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SICW Wrestling Explosion STL Classic: NWA Heavyweight Championship, 2 out of 3 falls, Ric Flair vs “King Kong” Brody, Feb. 11, 1983 from the Checkerdome

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 18, 2015

SICW- SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! From Promoter Herb Simmons

As the promoter of SICW for the past 40 years I want to share just a few things with the wrestling fans. My friend Dr.Drew who has been filling in for our own Legend Larry Matysik while he has been recovering from some health issues just reminded me that we have reached another milestone in the wrestling business. We just completed our 250th episode of SICW Wrestling Explosion. Time sure goes fast when you are having fun.

First I want to thank Dr.Drew for his support and assistance, he is a young man I met at book signing and he and his friend Gary became fans and he is now in the driver seat as Larry Matysik has stated.

Second, to all the great SICW fans you guy are the best, show after show you have supported us and have shown by record breaking crowds SICW is the best when it comes to providing a good quality show.

Third, to all the workers of SICW, best doesn’t describe what you guys are. Show after show you all bust your behinds to give our dedicated fans what they want.

Fourth, to all the Sponsors that support our television program, it’s because of your support that we have completed 250 episodes, it wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance.

Fifth, to all the wrestling Legends that have came to our little show and met with our fans I thank each of you.

Sixth, to my dear friend Larry Matysik, this has been a ride of a life time. We have talked many times about how this has been crazy. We never dreamed we would still be getting request for the 12 volumes of the St.Louis Wrestling Classics 10 years later. We surely didn’t think we would have done 250 episodes of SICW Wrestling Explosion. I know the past year has been rough on you, and I know we talk about how long we will continue to do this crazy business. Each day it becomes more trying, but I know you will let me know when it’s time.

Seventh, there are so many other people behind the scene I need to thank. First and most is my family. Over the years my wife traveled from show to show and the kids were there with me on the local shows. Others like my friend Tony Casta and his wife Wanda. We also did a lot of traveling and they will always remain in our circle of friends. Jim and Jenny Brown, Jim and I went to school together and he got me in trouble all the time, LOL. Jenny, his wife runs our community center where we bring you the matches from. The Smith family, Keith and Michelle, Keith Jr and Amanda. From their Father and Mother this is a wrestling family that supported SICW for all those years and I thank each of them for that. Another dear Friend, Barbara Goodish, a lovely lady that I met after the loss of her late husband Bruiser Brody, who I think of and miss every day. She is always in my thoughts and she knows I’m always there for her. Then there is the number one wrestling fan of all times, Darla Staggs, I think she was brought into this great world at a wrestling match. She is a dear friend and we love her not only for that reason but for who she is. Grant Murphy and his wife (who is expecting a little one) Grant is the master mind behind Wrestling Explosion, he videos it puts it all together and gets it to the station to air.

I have some others that I’m scratching my head over, but let’s say they have restored my faith in the word’s Friendship and loyalty. Andy and Jennifer, Doug and Rhea, Gary and Jessica and so many others I would need hours to mention all of them. You know who you are and just know I appreciate all of you. Now since we have reached that 250th episode of the only locally produced wrestling program I have requested to Dr Drew that we bring you a special match that a lot of you will remember hearing about but may not have ever seen it. Let’s take a look at Bruiser Brody against Ric Flair from the St.Louis Checkerdome. And don’t forget this coming Saturday November 21st, if Larry let’s me we will have another SICW show at the East Carondelet Illinois Community center, I’m just kidding about Larry, I hope to have him there to see all the great SICW fans. Thanks to each of you.

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