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The Missouri Heavyweight Championship: An Introduction

Posted by Ben Simon on September 26, 2015

Missouri Title belt 1

Missouri Wrestling Revival is proud to announce a new concept for professional wrestling in the “Show Me State.”  This web site will sanction the Missouri Heavyweight Championship.

Our mission is fivefold, to:

  1. Increase our Champion’s marketability
  2. Add depth to promoters’ cards
  3. Promote the MWR brand
  4. Gain the public’s acceptance as the true State pro wrestling title
  5. Track a modern recognizable lineage of the best independent pro wrestlers

The title is to be contested at all events in Missouri where the Champion wrestles.  The belt is not affiliated with any one promotion.  Rather, the goal is to have one cross-promotional Champion for MWR’s namesake state.

Because the Championship is promotionally-neutral, every promoter has the choice to recognize it at their events.  Even if a title match or defense is not announced live as such, it will be acknowledged on this site.  There is no sanctioning fee associated with this title.

The idea of a third-party title sanctioning group in pro wrestling is unusual, but not new.  Other non-promotional entities who crown or have crowned wrestling champions include:

The Ring‘s championship policy is still the standard bearer for crowning boxing champions and is the direct inspiration for our policy.

Championship Policy

To become Champion, one must defeat the reigning Champion by pinfall, submission, stoppage, or a special stipulation in a Missouri match.  All applicable bouts must be under the supervision of the Missouri Office of Athletics.

Championship vacancies can be filled in the following two ways:

  1. MWR’s Nos. 1 and 2 contenders wrestle one another.
  2. If a match between the Nos. 1 and 2 contenders can not be made and No. 1 wrestles No. 3, the winner may be awarded the Missouri Heavyweight Title belt if the Editorial Board deems the No. 3 contender worthy.

Here are the five situations in which a Champion can lose his belt:

  1. The Champion loses a match in Missouri.
  2. The Champion retires from wrestling in Missouri.
  3. The Champion does not schedule a match in Missouri for 18 months.
  4. The Champion does not schedule a match in Missouri with a Top-5 contender for two years.
  5. The Champion tests positive for a banned substance.

All “matches” are defined here as singles bouts between non-midget men.

Missouri Title belt 2

About The Belt

MWR’s beauty is a unique replica, dual-plated with zinc and gold, crafted by Dave Millican in 2014.  While it’s not the original belt from Sam Muchnick’s St. Louis Wrestling Club, the style was chosen for its recognition.  Millican is an artist who makes most of WWE’s championship belts.  Our belt is featured in this video.

One Response to “The Missouri Heavyweight Championship: An Introduction”

  1. Herb Simmojs said

    In this great country of ours one of the rights they haven’t taken from us is our right to have our opinion. My opinion regarding this so called Missouri wrestling title is a disgrace to the history of the title. To try and even associate the name is the most outrages concept that I have ever heard of. I have been told the process of determining how this works is based upon thd game of Chess. Whoever is trying to contnect Chess and Wrestling needs to go back to the drawing board. First these titles are to symbol the groups that choose to have a title. In the day the champion was determined by who could fill the seats,and it’s truly the same way today. In chess they tell me you need to use strategy, the men that held the Missouri State Champion used their blood sweet and body to prove to the promoters they were the real deal. If you look at the history of the men that held that title it should be clear they were truly deserving, and left as memories that we can all cherish as just that. Again that’s my opinion and I appreciate the opportunity to share it. I will add I was surprised that a qualify organization like MWR would allow there great established name be associated with such controversial subject.

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