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Missouri Rankings Update: Cape Champ Austin Lane proves he is “Best of the Best”

Posted by Ben Simon on November 1, 2017

MO Rankings

The new Official Missouri Rankings list, good through the end of 2017, has been calculated and published.  Head over to the MO Rankings page for the latest publication.  To qualify for the Top 10, a wrestler must have the highest ratings with consistent activity (RD ≤ 175).  Rankings are published every two months.

For details on how the rankings work, read the Introduction


CAce Hawkins troubled us these last two months.  In title defenses against Gary Jackson and Italian newcomer Flavio Augusto, Hawkins took no issue with abandoning the bouts via countout.  It’s true that no champion can lose the MWR Missouri crown this way, but this tactic is unprecedented in our title’s history.  The belt aside, Ace’s rating still reflects these losses.

#1Dak Draper hasn’t moved within the Top 10, even though he can’t go any higher (other than defeating our champion in a match).  “The Mile High Magnum” is notable this time because his rating 2178 is now the all-time record holder, surpassing that of Ricky Cruz in Mar-Apr 2016.

#2Austin Lane has finally broken onto the list, and in a big way.  Since beating Hollis Giroux for the Cape Championship Wrestling title, “The Best of the Best” Lane has wrestled enough to become eligible for inclusion.

#3Jeremy Wyatt advances four spots.  “The Monarch” has the help of his fellow Foundation members Strider and Steel, but can get the job done on his own if need be.  Wyatt put together a streak until being choke-slammed and pinned by Jack Foster in a dog collar match.

#4Jay Howard advances four spots.  The HRW High Risk champion has won his last six bouts and closed out the Central-States Championship Wrestling promotion’s final card on October 14.  “The Freestyle Phenom” was also the last NWA Missouri champion and deserves a crack at the MWR Missouri title.

#5Maverick went 4-2 against tough competition this period.  The NWL St. Louis champ steps back just one spot.

#6Red Cloud has been reinstated in our rankings, despite losing both his matches against Dak Draper.  His servitude to Niles Plonk is over and “The Lakota Warrior” can be (gasp!) a wrestler again.  His performances had him rated so high, his losses to Draper this period don’t hurt much and allow him to be active enough to warrant inclusion.

#7Blaine Meeks is on the shelf again and drops one spot after a loss to Dak Draper and Draper’s heinous attack on his leg.  Get well soon, “Super Meeks.”

#8Jon Webb tumbles six rungs after a huge upset loss to Elvis Aliaga in Jefferson City on October 21.  Aliaga used illegal leverage to get the pin, but a result is black and white here.  WLW Junior Heavyweight champ Webb is the longest continuously ranked wrestler here (over two years!).

#9Todd Letterman advances a space due to others leaving.  He’s dead, right?  At least in name… If Kevin Lee Davidson doesn’t wrestle in Missouri in November or December, he will be removed from the Top 10.  We want KLD!

Welcome #10Jet Royal!  Due to Jax Royal’s knee injury, Jet has made a significant singles campaign.

We fondly say farewell to Belvedere, Adrian Surge, and Leland Race.  Belvedere (before Niles Plonk paid and renamed him was known as The Iceman) is inactive, Surge lost big in matches in which he was the clear favorite, and Race lost a chain match against Kyle Roberts.

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