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High Level Enterprise This Weeks Special Guest on Brady Hicks’s In the Room Tuesday Night

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 3, 2015

High Level Enterprise Jack Gamble and Jon Webb photo 3_zps4rgh6so8.jpg

2015 has been a phenomenal year for the team known as High Level Enterprise. Jack Gamble, a man that was able to recover from a deadly car crash just as he was hitting his stride with his partner Jon Webb, is back and better than ever. Trained by the 8-time NWA World Champion Harley Race, Gamble and Webb have been electrifying fans around the Midwest while seeking to challenge the very best in the world. There skills were noticed during the annual WLW/WWE/Noah camps, as Webb (This is his second tour) and Gamble just came back from an extensive tour of training in the NOAH dojo while wrestling several of the top stars in the company.

Be sure to tune into Brady Hicks “In The Room” for an episode feature two of the men who have been making waves at WLW, Dynamo Pro Wrestling, High Risk Wrestling, NWA Central States Wrestling and the Lake of the Ozarks latest must see wrestling attraction Gateway Elite Wrestling.

Check out In the Room at vocnation.com and thebradyhicks.com

The number to call in is 855-VOC-RADIO.

 photo itr.png

IN THE ROOM (Wrestling)

The IN THE ROOM wrestling podcast first launched as PWI Weekly in 2009, and was part of the Who’s Slamming Who Radio Network. Brady Hicks joined the program just a few weeks in, taking over the hosting duties from his Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor Frank Krewda. DJ, Kevin McElvaney, Young John, and Anthony Sarlo joined the show as cast members before giving way to the current crop of cohosts. The show was renamed IN THE ROOM in August 2010, becoming part of The TBH Network. This network merged with the VOC Nation Radio Network in 2014.

Brady Hicks is a Pro Wrestling Illustrated Contributing writer and the voice of both the ECWA and NMRW. He has been the host of IN THE ROOM since it was established as PWI Weekly in 2009. He is also the GM of the VOC Nation Radio Network. His Twitter handle is @bradyhicks. He can also be reached by e-mail at bradyhicks@vocnation.com.
The Stro is a longtime independent wrestler and a former WCW star, as well as a cast member for Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. He has been part of IN THE ROOM since 2014. His Twitter handle is @thestro and his Web site is thestro.com.
Kathie Fitz has actively helped coordinate the travel schedules for wrestlers in hundreds of promotions for nearly 30 years. She is a well-regarded friend of the industry and of course loved here at IN THE ROOM.
Derrick McDonald is IN THE ROOM’s resident MMA expert and has been following wrestling his entire life. The former “Mr. Dirty Joke” started out as a weekly caller and has been with the program since 2011.
Jordan Garber comes to IN THE ROOM from our good friends at AngryMarks.com. He has been reporting on wrestling for several years now.

 photo 11053045_784427528337089_5220407654105152122_n_zps6w7uktdc.jpg

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