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MWR Book Review: Caddock Walnut’s Wrestling Wonder by Mike Chapman

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 13, 2012


Review by MWR Owner/Editor Brian Kelley

Judge this book not by the size of the book but the content that is in it. In the early days of wrestling the Midwest was proud to have men such as Frank Gotch and Joe Stetcher to be recognized as World Champion. Gotch set the bar and Stetcher proved to be one of the top wrestlers of his time.

Yet, in a little town on the far western side of the state of Iowa, a young man by the name of Earl Caddock was destined to not only be a champion in the world of wrestling, but also an American hero who actually enlisted in the Army while he was “the” World Champion to fight for our rights during World War I and was inducted into the Army on December 17th. 1917.

This wonderful book takes you back in time to document the historic wrestling career of Earl Caddock as he would earn respect starting with the  AAU National title. During his pro career Caddock fought several of the toughest men to ever live such as Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Stanislaus Zbyszko and Joe Stetcher . The book features some wonderful photos of the top wrestlers of that era and life in the Midwest during his lifetime.

His time in the ring is well documented and there is even a complete Professional record of his matches added to allow you to see just how dominating he truly was.

One of my favorite quotes in the book are on page 57 where a sportswriter in the east stated that “Of all the sports figures in this country, only the World Heavyweight Champion, Earl Caddock, has demonstrated true courage and leadership by showing his willingness to fight for his country.

Earl Caddock deserves to be remembered for being a Veteran during World War 1, a Champion in world of wrestling, and a devoted family man that lived the American dream.

Mike Chapman delivers once again with this book in honoring a man who deserves to not be forgotten, no matter the years that go by.

I highly encourage you to pick up this to add to your wrestling collection of books or just for a great read on a man who gave life everything he had.
The 88-page book includes 35 photos and newspaper articles, many not seen for 80 years, and Caddock’s complete professional record.

The cost is $7.95 plus $3 shipping and handling. It is available by ordering through Culture House, P.O. Box 293, Newton, IA 50208, or by calling 641-791-3072, or at the city hall in Walnut, Iowa.

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