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Proving Ground Pro’s LIVING PROOF set to deliver on May 23rd in Petersburg, Illinois

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 16, 2015

 photo prooo_zpsaojugar9.jpg

From the office of Proving Ground Pro

Proving Ground Pro was thrown into chaos by our own Franchise champion, Blake Edward Belakis, leaving us with more questions than answers. Entering his title match in March he was PGP stalwart Blake Steel, an extremely talented performer in the Proving Ground since day one( and our 1st Cutting Edge champion). Sometime prior to or during that match something changed quite radically as we witnessed Steel utilize a low blow and a railroad spike to capture the Franchise title before quickly exiting the building with no explanation. Since then a video released by Blake on his own page revealed some answers including the shedding of the name Steel(alluding to the fact he felt Steel was a cheap and cheesy wrestling gimmick moniker) and bringing his given name to the forefront, enter Blake Edward Belakis. His first act as new Franchise champion was to refuse Dirden’s rematch and skip out on PGP completely to wrestle in Florida for Full Impact Pro last month. Facing a mandatory rematch Blake will return to the Proving Ground(May 23rd at Roots Event Center, Petersburg,IL) for his first battle as the champion versus “Dirdey” Jake Dirden. There is no predicting what to expect from our current champ, but no prediction is needed to know what former Franchise champion “Dirdey” Jake Dirden has in mind, RETRIBUTION and REVENGE. After the duplicitous actions of Blake cost Dirden both the Franchise title and the use of one eye for over 2 months( and nearly permanently), you can expect anger fueled fury and VIOLENCE!!! Any feud brewing this hot is a sure winner for the fans, absolutely anything could happen in this clash of titans so don’t you dare miss this show!!!

Seriously…LIVING PROOF just keeps getting better….This show is a mind blower…LOOK AT THIS CARD….

Perry Winkle, Randy Ray & Guy Smith vs Chris Jones, Ovirload & Peter Schwanz is added to

Franchise champ Blake Belakis vs “Dirdey” Jake Dirden

Cutting Edge champ Mario Crivello vs Jock Samson

Lucy Mendez vs Stacy Shadows

“Omaha Chainsaw” Stephen King & Nate Redwing vs Mr. Nice & Mike Outlaw

Conard vs Wilkins vs Krotch

Guns and Beer vs Taylor, Connors & Adams

Kunai the Silent Warrior vs Johnny Wisdom

A freakin’ amazing bad ass indy dream cool show!!! Keep your ear to the Proving Ground, LIVING PROOF is set to keep getting better, We still have a Tag Team championship match to announce(Team IOU vs ?) plus other surprises..

Roots Event Center(14305 State Hwy 97, Petersburg,IL) is a destination for independent wrestling fans on 5-23, LIVING PROOF is exactly what it says, living proof that PGP wrestling is your best bet for the coolest, hippest wrestling in Central Illinois. Already slated are Franchise champion Blake Belakis vs Jake Dirden, Cutting Edge champion Mario Crivello vs Jock Samson, King & Redwing vs Nice & Outlaw plus Team IOU(Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) in the house with Tag titles on the line! Shows like this are not to be missed, and only $10($5 for kids) makes it possible to see every single match!!! Doors open at 6:30pm and LIVING PROOF starts at 7pm. To be clear, Roots Event Center is about 2 miles south of Petersburg,IL, just south of New Salem State Historic Site near the intersection of Boy Scout Road and State Hwy 97, across the road from Menard Electric and Athens State Bank. There’s one easy way to remember why classic professional wrestling is such great entertainment……ENTER THE PROVING GROUND!!!

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