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Posts Tagged ‘2013 MWR Future Star of the Year’

MWR Salutes Gary Jackson for 25 Years of Service in the Military by Proclaiming Feb 15 “Gary Jackson Day”

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 15, 2014

 photo 7_zps6fc5e28e.jpg

By Brian “Flair” Kelley MWR Owner and Editor

For many fans in St. Louis, Gary Jackson is truly one of the best wrestlers in the past 3 decades. Known as “The Great One”, Jackson has entertained fans with exciting matches and reminding them of the Rules.

 photo GaryJackson3_zps7d1499c7.jpg

What many may not know is that Jackson has been a proud American for the past 25-years serving our country. Last week prior to making his way to the packed house at the Historic South Broadway Athletic Club, Jackson officially retired from the Missouri Air Force National Guard as a Master Sargent.

We were able to catch up with Jackson was still in his military uniform entering the building straight from the honorary ceremony at  Jefferson Barracks, along with his grandson Terrance Woods.

Jackson would go onto defeat Brandon Gallagher with his Cloverleaf submission in the middle of the ring to add another victory in his illustrious career.

This Saturday night, fans can see Jackson in action in East Carondelet, Illinois for SICW taking on the 2013 MWR Future Star of the Year Alexander Rudolph.

Thankfully for the fans of the area, Jackson shows no sign of slowing down.

Gary Jackson

A Husband
A Father
A Grandfather
A champion wrestler
A Solider
And a proud American

We salute you Gary today here at Missouri Wrestling Revival on Feb 15 on a day we would like to call “Gary Jackson Day”.

 photo GaryJackson_zps92e668d1.jpg

Gary Jackson gives a 100 percent in and out of the ring.

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2013 MWR Future Star of the Year Alexander Rudolph

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 5, 2014

 photo ALEX_zps795020be.jpg

Note: For the first time in the history of MWR, we have decided to present two MWR Future Star Awards. The reason is for the amount of talent and effort that both Raphael King and Alexander Rudolph possess. King a native of the Midwest in less than a year has become one of the most sought out young stars in pro wrestling today wrestling over 184 matches in his rookie year. King is blessed with great looks, a body that has yet to reach its full potential and charisma to make it to the top.

The second wrestler Alexander Rudolph has been in the area for some time now starting at a young age. Standing at 6’5 , 269 pounds Rudolph has the size and power to make an impact for years to come. While doing the research of all the awards for the 2013 MWR Awards, the fact of the improvement and skill level of Rudolph was undeniable. We have had witness many matches in the past for Rudolph over the years, but for the first time you could see a more focus, mature and fearsome Rudolph. At St. Louis Anarchy he stepped out of his comfort zone, transforming in the Alex the Big Owl. MWR owner Brian Kelley stated in his opinion “that though he (Brian) is not a fan of the owl gimmick, he followed in the footsteps of Gary Jay to make the best of it and both of them are  really entertaining t Isn’t that what pro wrestling is about, entertaining the fans?”

Winning the MWR Future Star Award does not guarantee success in the wrestling world, but it’s our sites way of saying that we respect the wrestler for their talent and more importantly for their work ethic as they strive to make an impact in the world of pro wrestling. It takes sacrifice and dedication to spend their money to seek extra training through camps, seminars while traveling down the roads each and every weekend to make a show for the fans.

Both of these wrestlers are on the road to success; will they be able to stay on track to become a force around the world in pro wrestling? Only time will tell us as only a few has that extra desire to make it to go along with luck and good health. Yet, just as MWR has in the pass with former MWR Future Star Award recipients Sir Bradley Charles, Brian Breaker and ACH, the two 2013 recipients have the total support of MWR as we honor them with one of our highest honors to a young star in the Midwest.


Standing at 6’5, 269 pounds, Alexander Rudolph took the step to be trained by Dingo, one of the best in the Midwest, at the Dynamo Pro Gym. Inspired by hardcore legend Mick Foley’s autobiography “Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks” from 1999, Rudolph ten years later was able to make his dream come true in April.

For the first three years it seemed as if Rudolph was content on being a big fish in a small pound as he stayed for the most part in St. Louis wrestling for a select group of promotions. In 2013, the leash has been broken as the man that states that he is all “brute force and ignorance” has been looking to not only make a name for himself, but to become the best that he can be.

The American Viking would be a mainstay for Dynamo Pro Wrestling, SICW and Strictly Insane Pro Wrestling while changing it up as Alex the Big Owl for St. Louis Anarchy. Outside the area Rudolph traveled to Texas many times while testing the waters at shows throughout the eastern half of the Unites States. Rudolph was featured at the debut show for Beyond Wrestling, a promotion set up to spotlight the stars around the country to the hardcore wrestling fans.

In 2013, Rudolph would showcase his skills wrestling in two of the hardest hitting matches of his career when he took on Adam Raw at FIST Wrestling and in April would team up with Jordan Lacey in a three way tag team match at St. Louis Anarchy in a losing effort against the ACW Tag Champs Jo Jo Bravo and Thomas Shire as well as Darren Dean and Aaron Solo. In a match that Rudolph lost, he would come out of it with confidence that would elevate him to the next level.

Rudolph would work just about every weekend. But with the foundation of knowledge from taking part in Harley Race’s World League Wrestling, WWE, and NOAH wrestling camp in November everyone here at Missouri Wrestling Revival has faith that if Rudolph should continue on the road that he is on, he will be able to make an impact for years to come.

It is with great excitement that we are to name Alexander Rudolph the second of  the two 2013 MWR Future Stars of the years.

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