Missouri Wrestling Revival

Giving Back to Midwest Pro Wrestling!

Ring of Honor Star The Beer City Bruiser vs Maddog McDowell Tomorrow Night at 3XW

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 1, 2015

 photo 10610715_10153014354826781_8604452115643959903_n_zps3yjm6drp.jpg

 photo 12039597_10153059451651781_9096292382694397903_n_zps99d2wwi0.jpg

 photo 12032081_10153059450916781_192008062913392100_n_zpsu0hrl28z.jpg

 photo 11209701_10153059452076781_3649909766720400301_n_zpsm5hnndkj.jpg

 photo 11224056_10153059452276781_6697331773696951523_n_zpssj7u380r.jpg


 photo 12011112_10153059452636781_4267885407391957490_n_zpsbt0mrxoy.jpg

 photo 12042938_10153059452386781_8643505230726511805_n_zpskcvow7l7.jpg

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