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Becoming The IKON: Exclusive interview with Brian Thompson

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 26, 2016


Bobby Eaton and Brian Thompson – Courtesy of Brian Thompson’s Facebook page.

By: René Martinez

Brain Thompson like a lot of other young men had humble beginnings hailing for the small town of about 7,500 people known as Dexter, MO. Growing up in the golden area of wrestling his main influences were WWF and Jim Crocket’s promotion. In the following interview we dig a little deeper in what exactly makes up the man now known to many as The IKON.

Rene: “Tell us more about your early influences. Who as the first person to really introduced you to wrestling?”


IKON: “My dad for sure. Funny thing is that as became a fan he stopped watching cause I kind of burnt him out on it so it was kind of a fair trade off’

Rene: “Speaking of your folks, what did they do for a living when you were a kid?”

IKON: “My dad was a self-employed layer and my mom was a factory worker. We were a middle class family. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth but I can honestly say I never wanted for anything.”

Rene: “Any early influences once you started watching wrestling?”

IKON: “Absolutely, I mean the Midnight Express, Rock n Roll Express, Road Warriors, The 4 Houseman and even Big Boss Man.”

Rene: “Now you just said the Rock and Roll Express, don’t you know work with Ricky Morton like on a weekly basis?”

IKON: “Yeah I do stuff with Ricky. We recently started a monthly podcast and of course as you know I’m best friends and roommates with “The Beautiful” Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express. The show is fun though man, we have had some great guests on so far like Jeff Hardy and Jim Cornette and we have a couple other real great ones coming up as well. It’s called the School of Morton podcast.”

Rene: “We caught Ricky a little while back over at Metro Pro Wrestling as well as Bobby Eaton. What can you tell the readers about that experience?”


Photo courtesy of Brian Thompson’s Facebook Page.

IKON: “Man that was a fun shot over in Kansas City. Ha-ha, everyone ended up being a little surprised because Bobby ended up being someone of an unadvertised guest when he dressed up like Santa Clause. The crowed liked that deal man and the guys in the back got a kick out of it as well. We actually ended up running that spot a couple of more times due to the success we had with it over in Kansas City.”

Rene: “OK you cool with a couple random questions?”

IKON: “Of course man.”

Rene: “OK growing up in the state of Missouri I got to ask, are you a Royals or Cardinals fan?”

IKON: “Cardinal Red all the way brother but I will say this; I’ve always enjoyed the Royals. Unless of course they are playing my cards then all bets are off. Also during the 90’s I was really into the Atlanta Braves when they were on TBS.”

Rene: “Next question, if we sat you down at a table and you had to choose from one of these 3 dishes which would you choose? BBQ, Mexican or insert your own choice”

IKON: “My I just got hungry all of a sudden. But um I will say I’m somewhat of connoisseur of foods. Not too much out there that I don’t like. But, I got to go with Mexican because I like to eat it 1-2 times per week. Now that I think about it it’s kind of funny because I took several Spanish classed in high school and college but it has faded a little bit. From time to time I do like bust it out on a lovely waitress that might be working at a Mexican restaurant just to impress them a little bit. Good thing for me I’ve gotten good baby face pops from it especially when I use the “muy inteligente” line which means you are “very intelligent.”

Rene: “Alright lets wrap up part up part one of this interview with a fun wrestling question. If you were an in ring competitor what would your name be and what would be your finisher?”

IKON: “Ok, The name is easy it would the IKON of course. For the finisher i….

Rene: “Dude don’t say Mexican surf board. Please don’t say Mexican surf board! Ha-ha!

IKON: “Ha-ha, nah man to be honest I would probably have to go with something old school like Tully Blanchard’s Sling Shot Suplex. If you haven’t seen it you have to look it up man! Basically it’s like getting a guy up for a vertical suplex but you bounce the guy off the top rope then he bounces back. It’s awesome.”

You have been reading part one of our exclusive interview with THE IKON Brian Thompson. Ring announcer for WLW, manager and friend of “The Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, and host of The School of Morton podcast with Ricky Morton. Check back with Missouri Wrestling Revival for part two of this incredible interview and be sure to catch Rene aka @_The_Knight_Owl live every Thursday 8/7ct on the Wrestle Talk Podcast with Joe and Rene on BlogTalkRadio.com/WrestleTalkPodcast.

FB: Wrestle Talk Podcast with Joe and Rene

Instagram/Twitter: @WrestleTalkCast


Brian Thompson will be announcing the HUGE WLW Night of Champions in St. Peters, Missouri this Saturday Night.

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