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Missouri Rankings Update: Yoga Paying Dividends for Mike Sydal

Posted by Ben Simon on March 3, 2016

MO Rankings

The new Official Missouri Rankings list, good through April, has been calculated and published.  Head over to the MO Rankings page for the latest publication.  To qualify for the Top 10, a wrestler must have the highest ratings with consistent activity (RD ≤ 200).  Rankings are published every two months.

For details on how the rankings work, read the Introduction


CRicky Cruz is six defenses deep into his State title reign.  The Ready Room crowd in Saint Louis was shocked when they thought Brandon Espinosa had defeated him for the belt after a low blow and a schoolboy.  The decision was reversed into a DQ win for Cruz for the low blow.

#1Jake Dirden and #2Gary Jackson retain their spots.  Dirden won a four-way match to lift the Dynamo Pro Championship from Cruz this period.  The match did not affect this system as it was not a singles encounter.

#5Brian James took a walk to save his MMWA TV Title by countout, but it could not save him from stepping down two rungs in the list (a loss is a loss).  The match’s victor, previously-unranked #6Moondog Rover, is now back out of his cage.

And now, a serious anomaly: #3Everett Connors hasn’t wrestled in Missouri since June.  Yet, his image has crept up another spot.  This is entirely due to James’s countout loss, making James’s rating less than Connors’s.  The math says Mr. Connors will definitely be out if he doesn’t wrestle here through April.

#4Evan Morris advances one space from a small victory over Jayson Khaos of C.J. McManus’s Midnight Society.

#7Leland Race saw no action in WLW’s unofficial offseason.  Leland takes one step back due to others’ movements.

#8Jon Webb overcame Danny Adams to advance to the semifinals of WLW’s Junior Heavyweight Title tournament.  One step up for Webb.

#9Mike Sydal is back in the Top 10 after an long absence.  “The Yoga Monster” racked up four wins and went undefeated this period.  He also body slammed the 300+ lb. giant Kevin Lee Davidson, an impressive feat itself.

No singles action from #10A.J. Williams.  His spot is retained, but the man from Southside STL is more intent on wreaking havoc with partner Da’Marius Jones than winning matches.

This period, Mike Outlaw is out after a loss to Brandon Espinosa.  Kyle Roberts also drops out after a losing effort to Ace Hawkins in the WLW tournament.

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