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Mark This Down

Posted by Admin on January 18, 2008

Mark This Down
by “Smart” Mark Anthony

Note from MWR: “Smart” Mark Anthony is a pro wrestling aficionado, Internet advocate, and aspiring wrestling manager with strong opinions and a blunt personality. The views expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, or feelings of MWR or the MWR staff.

In the first installment of “Mark This Down”, I let things fly off the top of my head. In this installment, I will cover two previously announced topics. The first is my take on the current Midwest wrestling scene. The second topic covers my picks for an elite Midwest stable.

I will remind you from the very beginning, take everything in this column as gospel. Why? Well, because I am the official voice of the Internet, for one. Anything you read on the Internet is true. Go read my first “Mark This Down” column if you have any questions. If you read it and still have questions afterwards, e-mail me.

My take on the Midwest:

Midwest wrestling is struggling, folks. Don’t get me wrong – there are positive signs, strong promotions, and talented wrestlers, but we’re a long way away from the glory days. From what I see, there are too many promotions, not nearly enough business savvy promoters, and basically no continuity.

I’ve heard the arguments over and over and over again that Indy promotions in the Midwest don’t draw well enough to have continuity between shows. The only problem with that is that not having any sort of continuity between shows, and in a lesser case between promotions, hurts the big picture. Remember the big picture, guys? The big picture is what a promoter should be looking at BEFORE he starts his wrestling promotion.

Where’s the investment? Where’s the promoting and advertising? Are these promotions simply run as a hobby?

Some promotions have a few things right. They don’t look down at their fans. They keep those fans up to date on what is going on, and do whatever they can to bring the fans back to their website to check for updates. No updates for a promotion’s website is the equivalent of telling the fans that you have shut down. Add a video interview from time to time. Allow writers such as myself or the editor of Missouri Wrestling Revival to help make the promotion more believable and accessible to the fans.

My point? When you show the fans that you care, they start to emotionally invest in your product.

Emotional investment becomes monetary investment.

Come on, guys! This is not rocket science! I won’t mention any names, out of respect for my employer, but people know which organizations I’m talking about.

I’ve heard promoters talk, and it all seems to boil down to a defeatist attitude. They are content to dabble in their hobby… to hell with the wrestling fans. They’re positive that money can’t be made.

I have to ask, “So, why run a promotion?”

The most harm done to the independent wrestling scene are the fly-by-night craptacular promotions that have sprung up all over the place with no real goal in sight.

On the positive side of things, the wrestlers want to work. I have read comments on wrestlers’ blogs and have received a few e-mails from them as well, all stating that they are bummed about the lack of work they’ve had. Some haven’t worked a show in six months! Many of them are disheartened by the cancelled shows, failing promotions, and lack of cooperation here in the Midwest… but they still want to perform and would support any organization that gave them the opportunity.

I want to break it all down into my first ever Midwest Wrestling Report Card.

Promotions: C
There are some strong promotions out there, but with the overall show infrequency, continuity issues, and plethora of cancelled shows, this area of Midwest wrestling is definitely suffering. It definitely needs improvement.

Wrestling Talent: B+
I could go on and on about the talented wrestlers, referees, managers, and announcers that are out there, but I won’t. I will say that with Midwest talent such as Awesome Kong, Dingo, Delirious, and Tyler Black moving up to ROH and TNA, it’s a sign that the wrestlers aren’t the problem.

Fans: B-
The fans are, no doubt, the double-edged sword of Midwest wrestling. Some are extremely negative to the point that it’s hard to believe they are wrestling fans. Some are so loyal that they’d sacrifice their first born son in a show of dedication to a wrestling promotion. A strange mix, and yet there is an untapped potential for more casual fans to go to Midwest wrestling events. Will the crazy negative/loyal fans turn them off of attending?

Overall: B-
Let me know what you think about my first attempt at grading pro wrestling in the Midwest!

My picks:

As I mentioned in the last installment and earlier in this one, I have put a lot of thought into who my picks would be for a bad ass Indy Midwest stable… one that could wreak havoc on promotions across the entire Midwest. Here are my picks, and the logic behind them.

Michael Strider
The voice of the stable when I’m not talking. Strider has the charisma and in-ring ability to be this stable’s poster child. He’s currently the CSW Heavyweight Champion, and he’s not afraid to get dirty.

Mark Sterling
He’s got ring psychology on lock and while he can piss a person off like nobody’s business, people can’t help but admire his tenacity and talent. He’d be my guy to go after any secondary titles, with the assumption that if Strider falls, he’d easily slide into his place as voice of the stable.

Tyler Black
A young guy with the ability to be a very shady character. He’d be my ambassador to AAW and SCW, and would make sure that if my stable came to those areas they’d get nothing but respect.

Keith Walker
I can think of nobody better in the Midwest to be in the Arn Anderson role of enforcer. He’s big, he’s bad, he’s currently the WLW Heavyweight Champion. If he eventually goes to WWE, he lends even more credibility to my awesome stable.

So, what did you think? Agree with my picks? Think I need to have my head examined. Let me know!

Until next time!


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