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The Stone/Murdock War is Just Starting

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 23, 2010

After months of anticipation, the first in-ring confrontation between Derek Stone and Trevor Murdock was more shocking than anyone imagined. Stone had waited months for his shot at the Metro Pro Television Title, and the TV Champion, Trevor Murdock, was having a good time ducking Stone. When it was finally decided that the two ring veterans would lock up and hook horns in the ring, thanks to the edict from Commissioner Michael Strider, MPW fans knew it would be a match to remember.

Murdock and his newest associate in Metro Pro, Bull Schmitt, made sure that fans would go home wondering about the health of Stone

When Murdock hit Stone with his patented Sit-Down Slam on the announcer table at ringside, the table never moved. Stone rolled over in a heap onto a nearby chair before crashing to the ground, clutching his sternum as he gasped for air. With Schmitt prompting him, Murdock picked up Stone once again, laid him on the table and jumped from the apron, landing on Stone’s chest with all his weight hurdling down. Fans were silent as the table crashed and broke from beneath them, forcing Murdock’s weight again on the sternum of Stone, which was held up by the hardwood floor beneath him.

Stone, unable to move for several minutes, finally made his way back inside the ring — against the pleas of his co-workers who had come to ringside to help him. When he finally did get into the ring, Murdock made short work, hitting yet another Sit-Down Slam and getting the win.

After the match, EMTs and MPW officials eventually had to use the broken table as a make-shift stretcher, taking Stone out into the hallway and he tried to regain his breath. The sight of Stone trying to breathe normally was the last image fans were left with after the encounter.

As he heals in his home, following two broken ribs and a bruised lung, Stone began calling Commissioner Strider, giving him updates on his health status. Stone also told Strider one other thing: He wants a rematch in January. Commissioner Strider has told MetroWrestling.com that he will indeed allow Stone to have a rematch with Murdock as long as Stone is medically cleared to wrestle. Stone also has another idea in mind for a “special” kind of match for his next encounter with Murdock.

As soon as we get word, MetroWrestling.com will have the information on the style of match fans can expect on January 8, 2011, inside Turner Recreation Center. In the meantime, buy your advance tickets now online, which includes a 20 percent discount if you buy four or more tickets.


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