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MMWA Starts Off 2014 with an Eventful Show

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 29, 2014

By Patrick Brandmeyer

A new commissioner would be revealed. A massive newcomer would make his in-ring debut. Several championships would be defended. Those were the stories going into the first show of 2014 for the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance.

 photo IMG_7598_zps9b772446.jpg

Brandon Espinosa and Lynn Mephisto continued their habit of kicking off the show. As the two ran their mouths in the usual fashion, they took the time to hurl insults at former senior official Jim Harris in the audience. They were no strangers to the retired referee as Mephisto had manhandled Harris at previous shows. At that moment, ring announcer Ben Simon got a text message from the as-yet-unrevealed new commissioner…the two would have to participate in the night’s battle royal as well as their scheduled tag match.

 photo IMG_7615_zps627e87fb.jpg

Da’Marius Jones had a rough night ahead of him as he was the first opponent for the huge Barackus. The super heavyweight had made his first appearance at the December show by costing Dave Osborne his shot at then-champion Espinosa. Jones gave it his best shot but couldn’t overcome the size disadvantage…Barackus dropped him with a clawhold Flatliner and the referee stopped the match, awarding it to the big man by way of a knockout.

Mephisto had an opportunity to regain the Battle Royal Title he lost in December…and earn a shot at Television Champion Jimmy D in the process. However, five other men had the same goal, including defending Battle Royal Champion Stevie K and Mephisto’s own partner Espinosa. This time around, Gary Jackson would not be an outside factor…The Webmaster earned the victory with no questions asked. He took advantage of several instances of miscommunication to eliminate both Mephisto and Espinosa, retaining his title and moving on to a shot at Jimmy D.

With his manager Sean Orleans absent due to a suspension, Jackson Whitechapel had to fly solo against his recent rival Moondog Rover. The lack of focus on Whitechapel’s part may have been his undoing as the fan favorite cruised to victory, getting the pin after a huge spinebuster.

Junior Heavyweight Champion had been dealing with challenges from Ace Hawkins for several months. He scored a tainted victory over Ace in October, then lost to him in a non-title King Of St. Louis Cable Tournament bout in November. Wilder battled Hawkins and Da’Marius Jones in a triple threat matchup in December; the opportunistic “Wolf” got a cheap pin on Jones, but Ace remained in contention.

Hawkins teamed with J-Mal Swagg against the unusual team of Wilder and Flaming Freddie Fury.
 photo 5_zps3e022cf7.jpg

The bout started fast as all four men brawled, not giving Ben Simon the opportunity to announce the match stipulation. In the end, Wilder resorted to a low blow on Hawkins and got disqualified…he may have escaped from a worse beating on that night, but cost himself a different opportunity. As Ben announced after the bell, the winners of the match would name the stipulation for February’s Wilder-Hawkins title match! Hawkins wanted a no-disqualification match, thus keeping Wilder from taking the easy way out of another title defense. However, Wilder felt he had already proven himself to be the better man and wanted Ace to put something on the line as well: His Missouri Wrestling Revival “Sexiest Wrestler” award! The February matchup will be title belt vs. award plaque!

 photo 6_zpsa348bb72.jpg

Webmaster Stevie K had a shot at double gold as he sought to add the Wild World Of Wrestling Television Championship to his Battle Royal Title. However, Jimmy D wasn’t about to let his third title reign end so quickly…when the going got tough, D took a walk and got counted out to save his title.

Big Dave Osborne seemed to be in a sportsmanlike mood as he took on A.J. Williams. It was a battle of power and size against speed and agility, but an outside factor would decide the outcome. Barackus made another appearance and the distraction led to Osborne falling prey to Williams’ superkick. The big man laid out Osborne with his clawhold Flatliner after the match, making another statement at the expense of the former Heavyweight Champ.

 photo 1_zps51863c3e.jpg

The main event of the evening had bad blood on all sides…new Heavyweight Champion Brian James teamed up with former titleholder Gary Jackson against Espinosa and Mephisto. The referee had trouble maintaining law and order and soon it erupted into a full-scale fight. The official counted all four men out of the ring but that didn’t end the war by a longshot!

 photo 2_zps9d3fdf19.jpg

Barackus entered the ring and assisted Espinosa and Mephisto in their assault on James and Jackson, revealing his allegiance to the self-proclaimed young guns of the promotion.

 photo 3_zps0e08a0d1.jpg

Jackson was handcuffed to the ropes as the trio focused their attention on Brian James, but the new commissioner finally revealed himself and ordered a stop to the attack: It was Jim Harris!

 photo 4_zpsfb2598dd.jpg

Harris acted swiftly, suspending Barackus for a month after his repeated interference in matches. He announced that Espinosa would get a title rematch with James in February, but it would be his ONLY rematch for the gold. Finally, he announced that he had a surprise for Mephisto…and we would all have to wait until the February show to find out what that surprise is!

