title Match:
2/6/2009 in Davenport, IA

The Phoenix Twins (Tweek and Dash) and The Northstar Express (Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz) had a feud that tore up the Midwest in 2008. Guess what they are still going strong. In the main event, the SCW/PWN Tag Team Champions, The Phoenix Twins defeated The Northstar Express in an incredible tag team battle between two rivals that is reminiscent of the Hart Foundation and The British Bulldogs

4) Jeremy Wyatt vs. Future” Donovan Ruddick vs. Arya Daivari, vs.“Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell in a four-man elimination match. November 14th Granite City Illinois.

Originally set up as a No Disqualification match, the referee made a questionable call and counted out Ruddick after he was attacked by Wyatt’s KC Killer partners Mark Sterling and Mike Sydal. Arya Daivari was eliminated next by Rockwell. 20 minutes of action followed, with the young upstart Rockwell battling tooth and nail for the Cup, but ultimately Wyatt finished him for the 3-count.

Missouri Wrestling Revival Promotion of the Year


Top promotion can be very hard to vote on, last year 3XW won with a combination of top draws and excellent wrestling in the ring. With a slow start as the transitioned to the Des Moines Social Club they rebounded strongly and they look to have a strong 2010. AAPW continued their goal of providing there fans with Midwest dream matches such as Jeremy Wyatt vs. Shane Rich and bringing in top wrestlers such as Shawn Shultz to go along with their Fans Choice Award. High Voltage Wrestling gained popularity with providing the fans with an All Star cast of wrestlers that included Bailey Mannix, The Hooligans, Wyatt, Sydal, Sterling, Mississippi Madman and WLW Superstars Steve Anthony and Superstar Steve Fender as well as having the most talked about match of the year in Donovan Ruddick and Mark Bland.

Let me say that I would not want to be the one guys deciding on the awards. There are so many deserving wrestlers who deserve the award. When speaking about Promotion of the year it is just as difficult because each promoter and there team works very hard to present a product that is to the best of their ability and something that that can be proud of.

With that said there is one promotion that stands out far and beyond the rest of them and that is MMWA-SICW.

Let’s take a look at their year in 2009

1) They ran 2 shows a month one at the historic South Broadway Athletic club and the second one is in East Carondelet, IL . Which adds to 24 shows plus they made a successful debut in Fairmont Illinois this past fall.

2) Attendance is always in the 3 digits as their fans are very loyal. This isn’t a knock on any one but in a time of a slow economy MMWA-SICW has easily out drew their competition sometimes 2-1 or 3-1.

3) One of the few promotions that have TV, fans are able to Wild World of Wrestling can be seen throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area on Double-Helix TV Channel 22 (Fridays 10pm), Charter Communications Channel 18 (Sundays 10:30pm) and on OmniVision.

4) MMWA-SICW is the home of the ST Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame where fans can come to honor the past in St Louis Wrestling.

5) In 2009 MMWA-SICW have given the fans a chance to meet the stars of wrestling by having Harley race, Dave Hebner, Bob Hardcore Holly, Larry Matysik ,Mickey Garagioloa and most recently the wild popular Baron Von Raschke

6) This year wrestling in the Midwest got its most positive press when the ST Louis Dispatch the #1 newspaper in St Louis did a complete and separate spread on 50 years at the Chase with the old stars such Harley Race, Johnny Valentine, Jack Brisco and new stars in Gary Jackson, the Lumberjacks, Dave Vaughn and more.

Here is a link to the STLTODAY.COM with a perfect video to show the awards committee. ST LOUIS WRESTLING HISTORY
Here are some of the Photos they used in the Month of May 50 Years at the Chase that they have used. St Louis Post Dispatch.

7) Gary Jackson –Too many Gary is St Louis wrestling. One word that I can describe him in is Professional. If you are a fan, you need to see this guy wrestle. If you are wrestling today you should get advice from him.

8) The MMWA-SICW has been active in work with the community. Announcer and Executive Director Tim Miller has been instrumental with giving back. MMWA-SICW was active in the benefit the family of fallen police officer Julius Moore who was killed due to the result of injuries sustained during an on-duty vehicle accident on Tuesday, October

6, 2009. He was 23 years old. The event raised more than $2200 through food sales alone to benefit Police Officer Julius Moore’s family including his three young children, two sons and a daughter all under the age of 5. The event was covered by the press and over 2,000 people showed up to support the cause.

2) 3Xwrestling
3) All American Pro Wrestling
4) High Voltage Wrestling

Missouri Wrestling Revival fans are fortunate to have plenty of great options to see some great wrestling action. Look for strong showings from Pro Wrestling Phoenix in Council Bluffs, MECW in Woodriver and IWA Productions who had a very successful show with the Honky Tonk Man this past week to make a strong run for the top promotion in 2010. NWA Dynamo came on strong running Friday shows in Glen Carbon  as well as Independent Hardcore Wrestling that came on strong in the second half of the year. Harley Race’s World League Wrestling retruns this spring and has always entertained the fans throughout the MWR coverage area.

Regardless of the promotions 3 or 4 letters that you prefer support pro wrestling and their wrestlers by making it to a local show this year.

Another year in the books as MWR heads to our 3 years of supporting Professinoal Independent Wrestling in the Midwest. I hope that you enjoy the 2009 MWR Awards and if you’r like me you agree with some and disagree with others but more importantly it has you thinking about Pro Wrestling in 2010.

From the MWR family to yours see you at the show.
Brian “Flair” Kelley

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