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David Wilson Interviews Team IOU (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 11, 2016


DW – How long have you guys been wrestling?

NI – I have been wrestling for about 6 years, Kerry for about 5 years and we have been a tag team about 4 years.

DW – Who trained you guys? And where?

IOU – Kerry was trained mostly by Dutch Mantel aKa WWE’s Zeb Colter. And Nick with Reno Rigging out of TN, Tasha Symone and Wolfy D.

DW – Where did the Carnie persona come from?

IOU – There was another gimmick we were using and it just kind of transitioned and took off from where it was.

DW – What’s the biggest Tag Team you guys have faced?

IOU – It would honestly be a toss up between the Rock and Roll Express and Homicide and B Boy.

DW – Where did the “Too Carnie Me” come from?

IOU – We can’t tell you, that’s a secret only a few people know.


DW – Who would be your dream match be with?

IOU – We both agree that it would be either The Hardys or The Dudleys.

DW – Kerry this one is for you, how many tattoos do you have and which is your favorite?

KA – Too many to count, I like to consider it as 1 piece that keeps growing and growing. My favorite would have to be the one across my toes that says Unsweet Tea.

DW – If you guys weren’t wrestling, What do you think K you would be doing?

KA – Hopefully to be a father, I can’t wait until I become a dad.

NI – I would probably be in school pursuing another passion.

DW – What are some of your guys hobbies outside of the ring?

NI – I love to do video editing. I also like to customize action figures.


KA – I am into Comic Books and pretty much anything Netflix.

DW – Tell me something about you 2 that a lot of people may not know.

IOU – We had a gimmick that was a boy and his dog. It was a comedic version of ourselves.

DW – What can we expect from The Carnies for the rest of 2016?

IOU – More shows, more matches , more belts and more adventures.

DW – And this last question comes from Zakk Sawyers from the tag team of Roscoe Eat Lisa, Do you guys think REL are good kissers?

NI – “Mikey is a tender kisser.”

KA – “Zakk needs work, he needs a better technique.”

DW – Thank you guys so much for doing this I really appreciate it.

IOU – Thanks for having us and also please tell everyone to follow us on Twitter @KerryAwful, @IggyNJ210 @TeamIOU and also on ProWrestlingTees.com/TeamIOU And also on Youtube.com/TeamIOU

If you would like my friend David Wilson to do an interview of you for Missouri Wrestling Wrestling hit him up at Facebook or email me at biggkane76@yahoo.com.

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