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Mark This Down

Posted by Admin on January 10, 2008

“Mark This Down”
by “Smart” Mark Anthony

Note from MWR: “Smart” Mark Anthony is a pro wrestling aficionado, Internet advocate, and aspiring wrestling manager with strong opinions and a blunt personality. The views expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, or feelings of MWR or the MWR staff.

For the first edition of my column, I’ll just take a big step forward and get this thing started. With my brash style, I’m sure that the good people at Missouri Wrestling Revival have already issued some sort of disclaimer about me to start this column out. Might as well skip my ego-infected self-introduction.

If you can’t tell by my nickname and whatever publicity that MWR has given me thus far, I’m a fan of the Internet and all of the professional wrestling communities that have sprung up because of it. Sure, Internet wrestling fans have a bad reputation for being severely and unabashedly negative, but there isn’t anyone who can run a wrestling organization like a wrestling fan with access to an Internet-capable computer. I mean, our opinions are numerous, we have no concern for the money involved in running a promotion, and damn it, we have standards. Five star standards, if you weel (imagine me saying that with the best Dusty Rhodes voice humanly possible without being the American Dream, himself).

In keeping with the mission of my sponsor, Missouri Wrestling Revival, I think it is important for me to point out that without fans like us the independent wrestling scene would really be suffering. We are typically known as an indy promotion’s “super fans”, due to our loyalty and willingness to spend hard earned money on indy products. Yes, we’ll stream a WWE or TNA pay per view every chance we get, but if somebody asks us to burn a copy of that Ring of Honor DVD or even a Central States Wrestling or New Midwest Wrestling show, then we’ll slit their throats!

How can you complain about die hard fans like that?

I’m here to represent this minority group. We’re the vocal majority, but often our voices are scattered and ineffective. TNA Booking is living proof of that fact. I volunteer to step up and be the focused voice of my people. Along the way, I will do what Internet wrestling fans live for the chance to do… improve wrestling in general and bring selected talent with me to the top!

You want to be my protege? Well, you’ve got to be entertaining, fast, and willing to listen to my guidance. No overly muscled idiot with three moves in his arsenal is ever going to make it in this business if I have anything to say about it. You have to have an attitude, of course, but when it comes to the Internet community, you best be knowing what’s up!

You’ve got to have respect for my peoples, yo!

MWR has given me the opportunity to become the great leader I always knew I could be. I thank them, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll always say things that they agree with. I’m an ambitious and opinionated guy. Those two qualities and public forums do not mix well. If they stick with me, though, I can promise greatness!

That’s it for me and this edition of Mark This Down. In the next edition, I’ll break down what I feel is wrong with indy wrestling today. I’ll also reveal to the world which four current Midwest wrestlers I’d kill to manage as part of an “Independent Super Stable”.


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