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5 Questions with Cooper: New Breed Wrestling’s Scotty Zei and Kris Wyatt

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 31, 2016


NBW Owner Scotty Zei and some NBW Fans


By Shane Cooper

I had a chance to sit with Scotty and Kris, Co-Founders of New Breed Wrestling, centrally located in Eldon, MO. And I gave them a few questions. It was a fantastic interview with a couple of truly class act guys.

1. Where did you come up with the name, New Breed Wrestling?

The name New Breed Wrestling was Scott’s (Scotty Z’s) idea. The thought behind it was the fact that we wanted to bring something new to the table that hadn’t been done before in the area, but combine it with the old school traditional style that came before us. It was a new era for a new breed of wrestling.

2. Harley Race has been a tremendous influence on both of you starting this new promotion. How much impact does he still have on this brand?

The impact of Harley Race on the sport of professional wrestling is overwhelming. He is still the measuring stick for what a true professional wrestler and world champion is or should be. As far as our brand and what we hope to continue doing with NBW, Harley’s influence was in the caliber of wrestlers that he trained.


Superstar Steve and Wild Wade Chism are two prime examples of that, which is why it’s such a privilege to have them on board to help make sure our in ring product is the best that it can be. Great wrestlers know great wrestling.


The Math Magician and the Iceman has had a memorable feud early on in NBW.

3. What has been your greatest achievement as a promoter thus far?

I think it’s safe to say the answer is easy. Starting a wrestling promotion from the ground up is an almost entirely uphill battle. To keep one afloat is another matter entirely. To simply see an idea start from a casual dinner conversation, then forming it into a real concept, and finally being a part of it as it leaves the runway to start whatever journey it might be taking is an amazing thing. Long story short, getting New Breed Wrestling off the ground to begin with, and no matter what we achieve. I truly believe that it’s going to be hard to top that.


KLD and Karim Brigante are just two of the young stars that are delivering hard hitting action at NBW

4. If you could bring anyone in the world to New Breed in Eldon, MO, who would it be and why?

Anyone who would bring an international element to our product. Beyond that anyone from the past that can still go in the ring would be an honor to have. While it’s great to bring someone in to meet fans and take pictures, to actually have an athlete from any era step into an NBW ring to practice their craft would be an amazing thing.


New Breed Wrestling delivered an historic match between the then MWR Missouri Champion Ricky Cruz and Leland Race in Sedalia, Missouri.

On a side note, with Eldon being our home town, in my estimation the caliber of professional wrestlers that the community center has seen make it a historic site on the same list as The Chase in St. Louis. No matter who we could bring in they would have a tough act to follow. Strictly based on my personal choice to continue that tradition there’s no question: The Great Muta.


Kyle Roberts electrifies the fans with his high flying moves.

5. What can we expect for the future of New Breed Wrestling?

That’s easily the toughest question to answer out of the five. As far as specifics we have so many ideas floating around on a daily basis that it’s hard to say which ones will become a reality. But you can expect us to continue to try and give our fans the very best wrestling product that we possibly can, and we’ll always start by listening to what they have to say. We want our fans to feel like more than just bodies in a chair every few feet at our shows, we want them to feel like an important part of our company and our shows. Maybe even the most important part of all.

If you’d like to know more about New Breed Wrestling. Follow them on Facebook at Facebook.com/newbreedmo


Two of the very best in the country is Steve Fender and Ricky Cruz. Both men have left their opponents black and blue at the end of the night at NBW. Today Fender is the first ever NBW Champion.

Next event is October 22nd Eldon

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