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Missouri Rankings Update: Frankie D upsets Curtis Wylde, ACW’s champ makes the list for first time

Posted by Ben Simon on March 6, 2020

MO Rankings


The new Official Missouri Rankings list, good through April, has been calculated and published.  Head over to the MO Rankings page for the latest publication.  To qualify for the Top 10, a wrestler must have the highest ratings with consistent activity (RD ≤ 175).  Rankings are published every two months.

For details on how the rankings work, read the Introduction


Four new wrestlers have entered the Top 10 after the last two months. #4Brian James is the first ranked American Championship Wrestling titlist, #8Steve Fender and #9Derek Stone return due to the departures of several others, and MMWA champ #10Frankie D appears on the list for the first time.

The most significant match last period was indeed Frankie’s win over #6Curtis Wylde to win the MMWA Championship. Frankie rose an incredible 17 rungs in the rankings, while “Volatile” Wylde (who has proven his worth) steps back two spots.

Missouri title belt in Studio B

Hey, I’m a promoter! I want to host the State championship match. How do I do it?

Ever since the most recent MWR champion Farmer Billy Hills retired in October, promoters and wrestlers continue to ask how a new Missouri champion will be crowned. It will be one match, one-on-one, based on the rules stated on our Champion page:

Championship vacancies can be filled in the following two ways:

  1. MWR’s Nos. 1 and 2 contenders wrestle one another.

  2. If the Nos. 1 and 2 contenders choose not to wrestle one another and either of them wrestles No. 3, No. 4, or No. 5, the winner may be awarded the Missouri Heavyweight Title belt if the Editorial Board deems the contenders worthy.

With #1Ricky Cruz being dominantly at the top at present, a match for the crown during March or April would probably have to include him.

Please contact us to determine whether the match you booked is eligible to be for the fabled MWR Missouri Heavyweight crown.

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