February 8th is already shaping up to be a major event with two titles on the line…new Commissioner Jim Harris has already made his first step in restoring law and order to the MMWA!

 photo ace_zpscd06af66.jpg

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“Da Bomb” Brian James: King Of St. Louis Cable

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 19, 2013

By Patrick Brandmeyer

If history is any indication, Brian James is on the road to the MMWA Heavyweight Championship. The Midwest veteran defeated three tough opponents in the same night to win the King Of St. Louis Cable Tournament, thus earning himself a title shot of his choice.

Of course, he wasn’t alone in his ambition; the tournament field was full of current and former titleholders. Many of the wrestlers in the competition had previous issues with current champion Brandon Espinosa or former champ Gary Jackson. Each contender had his own motivation, but only one could emerge victorious on this night.

 photo 4_zps750f2dcd.jpg

The tournament started under unique circumstances as Espinosa claimed he and Lynn Mephisto would “challenge” for the vacant Tag Team Titles if Mephisto won the tournament, thus claiming the belts without a fight. After that, the Battle Royal Champ tried to talk his way to an easy first-round win, but Wild World Of Wrestling Television Champion A.J. Williams wasn’t hearing it. Despite Mephisto’s “generous”(and extremely condescending) job offer, Williams answered with a fist to the face and the fight was on.

 photo 21_zpsb227ff99.jpg

 photo 5_zpsf9f6fafa.jpg

Former T.V. Champ Jimmy D had an effect on the outcome of the match, distracting the referee as Mephisto knocked out Williams with brass knuckles. After that, Mephisto got the cheap pin with feet on the ropes to reach the semifinals…but his night was just starting.

 photo 7_zps19b73077.jpg

The next quarterfinal match was already heated as Junior Heavyweight Champion Andrew Wilder had cheated his way to victory over former titleholder Ace Hawkins in recent months. On top of that, Wilder cost Hawkins a contenders’ match to Da’Marius Jones, leading to a triple threat title match being set up for the December show.

 photo 6_zps4d01aebc.jpg

Ace was intent on knocking the young titleholder down a peg…and he accomplished that feat by countering Wilder’s Call Of The Wild inverted neckbreaker finisher into a rolling prawn pin.

 photo 8_zpsc93cbf2d.jpg

In the next bout, 2012 tournament king Dave Osborne was matched up against up-and-coming rookie Da’Marius Jones. Osborne was the only man in the field to have competed in all three King Of St. Louis Cable Tournaments and was looking to repeat his past success…

 photo 9_zpse6d4855c.jpg

Jones had a good showing but the size and experience edge was too much to overcome. Osborne got the win after his devastating cobra clutch suplex.

 photo 10_zps9b62ae8b.jpg

The final first-round match featured opponents who were no strangers to each other; Brian James and Jimmy D had traded the Television Title earlier this year and were now locking horns once again. After D’s earlier actions, A.J. Williams saw fit to return the favor…and the distraction gave James the opening to finish off D with his sitout gourdbuster.

 photo 11_zpsaf4a65fb.jpg

The semifinals began with Hawkins taking on Mephisto. Mephisto had a slight advantage as Ace had been through a longer first-round bout and had less time to rest, but Hawkins kept him off-balance with his aerial arsenal.

 photo 12_zps27447c4a.jpg

Unfortunately, Hawkins fell prey to another cheapshot as Wilder ran out to deliver a low blow behind the referee’s back…that allowed Mephisto to drop Ace with an Air Raid Crash to advance to the finals.

 photo 13_zpscc359ca9.jpg

James and Osborne had clashed in last year’s semifinals and the two met once again this year. It would prove to be one of the most competitive matches in the tournament; James had trouble using his power moves against the 300-pound Osborne so he improvised by taking to the air.

 photo 14_zps2ecde7ed.jpg

In the end, James was finally able to lift the big man up into his finisher for the victory, evening the score from the previous tournament! The two shook hands after the bout in a show of respect.

 photo 16_zps95104b23.jpg

 photo 17_zpsea24806c.jpg

The finals were marked by some controversy as Mephisto had gotten involved in Espinosa’s title defense against Gary Jackson earlier in the night. With the stipulation in place that Gary would get no more title shots as long as Espy was the titleholder, Mephisto hit his own “ally” with the belt…thus getting Jackson disqualified and costing him his opportunity to reclaim the gold. With Espinosa lurking in the background, it seemed like a plan was in place to ensure Mephisto’s victory.

 photo 18_zpsf8574908.jpg

 photo 19_zpsef33dbc8.jpg

Both finalists came out swinging in the finals, but Espinosa stuck his nose into the proceedings and hit Mephisto with his title belt…seemingly trying to get “Da Bomb” disqualified. However, senior official Jim Harris said that the same trick wouldn’t work twice and ordered the bout to continue! The plan had backfired in spectacular fashion…with Mephisto dazed, James was able to capitalize with his sitout gourdbuster finisher for his third and final win of the evening!

The opposition consisted of a former Television Champion, a former Heavyweight Champ(and previous tournament winner), and the current Battle Royal Champion…but “Da Bomb” Brian James emerged victorious as the 2013 King Of St. Louis Cable!

 photo 20K_zps7fc29a7d.jpg

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