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New Pro Wrestling Phoenix Champion “The Worlds Fittest Wrestler” Mark Sterling

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 6, 2015

 photo 12067399_10207527542376958_706450233_n_zps8hs1jld2.jpg

Photo courtesy of PWP

Mark Sterling is no stranger to Championship titles in PWP, having held the PWP Tag Team Championship on FIVE different occasions. However, throughout his over ten year history with PWP, the PWP Championship has evaded him… until now.

On August 29th at the National Guard Armory in Council Bluffs Iowa, Sterling was able to outlast every other member of the roster in the Phoenix Challenge, earning him a future title shot at PWP Champion Tony Cortez. On September 16th at the Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha Nebraska for PWP’s inaugural WrestleRama event, the two men signed the contract, and Sterling attacked Cortez. This backfired however, as Cortez ended up putting Sterling through a table!

The two men finally met face to face in the ring on September 26th at the National Guard Armory in Council Bluffs Iowa. After an explosive bout full if intense action and emotion, Cortez attempted a corner splash, but Sterling pulled the referee in the way. With the ref down and out, Sterling nailed Cortez with his skull shaped kettle bell that always accompanies him to the ring and rolled him up with a small Package maneuver just as the referee was coming to. The referee counted the pinfall and Mark Sterling became the PWP Champion for the first time.

Sterling is now the champ, but he may have a target on his back larger than any other PWP Champion in history. Tony Cortez will be granted a re-match, and you have other members of the roster gunning for a title shot as well, including the likes of Ryan Slade, Hype Gotti and others. One thing is for sure, Sterling is a dominant professional wrestler, one of the best in the Midwest, and he will stop at nothing to keep his Championship.
See Mark Sterling and all the PWP stars in action on the following dates:

 photo 11137139_1015253845184023_4602764052933022224_n_zpsxby4jr8d.jpg

*WEDNESDAY October 28th – WrestleRama 2 – The Waiting Room Lounge, Omaha NE

*SATURDAY November 14th – PWP Live Event – National Guard Armory, Council Bluffs IA

*SUNDAY November 29th – WrestleRama 3 – The Waiting Room Lounge, Omaha NE

*SATURDAY December 12th – PWP Live Event – National Guard Armory, Council Bluffs IA

*WEDNESDAY December 30th – WrestleRama 4 – The Waiting Room Lounge, Omaha NE

*SATURDAY January 16th – Year Of the Phoenix XI – National Guard Armory, Couoncil Bluffs IA
For more info:

On Twitter & Instagram: @PWPLive

1. Zac James defeated Joey Daniels w/ “The Greece Pit” via Platte River Plunge. The Pit played their typical numbers game on Zac but it wasn’t enough, and Zac was able to get a pinfall victory after his signature maneuver. It seems Zac James is on a roll like none other in PWP!

2. Dalton Lee Roth defeated Pat Powers via Reverse DDT. Pat Powers came out and explained that he is still undefeated in PWP (he isn’t) and that he is continuing his campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election. These two men are two of the newest competitors in PWP and they had an excellent match, ending with Dalton scoring a pinfall victory over Pat. After the match, a delusional Pat forced the referee to raise his hand and declare him the winner.

3. Hype Gotti defeated “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon via Gotti Driver. This was the first singles match between these two in five years, and it was excellent! So much back and force action, and it felt like either man could have won. After a few VERY close pinfall attempts, Gotti nailed the Gotti Driver for the pinfall victory. The competitors showed mutual respect after the match.

4. L-Ray w/ “The Greece Pit” defeated “Gucci” Michael Ray to retain the PWP Rising Phoenix Championship via Goozle Bomb. Axel Greece and his group came out, and Axel claimed that Michael Ray stole a win from Joey at last month’s WrestleRama event. Axel demanded Gucci come out so L-Ray could get some payback for the Greece Pit. Michael Ray agreed to the match only if L-Ray put the Rising Phoenix Championship on the line. Axel agreed and the match was on. Gucci, another PWP rookie, took everything he had to L-Ray, but in the end, a Goozle Bomb allowed L-Ray to get the pinfall victory, and another successful title defense. After the match, Zac James came out and got face to face with L-Ray. James announced that PWP management had made it official: Wednesday October 28th at WrestleRama 2, L-Ray would be defending the PWP Rising Phoenix Championship against Zac James! L-Ray then tried to attack Zac, but it ended with a Platte River Plunge and Zac holding up the Championship belt.

5. Ryan Slade defeated Pat Powers via Boston Crab submission. Pat Powers came out to the ring again, demanding another match, much to the fans confusion. Fan favorite Ryan Slade happily answered the challenge, and the men went head to head. Pat put up a good fight, and almost had the match won, but Slade was able to get his foot to the rope. Slade applied a Boston Crab late into the match, and Pat tapped out to continue his losing streak. After the match, Pat claimed he wasn’t tapping out, he was patting himself on the back for motivation, and once again DEMANDED the referee raise his hand and declare him the winner!

6. Mark Sterling defeated Tony Cortez to win the PWP Championship via Small Package. The anticipation for this match that has been simmering for weeks boiled over as both men immediately went after one another. Both Cortez & Sterling showed tremendous athleticism and ring prowess, with both men gaining the upper hand throughout the match. There was some controversy surrounding the end of the match however, but PWP officials have reviewed the tape. Mark Sterling pulled the referee in harm’s way, knocking the wind out of him. As the referee was catching his breath on the mat, Sterling used his Kettle Bell to attack Tony, out of the line of sight of the referee. Sterling then rolled Tony up into a Small Package for the pinfall victory, claiming his first ever PWP Championship. After an investigation and tape review, the decision will stand and Sterling is the current PWP Champion.
It was a great night of action, thanks to all who came out and had a good time! Our next HUGE event is WRESTLERAMA 2 at the Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha Nebraska on Wednesday October 28th! We know for sure that L-Ray will be defending the Rising Phoenix Championship against Zac James! More will be announced very soon, stay tuned, and that you all for your support!

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