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Missouri Rankings Update: The last proper Top 10 for awhile?

Posted by Ben Simon on July 6, 2020

MO Rankings


The new Official Missouri Rankings list, good through August, has been calculated and published.  Head over to the MO Rankings page for the latest publication.  To qualify for the Top 10, a wrestler must have the highest ratings with consistent activity (RD ≤ 175).  Rankings are published every two months.

For details on how the rankings work, read the Introduction


This was an abbreviated period, with only one event held (Cape Championship Wrestling on June 27). From that card, only one singles match happened. That means that every wrestler in the database except for “Sexy” Sarge O’Riley and Brandon Barbwire was inactive.

Ricky Cruz, Jacksyn Crowley, Brian James, Gary Jackson, Curtis Wylde, and Frankie D all drop through no fault of their own.

#1Adrian Surge and #2Mike Outlaw are clearly the top wrestlers in the State. The semi-retired #3Ace Hawkins and #4Moses bump up to incredibly high positions due in part to their busy schedules before the COVID-19 shutdown.

#5Moondog Rover, #62.0, and #9Brandon Espinosa return to the list. Debuting are #7Austin Cravens, #8Camaro Jackson, and #10C.J. Shine.

Honorable mention to The Snitch, who is the only wrestler eligible to be ranked just outside of the Top 10.

Seven events are scheduled in July and August, with six having begun advertising.

The rankings system will not freeze during the COVID-19 event cancellations. While our abilities to hold events are limited, time is not. Time factors decay into the wrestlers’ rating numbers. In the months ahead, we will see wrestlers drop from this list through no fault of their own.

When events return, the wrestlers’ ratings will be able to change rapidly based on a win or loss, much like when this system was in its infancy.

Missouri title belt in Studio B

Can the Missouri Title be decided in my empty garage?

The rules for the Official Missouri Rankings and the State title decree that title bouts can only take place at events sanctioned by the Missouri Office of Athletics. In theory, if a promoter staged Surge vs. Outlaw in his garage, and paid for a State inspector to be there, it could happen. The spectacle would come at a guaranteed loss to the promoter, so it is unlikely.

Ever since the most recent MWR champion Farmer Billy Hills retired in October, promoters and wrestlers continue to ask how a new Missouri champion will be crowned. It will be one match, one-on-one, based on the rules stated on the bottom of our Champion page.

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