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Referee Wrestles Through the Indies

Posted by Admin on September 6, 2008


Referee Wrestles Through the Indies

By Kari Williams

[Styles refs for LWA in this photo taken by Kari Williams.]

As two large men collide in the center of the ring—or worse, outside of the ring—one vital person must be there to make the important calls. “Stylish” Kurt Styles is one of the men who dons the striped shirt and knows both sides of that scenario. He has even done double-duty on the same night.

“I remember my first show I wrestled on. I wrestled Sly in the opening match under a mask, and then had to go coast to coast (all matches on the card)… except one other match, but I got taken out of that one by my first chair shot. It got kind of rough doing it at times though,” he said.

The wrestling referee has been lacing up his boots since October 2003. He wrestled his first match in April 2004, but has been reffing since his days training with LWA.

Styles was also trained in the now-defunct MAX promotion by Luke Roberts for approximately four months.

“I actually went to school with some guys that were training, and they knew how much I liked professional wrestling and how I wanted to get into it, and the LWA was just starting up and they said, ‘You know, well, we need some more guys,’” he said.

His desire sprouted from a young age, as he watched “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels take on “The Hitman” Bret Hart in their classic 60-minute iron man match at Wrestlemania XII.

The Stylish One has traveled to Illinois and places as far as Michigan for his duties as a wrestler. Companies such as Heartland Championsip Wrestling (HCW) and Rampage Pro Wrestling (RPW) have had Styles as well, helping him to pursue his dream.

“I know there [are] so many guys in this business that don’t actually make it anywhere, and I don’t want to be lost in the shuffle,” he said.

Currently, Styles holds the HCW Light-Heavyweight Championship—which is the highlight of his career thus far.

“I’d say one of my favorite matches was down in Heartland Championship Wrestling, where I’m their Light-Heavyweight champion, and it was for the belt, and I was wrestling Kado McShannon, and it was just a lot of energy in the match, and the crowd was really hyped up into it. We did a lot of crazy stuff,” he said.

With switching between being a referee and wrestling, one could imagine that the transition would be difficult. However, according to Styles, “you’ve just got to have a different mindset, be more aware.”

Whether wrestling or being the mediator between two behemoths, Styles is available for bookings and can be reached through http://www.myspace.com/kurtstyles or through e-mail at sunshine_kurtstyles@hotmail.com.

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