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Fire in Fenton – Dynamo Pro Wrestling Heats up

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 14, 2016

Photos and Write up by  René Martinez

Jan. 9th 2016 Fenton, MO outside it’s 7degrees with a 20mph winds. You wouldn’t have known it if you were inside the Stratford Bar & Grill watching Dynamo Pro Wrestling that Saturday night.

The MWR 2015 Tag Team of the Year and Dynamo Tag Team Champs High Level Enterprise were on fire from the get go as there opposition Micheal Magnison & Danny Adams seemed to have a combustible element that cost them in the end.

Another match that one could argue had the roof on fire was the match between Shorty Biggs and Kyoshi Shinzuka with the always fiery latina MWR’s 2015 female wrestler of the year Lucy Mendez. Despite her efforts, Shorty Biggs proved to be to much for Shinzuka who walked away with the girl but also a loss to one half of the bum rush brothers Shorty Biggs.

 photo 12571367_1086701061361051_1000312804_n_zpscaxxemli.jpg

 photo 12576357_1086701078027716_1437837118_n_zpsdumnyvww.jpg

The (D-1) 6-man scramble was one to remember with guys like Billy McNiel, Justin D’Air and The Outtkast pushing themselfs to the limit for a short at the D-1 championship. In the end The Outkast proved to much for his old rival Dave Delorean of the Black Hand Warriors and is now set to face Elvis Aliaga who had a rough night himself in his match against “The Yoga Monster” Mike Sydal and the previously mentioned Jayden Fenix for the brand new (D-1) Championship.

That brings us to the final two matches of the night. The first between the savvy and some would say arrogant Brandon Espinosa and fan favorite Mike Outlaw. The no DQ match gave us everything but the kitchen sink. So instead we got kendo sticks, chairs and stop signs. Espinosa was like a man with his hair on fire as he brutally attempted to rip Outlaws arm off of his body and beat him with it. More injured then hurt, Outlaw was able to muster a power bomb on “Espy” off the 2nd rope between two chairs that had some in the crowd thinking about to calling in the fire marshall. In the end the experience of “Espy” proved to be to much for Outlaw as the match concluded with a splitting headache crack with a kendo stick right between the eyes of Outlaw enabling Espinosa to pick up the win and become the #1 contender for the Dynamo Pro Championship.

 photo 12527905_1086701224694368_377170174_n_zpsqujtosdu.jpg

Finally this was billed as the match that would bring us right up to the gates of the fiery inferno itself, “Dirdey” Jake Dirden vs the Dynamo Pro champion Ricky Cruz. The match did just that. Dirty Jake the ever “Intelligent Monster” knew better then to come out alone so he brought along some trusted old friends in the Blackhand Warriors but the rage of Cruz was too much even for them as they made a prompt exit before they got too close to the fire. Just as it appeared that the fans were going to get the match they came to see, out comes Brandon Espinosa to remind everyone that he is the newly crowned #1 contender for the Dynamo Pro championship. Right behind him was Mike Outlaw who obviously still had some unfinished business with “Espy”. As expected mayhem ensued but Dynamo Pro management stepped in and gave the fans the type of match they have come to expect. The one on one became a tag match that pit Outlaw & Cruz vs Espy & Dirden! After a few minutes of back and forth action Mike Outlaw was able to catch Dirden at just the right time for the ol’ 1,2,3.

 photo 12570873_1086701241361033_987030608_n_zpsle4acyv4.jpg

At the conclusion of the show more questions existed then when we started, which is good thing for Dynamo Pro Fans. Are the issues between Dirden and Cruz over? After getting the pin fall on Dirden does this put Outlaw in a position to compete for the Dynamo Pro Championship? Folks the weather maybe frightful outside this time of year in the Mid-West but be sure to bring plenty of sun tan lotion next time you plan on visiting Dynamo Pro Wrestling as it’s sure to be a scorcher.

 photo 12507032_10204260789994820_1015062968_n_zpsg7k1uweb.jpg


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