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Missouri Rankings Update: Lights Out! Adrian Surge’s title aspirations & winning ways land him in the Top 10

Posted by Ben Simon on August 31, 2017

MO Rankings

The new Official Missouri Rankings list, good through October, has been calculated and published.  Head over to the MO Rankings page for the latest publication.  To qualify for the Top 10, a wrestler must have the highest ratings with consistent activity (RD ≤ 200).  Rankings are published every two months.

For details on how the rankings work, read the Introduction


CAce Hawkins is the State champion again.  “The Ace that runs the Place” dropped Brandon Espinosa with a DDT in a No Holds Barred match on July 22 to win the title.  So, as he says, cheer for him.

#1Dak Draper won all four of his singles matches these past two months, including his war with Jack Foster on August 11.  “The Mile High Magnum” is 17-0 total.  No one can defeat the NWL Kansas City Champion.

#4Maverick drops two spots due to his disqualification loss to Gary Jay on July 15.  This allows for some strangeness.

#2Jon Webb advances one spot with a time limit draw with #9Leland Race, which brings Race back into the fold.  The two rematch in an Iron Man match on September 9.

Niles Plonk’s manservant #3Belvedere was inactive this period but still moves two spots up on the list.  How?  Consider: his successful time as The Iceman is still factored, Maverick lost points, and Niles Plonk’s other manservant (by stipulation) Red Cloud has dropped off the list due to inactivity.  Wow.

#5Adrian Surge is on a winning streak as he debuts on the MO Top 10.  “Lights Out” has turned his career around, even winning Dynamo Pro’s Riot on the River tournament… and that wasn’t even factored into the list, as it was in Illinois!

#6Blaine Meeks is fully recovered from his injury, but “Captain KC” advanced a spot anyway due to Jack Foster’s departure from our list.

#7Jeremy Wyatt explodes into the modern Rankings for the first time.  “The Monarch” defeated Skyler Beckett, “Sharkbait” Gutierrez, and Jack Foster.

High Risk Wrestling’s top dog #8Jay Howard holds his spot and #10Todd Letterman barely hangs on after disappearing from the Missouri scene.  When he does return, the big man will revert back to his real name, Kevin Lee Davidson.

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