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RIP Wrestling Fan and One of My Best Friends Jerry Creager

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 25, 2021

I entered the world of wrestling to be a part of a passion of mine that started as a young child. I dreamed of working with the likes of Ric Flair, Harley Race, and  “the Macho Man” Randy Savage. I knew I did not have the talent to be a wrestler and always wanted to be a promoter. My start came with the website Missouri Wrestling Revival, a site set up to support professional wrestling in the Midwest. I would write articles, and that led me to be a ringside photographer. 

Each event I was invited from the promotions to capture the action in the ring, but I always took great pride in representing MWR. While at the show in hopes that they would return to every event that the promotion would have thereafter.

I have been able to make friends all over the Midwest since 2008. One couple from Kansas City, Jerry and Robin Creager were always a treat to see sitting ringside at Metro Pro Wrestling. It was not long before it was a welcomed tradition to take the time to sit with them to catch up with wrestling, our lives, and other happenings in the world.  Some nights he would be sitting ringside by himself, but he was a staple of the red hot promotion from the start. He paid for his ticket, purchased merchandise from the wrestlers and cheer/booed from start to finish. 

As time went on I would see Jerry at World League Wrestling events and he even made his way to St. Louis for SICW Legends show to meet the stars that we both grew up with. Jerry became not only a fan that I knew from wrestling, but a close personal friend. He would message me on social media with the occasional phone call to one another. 


When the promotion NWL let me go, I was heartbroken. Jerry knew how much I loved working there.. Recently, Jerry had some health concerns that had him going for some treatments, and though we spoke on the phone I do not believe that I understood how bad it really was. I do find a small condolence that I had told him several times how awesome I thought he was.




  I would be able to work with a whoś who of wrestling stars including my hero Harley Race. Still sometimes I think that t that my time in wrestling was a waste of time and money, but it was the wonderful people like Jerry and Robin Creager that made it worth my time. 


As I write this I have been looking at our message history and it is so true you never know how much you miss something or someone till it is gone. 

Jerry was a friend to whoever met him and the world was better because of him. Jerry, you will be missed, and I hope that you find peace in heaven. To our friend Robin, our heart is with you, and I hope that your life leads you to a place of happiness. 4

Brian Kelley – Missouri Wrestling Revival Owner and Editor

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